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Original title: Act in play ” mother child ” , husband and wife is outside play, still gave birth to two child These a few years good-looking teleplay is less and less, can say Neozoic actor acting worse and worse only, do not know everybody has looked ” the strategy that delay happiness ” not, advanced a few years when quite fire, the woman in drama is bestowed favor on to seize launched a fight, be a very good-looking teleplay really, can say the summit summit that is Gong Dou.

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Do not know everybody likes which high-ranked imperial concubine of this drama, small make up those who prefer is pure high-ranked imperial concubine, pure high-ranked imperial concubine is Wang Yuan but of personate, she in drama just began the elder sister that is goodness of an a person’s mind, bestow favor on to seize later black changed. Wang Yuan can be in drama modelling also is those who comparative is good-looking, and her appearance also is denounced exceedingly happy event, give a person the sense of a kind of daughter of an eminent family.

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Understanding king Yuan but the person knows, her husband is Wang Yu, and two people still had taken sport, be in namely ” oath this life ” this drama, interesting is to be in drama, two people are mother and daughter’s relation unexpectedly, it is to let a person feel to be dropped again really do laughed, who can think of mother of the personate in drama child, spouse concern is however in real life.

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And the director’s idea also is very interesting, let the person personate mother and daughter of two ages close, it is to let ascertain be not appeared really, and of Wang Yu act art career compares Wang Yuan but a bit better, wang Yu encircles recreational wind unboiled water in recreation by right of masterly acting, the flow that is instantly is little unripe, although Wang Yuan but acting is not defeated by Wang Yu, but she lacks an opportunity.

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After two people marry, also was to be delivered of a pair of twin, the life is happy and perfect too now, such family, not anxious eats and drink, and the family is harmonious, believed the family that is the ideal in a lot of popular feeling. And recreation also faded to encircle after Wang Yuan can have the child, made full-time mom, the hope can see her figure again before big screen.

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