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Original title: Overjoyed 7 fairy: Huo Saiyan and Jiang glad are when Gong Mingxing, and she the most beautiful reduces 3 lines however Nowadays, not little novel and game were broken up to pat teleplay, a few break up pat good, the vermicelli made from bean starch of origianl work also made the vermicelli made from bean starch of teleplay and actor, and a few break up pat bad, origianl work vermicelli made from bean starch is enraged can be foul-mouthed, the audience also is water of a mist do not know what teleplay is telling after all. Do not know everybody still remembers the fabulous story of a few folk of our country? This has among them not little was patted teleplay, resembling is ” white snake is passed ” and ” a beauty matchs ” etc. These teleplay also are to get everybody’s jubilation, very much 80 hind and 90 hind had seen certainly ” overjoyed 7 fairy ” teleplay.

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This teleplay looks with present eye, be be some let a person feel of it is a long story, gut and ” a beauty matchs ” the story has very big discrepancy, much not little start part and the story of a play or opera formerly. And more the dress that the actor in letting a person feel hot to of the eye is drama wears is a little bold really, the dress like cheap specially good effect and curtain is a little coarse really.

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Fortunately nevertheless the actor in this teleplay is exceedingly beautiful, having a few even still is our very familiar actor. Personate 4 princesses are green is ” discriminate is passed ” in glad of the sort of overbearing and rampant Jiang of empress or imperial concubine of the first rank of China the wife of a prince. With now, the Jiang Xin at that time also is exceedingly fine-looking, although acting even has the blueness of a bit acerbity and puerile, but already can perfect a Gu Ling essence of life is blamed what spoony fairy explains is very good.

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And everybody is very familiar ” the Girl Weaver ” 7 princesses are Huo Saiyan those who act, although present Huo Saiyan appears already very long did not appear in screen, but mention she when everybody or meeting are mentioned ” overjoyed 7 fairy ” this thunder drama. She is the heroine of appropriate appropriate in this teleplay. A lot of audiences like this laborious, beauty very much kind-hearted fairy. And ” a beauty matchs ” the story still has many people up to now is familiar to the ear can of detailed.

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This teleplay brings a lot of people the memory of childhood, and Jiang Xin and suddenly Sai Yanru had been big star today, huo Saiyan is to be married more Du Jiang such good husband, gave birth to a very lovely son. Although Jiang Xin did not marry, but what the enterprise develops also is exceedingly successful, “China the wife of a prince ” this part is to let her attract white more many. But in those days the most beautiful in this drama ” 5 princesses ” act Zhe Yangrui, nowadays as before fame reduces 3 lines actor even not quite.

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It is actually after this teleplay, yang Rui returned land add add to perform not little other teleplay, very hot even ” Hua Xu is brought ” in Yang Rui also has piece act. But do not acclaim she low-key is noticed rarely, likely also Yang Rui is merely regard the actor as a job will do.

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