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Original title: “Fine ” Wang Yan becomes broadness too, on bended knees washs a foot to the mother-in-law, relation of speak bluntly wife and mother is very good Wang Yan of 22 years old was married big oneself Wang Zhicai of 11 years old, was given a severity hsown by an official on assuming post by the mother-in-law into the door however, wash a foot to me, wang Yan carries the tub that wash a foot directly, serve a mother-in-law to wash a foot, the mother-in-law looks at so obedient daughter-in-law, it is satisfactory very

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Wang Yan likes to dance very much as a child, through ceaseless effort, only Wang Yan of 10 years old is admitted by abnormality of Beijing dancing institute, be in later fine jade precious jade drama wintersweet loses an election when horn, pure and fresh but the person’s Wang Yan does not give an accident by pitch on, wang Yan patted the white luxuriant and beautiful of face of the Shi Li outside Wu Lin later, cheesy and bright, love by the audience

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1999, wang Yan depends on those who return Zhugegeli fine become famous overnight achieve instant fame, but she what should take the advantage of heat to continue to grow an enterprise originally, chose to marry a person however, this makes everybody very accident, and Wang Yan and marital Wang Zhicai are to date of understanding, after two people are together, wang Zhicai lets Wang Yan demit drop the job of song and dance ensemble, go together with him Australia, wang Yan learned English over, take an examination of attended Australian college

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1997, wang Yan is fined jade precious jade invite a lock performing gold, but Wang Zhicai’s mother falls ill in those days be in hospital, then Wang Yan turned this chance, absorption take care of a mother-in-law, when Wang Yan and Wang Zhicai just married, the mother-in-law decided a lot of custom to Wang Yan, among them one wants on bended knees to wash a foot to the mother-in-law namely, wang Yan feels the mother-in-law is elder, also it doesn’t matter, wang Zhicai’s mother looks at so obedient daughter-in-law special satisfaction, outer person looks, wang Yan is married rich and powerful family becomes broad wife, but if the person waters,changes in temperature knows oneself, how do you look to this,

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