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Original title: Love is strange art be about to go up 7 drama of the line, trilogy is worth to pay close attention to, teng Huatao makes cry newly tall Since March, a lot of new theatrical work are about to roll out, and a lot of good theatrical work will surprise in love art broadcast, let us see those who have you to want to look.

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The first drama ” the heart is resided ” , you Haiqing, tong Yao and Feng Shaofeng, main actor, it is You Tenghua billows hold those who guide is realistic Thespian. With Feng Xiaoqin and Gu Qingyu, the story that the Shanghai citizen that is a delegate works indefatigably in the lair of the life, on the line on March 17. True person show is the theme that chooses every year surely, because press close to lives, cause resonance easily. Teng Huatao very the drama that is good at this kind of type, for instance classical ” humble abode ” 1 ” be lovelorn 33 days ” , it is out his hand. Teng Huatao’s director is very charming still, the person of a lot of directors that had seen him says they can chase after him.

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One of actress the sea is clear, it is accepted gold costar. This, she joined award of white yulan magnolia and Tong Yao, golden eagle award, optimal actress and Feng Shaofeng, senior actress. The battle array also is top class collocation. There has been more than 280 thousand person to make an appointment on platform view this theatrical work, voice is very loud.

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The 2nd ” the princess of shadow emperor ” , by Xu Zhengxi, Zhou Jieqiong, drama of city romance love, told about tall Leng Ying Di Muting city and recreation encircle new personality the sweet love story of Ming Wei encountering, acquaintance. Drama of this romantic love very get youth reception. Acting of actor Xu Zhengxi is good, yan Zhigao, have the charm of mature man. Resource is very good in last few years. Heroine week clean fines jade, appear first in talent show. This she is in drama actor of personate new fighting spirit, can saying is instinctive quality goes out act, agree with a part, explosion goes qualitative.

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The 3rd ” cure is cure 2 be 2 ” it is to love to surprise art the theater of a comedietta that do, a bit similar ” pass outside Wu Lin ” such comedy. Eat very easily. Leading role is Gu Bing, he has performed a lot of classical essay, still a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch make an appointment watch.

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The 4th ” close child appraisal division ” by 10 thousand, drama of net of ethics of city profession affection, focusing is close child the professional perspective of appraisal, tell about close child the terrestrial tragicomedy of appraisal backside. Theatrical work of this kind of trade is more original still, but the likelihood is leading role does not became famous, also be net drama, attention is spent not tall. Not much person attention. Do not know to you can have a surprise?

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The 5th ” it is a teacher so ah ” could there be by Chen Xuedong, Zhang Jia, campus light comedy of the main actor, told about extremely red temporarily star goes southeast becomes musical teacher, with English teacher Su Qi and the story that 18 class students grow together. Chen Xuedong also is an old actor. Performed so much year, why still performing green God theatrical work? These a few years of work are less and less. This drama is the work with not much in recent years amount to. Drama name not quite value, net drama is a vision it is a vision!

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the six ministries in feudal China ” marvelous Miss D ” , growing drama of the sets out from female perspective time that is a You Zhangjing appearance, Niu Junfeng’s main actor and legend, eulogize the female is in emancipatory career, the actual contribution that makes in economic battle line especially. Zhang Jing appearance is a girl that has performance talent very much, her performance has intelligence very much. She what was born 1999, young have energy, be chased after all the time hold in both hands. As latent capacity infinite female advocate, she has begun to perform leading role!

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The 7th ” lunar song goes ” the drama of love of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that is He Xulu of You Zhangbin Bin’s main actor, this kind of subject matter is annual window, also be drama confusing people one of theme that like most. It is depended on only the love story of beautiful cruelty attracted numerous drama to confuse seek theatrical work. Zhang Binbin is accepted ancient costume male god. ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” 1 ” blaze is cantabile ” the glamour that the main actor’s drama filled ancient costume male mind. Jade with dress goddess Xu, have very large explosion latent capacity.

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These 7 drama, what I feel the most interesting is ” the heart is resided ” ” the princess of shadow emperor ” ” lunar song goes ” . Which do you think to look?

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