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Original title: He is villain in drama ” specialist ” , married however small belle of 23 years old of the Hui nationality, she still is the cummer before Zhang Tielin Believe very hard really actually, a costar can be in of Zhou Runfa, Zhang Guorong, Di Long ” converging attack ” fall to still can give prize. What believe hard more is, he gives the role that performs the 1st play, obtain gold to resemble the nomination of award, golden horse award. Besides the career of envy letting a person, most those who make a person envious is, married actually have ” the Hui nationality the first belle ” the law that say carries Mai Yaqi, he is hero of plum of old show bone!

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The summit summit of 01 small parts, “Villain in drama ” the plum that plum hero was born not simply 1959 is male, be in 23 years old early actually when groom from TVB the class goes out, the Hong Kong recreation that can await in those days encircles the top class star that lacks least of all. After becoming silent 3 years, he is overcome to disentomb by Xu eventually, the lot that makes Xu Ke arranges actor. Be such opportunity, make plum male the cooperative ginseng such as opportunity and Zhou Runfa, Zhang Guorong, Di Long acts ” the hero is ecru ” .

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The person that likes harbor theatrical work knows, this drama can calls the peak of gunfight drama the peak, once broadcast, hold each quickly great theater head of a list of names posted up. Although 3 big leading role become famous already, can let outback audience understand them truly, be this drama. However, in this drama, besides them, most those who make a person impressive should be Tan Cheng of great villain in drama (plum male personate) . As Song Zihao (personate of surname a surname) ” little younger brother ” , betrayed Song Zihao finally, also appear because of his just about, turn the story to the climax, cause follow-up and classical gut. This big thinking that villain in drama is met by the audience ” disgustful ” , can depend on masterly acting, and the special work force of the story clue that drive, plum hero also attracted many white, be nominated by golden resembling award, golden horse award even.

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His bad, let a person feel of course, let a person feel very cruel, although end up with,punish duely, can let a person feel play is insufficient, not to one’s heart’s content, return insufficient bright, idea is bad smooth. This is the glamour that plum hero regards great villain in drama as. You feel so simple! The classical plum hero after 02 summits summit does not have deep setting, also do not have too much resource, can be remembered by the audience, be being returned by this play only is insufficient!

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Although do not have too much the opportunity that makes protagonist, but he makes you clear really, even if I am a water only, same can a situation full of danger. 1990, zhang Guorong acts the leading role ” handsome female ghost 2 ” show, can want to say the audience likes the which part inside most, be afraid that leading role Zhang Guorong also wants to remove one condition only. Of plum male personate ” 1000 adult ” , a costar that have good faith attracts white again. The audience likes the his faithfulness, fundamental that likes him, he does not rely on an armed strength to conquer everything, what he leans is character charm. Even if be the person that with oneself opinion photograph is contrary to, he falls in the circumstance that holds to a principle, can show outstanding magnanimous however.

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Face formidable foe, he dares to shine as before sword, this also is the place of Li Yunlong’s glamour. Even if 1000 adult arrived life last moment, do not wish ” flat ” , let many little male girls do it dump. Of course this is his personate only is decent one of, regard villain in drama as the specialist, his advocate course of study is of course ” be not valued ” villain in drama. In ” search Qin Ji ” , ” big Tang Shuanglong is passed ” , ” the legend that chase after a fish ” in waiting for much department work, the part of villain in drama of his personate, let a person hate in one’s heart really. Resemble Zhang Weijian edition ” small fish do not have with the flower be short of ” the Jiang Yuyan in, actor poplar snow an eyes, answer eye to let a person shudder.

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Plum hero, Yang Xue does not have too much resource inside the circle, what they can rely on exclusively is do not please ” villain in drama ” part, can be in costar of villain in drama, he makes you clear, you had entered my all corners of the country! Besides the career, more the should be plum hero marriage of envy letting a person. 03 love also not simple wants to know, but his wife is having the Hui nationality of the first belle say, smaller than him law of 23 years old carries Mai Yaqi, the cummer before returning be Zhang Tielin.

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He should be rare age difference is so big, the sweethearts that still is blessed! The individual thinks, love belongs to him, not necessary too care about other eye. Zhou Jielun is bigger than Kun Ling 14 years old, wu Ji grand compares Liu Shi Shida 17 years old, chen Xiaochun is collected than answering big 16 years old.

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The union between them, those who lean is glamour, each other attraction, mutual respect. Plum hero is a Mao Xiaozi that does not have setting without resource originally, after going out, main personate allows the minor role of villain in drama that the person cold-shoulders. He can gain such success, those who lean is his effort, those who lean is masterly acting, the classic theatrical work that much department theatrical work cannot surmount up to now.

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The good to acting, person that agrees hard always understands the audience many minutes, esteem. Can say, in career, love, audience understanding is spent on, plum hero of many years old 60 is real life wins the home, start is poor, do not represent cannot raise a situation full of danger, this is the fierce place of plum hero!

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