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Original title: Zhang Yi is sought will head pat teleplay, big cyanine garment contends for horny big fight on the verge of breaking out, two seek young woman voice tall Zhang Yi is sought the representing character that regards China as director of the Five Dynasties, the film of its director can say to produce tremendous effect. One’s early years, he hold those who guide ” bright red lantern is hanged high ” , ” red broomcorn ” , ” living ” wait for work to make he does not fall in filmdom stand erect, fame big a confusion of voices.

20220312020722 622c005ab908e

The position that all sorts of film institute use and film gimmick is opposite follow-up movie industry has very big effect, follow-up Zhang Yi seeks the film that still tried more type, ” full city all takes gold shell ” , ” hawkthorn cultivates love ” booking office is very big. To 2021, zhang Yi is sought eventually sortie spy film. The director’s film ” over cliff ” acquired 1.19 billion booking office, fabaceous valve also obtained good result of 7.6 minutes.

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The Zhang Yi of the Spring Festival is sought this year also did not miss. He hold the war that guide is great ” sharp-shooter ” will with ” long ferry lake ” the obverse side is right definitely, but the result still is not clear about. But the attempt is planned in Zhang Yi after all sorts of films, circulate he will film on the net the first teleplay ” leading role ” . This drama already was passed put on record, all sorts of cyanine garments dispute role on the verge of breaking out, two women voice is highest.

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” outfit stage ” playwrite is modelled big female advocate grow history ” leading role ” say Hu Sanyuan signs up for niece join theatrical company, incognito Yi Qinge learns Shaanxi opera, although the process blocks, dan Yiqing E depended on his condition and his effort to get a lot of senior actor approbate. Easy below the help of people Qing E is incognito the E that recall the Qin Dynasty is transferred into save Shaanxi opera group, in new environment she still stands fast first the heart struggles difficultly, stand fast the protagonist that arena makes him heart.

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Gut is the masterstroke that the heroine of big shop sign with the most welcome instantly grows, from anonymous actor, ceaseless effort grows the leading role that is troupe, integral style is very touching. And the inheritance of art of Shaanxi opera of with a view to, theoretic first and last accumulate containing strong Chinese wind and classic flavor. This is in drama of domestic movie and TV infrequent stylistic. P>

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Be worth what carry is, this drama is to adapt from Chen Yan homonymic novel, origianl work but behead won award of literature of aegis of the 10th cogongrass, approbate in what professional personage obtained on quality. ” leading role ” playwrite Chen Yan is him author, his masterpiece is tasted ” outfit stage ” the homonymic novel that also is him basis is adapted, the life that focusing ground floor holds a class 100 condition, report gives actual fact, gave an audience extremely strong resonant sense, it is the beautiful performance that caught 8.1 minutes in the behead on fabaceous valve more.

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In the meantime, certain be mixed also exists between these two work, the job that hold a stage basically is to serve Shaanxi opera theatrical company, can regarding two stories so is companion volume. And of these two work basically state means to have with small see large interest, carry nobody life rise and fall turn, art of map Shaanxi opera reachs a rise and fall of great history to fall, the implied meaning is far-reaching.

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Female advocate candidate provokes controversy ” leading role ” it is to Zhang Yi seeks He Chenyan after all the producer assume personal command with two preeminent actual strength, be a rare absolutely ” good cake ” , but person selected most or ” seek young woman ” in appear, it is the first drama market that Zhang Yi seeks after all, the actor that chooses tacit understanding also pledges to whole the quantity is ensured somewhat.

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This among them voice is louder is firstly grandson couple, she ever went out perform Zhang Yi to seek hold those who guide ” shadow ” , this film also is to had been seleted gold to resemble award. And Sun Liben’s person is in teleplay respect is attainment more quite deep, of her main actor ” discriminate is passed ” it may be said is Chinese movie and TV medium classical, it is heretofore still is relapsed to watch by a lot of netizen more.

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At the same time Sun Liye by the coronal with ” close inspect bright and beautiful carp ” title, of its main actor ” Mi month is passed ” , ” settle down ” during waiting for drama to broadcast, be to close inspect considerable, defeat frequently 1, if be grandson couple goes act, close inspect and heat can have certain safeguard.

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Another is Qin Hailu, she herself had learned Beijing opera 1990, a copy kept as a record of itself is first-rate, and female advocate the person that calls Shaanxi opera is set and temperamental special agree. And Qin Hailu also is to go out had acted ” outfit stage ” , approbate in what authority obtained with masterly acting in drama, if go out,perform new theatrical work seasoned, can take the part hold accurate.

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But what did not think of is, the netizen mentions the name that Liu Hao appeared to put in the cast before fabaceous valve, and speak bluntly says not to want to see Liu Hao put.

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Actually Liu Hao puts itself to suffer Zhang Yi to seek favour with respect to equipment, what she can have at the moment is famous because give those who performed Zhang Yi to seek,spending much is ” over cliff ” , ” a second ” wait for work.

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And the appearance that Liu Hao puts and acting comparative pass a barrier, if by her such young actor goes out,act ” leading role ” female advocate, still can take the place of to feel to the audience, but see from inside the netizen’s opinion on public affairs Liu Hao is put not hard ” passerby predestined relationship ” not be particularly good, whether can she go out this act female advocate return on the knees of the gods.

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But male advocate this respect scope is less, because Zhang Yi is sought,pat teleplay first, the possibility that enables new personality is not quite large, theoretic meeting and old friend cooperate once more, the possibility of the word Zhang Yi that such looking actually very big.

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Perhaps saying is to choose to satisfy ” hold a stage ” the demand that drama confuses, what let piece of fine beneficial perform companion volume again is male advocate, and of oneself of Zhang Jia beneficial close to inspect appeal force or be compared driving, believing also is a right choice.

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Altogether, ” leading role ” arrive from gut ordinary members of theatrical troupe is unusually excellent, piece perform anthology of such the big play that make, no matter be pair of youth actors, still be seasoned actor, it is to have huge addition, at present leading role had be notted knock calm, but do you feel who suits to act most female advocate?

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