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Original title: Another sweet bestow favor on drama to leave sow, men and women advocate instinctive quality goes out act, sweet degree than ” flickering bright tiny spot ” tall “Sweet bestow favor on drama ” had made drama market field ” bestow favor on newly ” , leave when an another net drama after sowing, we can discover, major net theatrical work is ” sweet bestow favor on drama ” . Recently, have one again the ministry is sweet bestow favor on drama to leave sow, when seeing this play, the netizen expresses a men and women however advocate it is instinctive quality goes out act, and sweet degree want specific heat to sow drama ” flickering bright tiny spot ” sweet still, did you see this play?

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(The article is all picture, come from a network entirely, thank former writer, if violate your right, contact this date author to delete please. Picture and content have nothing to do, please not check the number is entered) on March 8, huang Zitao utters a word, when does the new theatrical work that enquires oneself decide archives, but those who let a netizen did not think of is, did not pass how long, the government unexpectedly Guan Xuan ” just do not talk about love with the boss ” calm archives, subsequently ” Huang Zitao urges new theatrical work to decide archives to succeed ” if the problem mounts hot search, bring very big heat and attention to new theatrical work.

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” just do not talk about love with the boss ” be sweet bestow favor on drama, those who tell about is Qian Wei of 28 years old, because of an accident, unexpectedly ground of a strange combination of circumstances returns 18 years old. After return campus, qian Wei wants the shame before one snow, absolutely undeserved ” all ages second ” , the battle of wits of boss land ask that accordingly we can see Qian Wei and her fights the extract of brave, through getting along ceaselessly, the Liu Xun on field of duty of Qian Weicai discovery is slashing to oneself, not be avenge a person in the name of public interests, encourage to oneself however with the help, final Qian Wei harvests love not only, still harvest a career.

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In ” ability does not want and the boss talks love ” the first concentration, the reporter asks Liu Xun: “Hear of you from course of study be lone later? ” Liu Xun is a lawyer, as long as it is the law case that he takes over, do not have the likelihood that lose a lawsuit at all, say according to Qian Wei’s word: “Of my boss when firewood, the monthly pay that should compare me is high still. ” that is to say, liu Xun has Yan Zhi not only, capable still, normally for, such person is far from likely and single, but after Qian Wei returns an university, liu Xun’s lone enigma was opened, the person that so he likes is Qian Wei.

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Qian Wei is a very clever girl, but attended a college, she puts her main energy in entirely ” Li Chongwen ” , strong even finish school abandons taking an examination of grind, with the other side collaboration opens attorney office, but be changed finally, is Li Chongwen goes however attend in a advanced studies, oneself had not studied lawyer evidence all the time. Learn to return when Li Chongwen, qian Wei discovers he appears to forget study law first heart, and the other side changes his all shirk to arrive on her body unexpectedly, reason is to want to let her have better life, but Qian Wei wants, is not good life, however that Li Chongwen that knows oneself.

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Liuxun likes Qian Wei, money likes Li Chongwen only, after Liu Xun and Li Chongwen encounter, li Chongwen says: “Your cravat was not fastened good ” , liu Xun expresses: “The assistant that my cravat is me commonly is ” , hear Liu Xun’s word, qian Weigang prepares to was fastened in the past, unexpectedly Liu Xun is pulled by Li Chongwen however, and the expression that Liu Xun is surprised, it is really too do laughed.

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Look ” just do not talk about love with the boss ” when, we can experience this ministry teleplay and ” flickering bright tiny spot ” some are similar, because female advocate it is to return campus period, and discovery loves his person most so, it is from beginning to end beside oneself.

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Advanced in 8 part the plot of a play, liu Xun has liked to go up Qian Wei, because Qian Weixi is joyous at that time,be only is Li Chongwen, so he just did not express the love that gives his, the choice is accompanied silently beside Qian Wei.

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See Huang Zitao and Song Zuer are right play, netizens express in succession: “Be without performance skill, it is the real situation is revealed completely ” , for instance, be proud charming likes to make fun of handsome Huang Zitao again, just do not want conscientiously ground to become setting board, total can sunken modelling. Each reader, if you like to look really sweet bestow favor on drama, scarcely should be missed ” ability does not want and the boss talks love ” , because of this drama not only sweet, still very do laugh.

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