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Original title: ” lens · twin city ” expose to the sun premonitory, li Yifeng is pointed to ” nutrition is superfluous ” , with female advocate CP feels weak Appeared to make the God theatrical work that makes greatly more in last few years, among them ” Chen Qing makes ” , ” coloured glaze ” , ” dirt of of through the ages ” waited for drama to be greeted erupt greatly. The goose factory this year is to be reluctant to leave more in former days celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, act the leading role by Li Yifeng at present ” lens twin city ” Guan Xuan archives already broadcasted on January 16.

20220312020911 622c00c75181a

This paragraph of time basically offers advantage for student party, after all original work and teleplay basically are aimed at young group, the book noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that itself of homonymic original work uses this theatrical work is most.

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And the imagination that month of author dark blue depends on him a powerful and unconstrained style and only beautiful article, created the cloud barren world like an a haven of peace. The world in work is gorgeous and colorful, be like fairy tale, what this brought up its to adapt difficulty undoubtedly is big. Adapt this work about goose factory, everybody or very be at ease. Goose factory makes do very hard really on investment, from the government new those who release is premonitory in light of, it resembled creating dreamy world of the reader.

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Fire of the Xue Jing in prevue, firebug is like igneous flame, warm the setting sun, trampled the careful aesthetic feeling of the audience suffers well and truly, costly like old picture scroll setting.

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When drama of the fistfight that perform, specially good effect also very reach the designated position, occurrence frequency of light color time is extremely tall, at first sight is not ” specially good effect of 5 minutes of money ” . This ability is the magic arts that thearchy should use.

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But, this teleplay has a problem that nots allow to ignore. The CPP between the men and women feels particularly weak. Li Yifeng’s face is very actually thin, but Chen Yuqi is a too small house jasper, existence feels not tall. Premonitory show, the item adding cent that Chen Yuqi’s performance also did not make her male advocate encounter when, expression wood slows double eye does not have a god, actor’s lines fine long hair feeling ground read callosity to come out, it is some awkwardness really.

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Men and women advocate two individual collision did not brush a scintilla together, it is some more instead cold meaning, although be below in relief smooth illuminate,embrace some less also love.

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What can make a person accident most is, give the Li Yifeng of the circle with identity of ancient costume male god originally, appear very swollen in prevue, be shown to be even ” nutrition is superfluous ” , is this how to return a responsibility?

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Appearance itself of Li Yifeng is round face, deserve to go up again big eye appears slow-witted bud is lovely, acting so ” secret and great ” in Gu Yaodong one horn when appear very agree. But must say, in new theatrical work premonitory in Li Yifeng is apparent some swell, mandible line sees hard, below half Zhang Kuan gave circuit, cooperate to go up again dragon needs bang, had had not quite in those days ” Tu Su of a hunderd li ” shadow, and shoulder all the more massiness, resembling was to wear cotton-padded clothes, some give play on body form.

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Having a paragraph of show even is Li Yifeng in pulling female principal and subordinate to explode, run, although be far camera lens, but the fleshy meat that also can see Li Yifeng face go up is shaking, if be in general theatrical work not bad, but what this Li Yifeng acts is sea emperor, such condition props up a person to set hard really.

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And the Su Mo set in origianl work is to have arteries and veins of sea emperor blood, appearance Jing is day person, belong to solid it is with what there is some of put on weight in prevue Li Yifeng differs very far. Respecting is facial swell, everybody remembers not hard also in ” dirt of of through the ages ” in the Xu Kai of circle be givinged by ridicule, because be in,also be originally ” the strategy that delay happiness ” in the Apollo that relies on Yan Zhi to give a group, but the flesh is not hanged on the face, the strut feeling on the face issues take in everything in a glance in the ancient costume modelling that did not decorate.

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Well Apollo becomes bighead, run a concern with the figure, still having likewise is ” ancient costume is ugly male ” lead Zhe Jinhan. Many audiences are looking ” Jun Jiuling ” when, being had been being plunged into by him dirty plait, crouching to call convention of be astonished of world of RAP same Jing cry play infection.

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But oversight when gold vasts to fall in upper part, brawny body appearance, the chatelaine on the waist has presented a position that stretchs tight closely, and its husky ham is to cannot bear more orthoptic.

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Must say, the figure is too significant really for the male actor to acting ancient costume, many ancient costume are beautiful male main avenue giving a group is gas of recumbent celestial being and brittle feeling, thin it is to hold huge dominant position really. Here must want nomination Luo Yunxi, he performs contemporary theatrical work really because emaciated some are maintained do not remove garment, but performing an ancient costume is again appropriate really nevertheless, its are in ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” , the hair is messy, the appearance of labial webbing blood is celestial being gas is shown really incisively and vividly.

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New theatrical work ” long month ashes bright ” the road is fully medium, luo Yunxi is worn China taking also is gas field powerful, with the book in male advocate the person sets high conform to, this ability is an audience want break up pat.

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Still have the Chen Xiao that becomes ancient costume to confuse Bai Yueguang by right of ancient costume the appearance of an actor, figure management is as before after marriage doughty, do not have the evidence of middleaged grow stout completely, yi Fei of Liu of partner immortal elder sister goes out act ” dream Hua Lu ” really ” Yan Fenchun day ” .

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And time when seeing the immortal between one’s early years fight, gu Tianle, Zhang Weijian, Yan Ge’s wide ancient costume the appearance of an actor is pulled also is relaxed condole in light of instantly play a lot of male actor.

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For must, ” lens · twin city ” adapt as big IP gigantic make, there is certain safeguard absolutely on quality, but men and women advocate some less still necessary Cp feeling, bring about look a little abrupt. Male advocate Li Yifeng figure by ridicule, was to suffer formative effect on certain level, but still also should add more pay attention to figure management, such ability bring a vision to enjoy to the audience quite, do nevertheless you feel Li Yifeng is the Su Mo in your heart?

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