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Original title: Korea teleplay of 5 classical love, each candy cent is sufficient, one did not look too regrettablly! The 5th ” the descendant of the sun ” from feeling in the heart is an outstanding work. Look in me, this drama is the love of a soldier and doctor not only, more belief that are different person and hold to. Although serve as an audience to think knock candy very much, but can understand completely female advocate right male advocate occupational apprehension, refuse for many times so male advocate. Although also do not know male advocate why be opposite female advocate the root planted affection greatly, but idol play does not ask so much. The crewel gut of two pairs of sweethearts in this drama exceeds like, interactive rise too lovely also. Compare a men and women advocate, I prefer female the story of this pair of 2 deputy CP, it is glass simply candy dips in to eat in broken bits! Male 2 bear deep feeling, female 2 lovely onslaught, match absolutely!

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The 4th ” romantic houseful ” the teleplay that university period likes to look very much, this also is I know true theatrical work seeing Han for the first time, then from now on cannot extricate oneself, fell in love with Han drama deeply. This drama resembles a name same, very romantic, thematic song is very Orphean also, the dress is very good-looking! Did not feel hero is very handsome, did not feel heroine is very beautiful, but build together very perfect! Romantic houseful gut is overall pretty good still, before half paragraphs of romantic houseful gut is very novel, romantic houseful second half paragraph a bit similar Han drama circumstances! Yearning at that time love story! Romantic houseful heroine is very lively, hero has bit of Gao Leng, how complementary disposition!

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The 3rd ” come from star you ” come from star you are a real love story, masterstroke is narrative stronger, love clew is sturdier, affection, love, be about to be the process that increases by degrees gradually, admit about the body of love, it is the professor, love of 2000, star is the love drama of breath of the fireworks between a somebody. Although the extraterrestrial’s set is very strange unreal, but love story is city men and women however is daily, eat pull a face to drink arrack to see caricature keep a diary, dine together the net is bought fall ill flirt, this pair of men and womens that common person experiences also are in experience. This is a star you can let a person the reason of bear in mind constantly, because live to experience and arise to take the place of strongly to feel like the photograph, let countless people be enmeshed among them frenzied. Come from your love of star, have the fireworks taste that common lives.

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The 2nd ” I call Jin Sanshun ” originally drama of this kind of city secures setting a few times only, but person performance often is undertake in the action, with respect to very dramatic nature, not formalist. Setting nature of the job need not say, the mom that arranges thirdly especially comes on the stage, be work in the vegetable garden, life status of the character appears with respect to lifelike ground at a draught came out. Can experiencing these setting is elaborate design, take trace land none again the person that watch belt is entered went in the atmosphere in play. Anyhow, it is a good movie really, although have dramatic plot, but, in Han drama, not, should be to be in idol play, it is excellent absolutely make, everybody content, every paragraphs of love is so real. Ability law of the director is adept have a very bright characteristic, carry namely lens is particularly dynamic.

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The first ” alone bright mind: Phantom ” the picture in drama is too beautiful, what each setting passes like the imagination in the dream is same, the character is too fresh, there is warmth in laughing, in touching, have period make. Each call a person to love, the dialog is too amused, outside liking really very much cold inside hot from time to time is callous phantom, from time to time is slow-witted bud is proud the uncle with handsome charming. The male male Cp of phantom and Tartarean emissary also exceeds bud really lovely. Liu Renna all the time since I am super also those who like, female advocate also also must hold out call a person comfortable. Anyhow this Han drama is these year of Han that has looked is the most good-looking in drama! Not one of! The incisively and vividly that Kong Liu explains the phantom, alone really and bright, and Jin Gaoyin, age gently, but play is too good really, inherent actor. If this drama does not look, be to be able to regret really all one’s life…

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Korea teleplay of 5 classical love, which a few had you seen? Code word is not easy, the welcome pays close attention to bit of assist, leave a message discuss.

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