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Original title: Teleplay ” is the heart resided ” leave next week sow ” Shanghai daughter-in-law ” why does Hai Qingru manage a household? 20220312021030 622c01168a10e ” the heart is resided ” stage photo is new civilian evening paper dispatch (reporter Wu Xiang) on March 17, by Xiao Lan of Teng of winner of award of Lu Xun literature homonymic novel is adapted, teng Huatao hold guide, the realistic theme teleplay that the ginseng such as article of sea Qing Dynasty, Tong Yao, Zhang Song, Feng Shaofeng performs ” the heart is resided ” be about to love to surprise art, east is defended inspect wait for platform to leave sow. This drama is core with the family of hall with 4 worlds, from Feng Xiaoqin (sea Qing Dynasty is acted the role of) with Gu Qingyu (Tong Yao is acted the role of) sisters-in-law perspective spreads out, have the woman of different life concept and value sense through two, show one’s previous experience to be in the Bei that same big family happens to be fond of the story of occur simultaneously, through ” small ” the pursuit that the person lives to happiness and grow, projectile piece right ” big ” domestic feeling concerns according to send and indispensable, let an audience feel the tender feeling that resides somewhat to fireworks life center. ” the heart is resided ” be a model is double female advocate structure, the Feng Xiaoqin of sea clear personate, consider clear Yu with female of Shanghai this locality, it is two females with disposition, act, disparate pattern, feng Xiaoqin is marry the full-time wife of Shanghai from the other place, she longs to be in urban base oneself upon, have good life with family. Regard Shanghai as the Gu Qingyu of native, it is the independent female of an elegant maturity. Because two people live the difference of experience and viewpoint of value, produced inevitable contradiction. After family dies because of the accident, xiao Qin of Feng of single close mother is nearly acedia, but the process that also began to explore oneself value from this; Gu Qingyu the dream for girl period, from shine marriage to shine from, heavy in reality and dream model oneself are right the acknowledge of the life. Final, they are opposite in the face the life, job, emotive when a variety of bewilderment, selected straight side issue, found self-worth and life pursuit from which, reveal the female power that gave new era, the big family that also lets this tradition produces affection temperature in the billows of the life. 20220312021030 622c0116a775c ” the heart is resided ” stage photo title ” the heart is resided ” since is described ” the person’s place is resided ” a stable condition, also be expression ” of the heart located ” manner of a kind of life. In drama, no matter be to hope to have one party is indicative independence and approbated small Feng Xiaoqin, still offer better life to take care of to family in effort, dash ahead without thinking his safety to ideal love the Gu Qingyu that goes going after. What show a contemporary urbanite to live to happiness is yearning with pursuit, try hard through oneself, exchange the life of smooth and steady sunshine, and to ego identity attributive with self-identity. From this, characters in a play also lashs in what pursue future in, set foot on the journey that the change has results, drama anthology shows the real reduction of actual society, gou Lian gives life to rise and fall, society 100 condition, depict belong to average citizen live philosophy, also be sure to cause an audience in all affection. This drama mirrors culture medium limited company, Shanghai to read culture of article movie and TV to transmit the company such as limited company to manufacture jointly by Shanghai beautiful He Hui, manufacture does person Cheng fierce express: ? Ah satinwood imprints Wu of Su of Piao of  of Guo of serve of  of crotch of  of shellfish of rate of fat Mai cut enrols shrimp of Zhao of Mu of summary chaos Lan! Melon of magnesian an ancient term for silk fabrics of  of ü of  of M of a key to do sth of cheek of N of  of ⒋ bed shellfish only  of the Nao austral Wan of unconscious  of basket of Yue of to joke of brown of Pan of heir of Jian of muddleheaded of Er of  of  of hazel of Zhen of  of ι Xian Xin dispute pushs Gua   enlighten Wan of  of qualitative glare of brother’s son charm flinchs glad! ?

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