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Original title: Sow 8 collect to be judged without difference almost, public praise blast, jing Tian moves, it is ceiling of drama of the Republic of China Since Jing Tian goes out, obtained various resource, waited for film of main actor of partner of big shop sign with Sun Gonglei, Wu Zhenyu 2011 ” the Warring States ” .

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Follow-up Jing Tian also with Liu Dehua, Zhou Yun law, into the coffee such as dragon couplet sleeves show, but the work of the show not very splashs a spray, oneself are to be in more continuously not lukewarm not igneous condition. Jing Tian also may realize oneself and film do not have a predestined relationship, shift focus to the small screen gradually.

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2021, the net theatrical work that Jing Tian sets Zhang Binbin to act the leading role ” Si Teng ” big heat, during heat is sowed hot all the time, because with original work the teleplay that matchs completely is on fabaceous valve,be the good result that obtained 7 minutes. Female advocate Jing Tian dresses up the Republic of China in drama eventually, reached astonishing level, on the coronal ” terrestrial riches and honour is beautiful ” the name was encircled thoroughly.

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A lot of vermicelli made from bean starch expect Jing Tian goes out again perform theatrical work of the Republic of China. Jing Tian also answers a call, with Xu Wei Zhou acted the leading role new theatrical work ” the city of time ” . This drama lands goose factory to broadcast after 8 collect, public praise is hot, fabaceous valve is done not have almost reputably. Many netizens express, free of reason thing reduce expenditure, have a hotspot, leading role of male and female already was become finality. Look Jing Tian moves, brought the ceiling of drama of the Republic of China.

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Gut rhythm is fast, goodwife is set too belt feeling ” the city of time ” it is original work with the homonymic novel of decadent treasure, depict the Shanghai beach at the beginning of 20 centuries, and face of Rong Jiafu Party A committed a lot of big crimes. Fan Shizhen (Jing Tian) join an organization to avenge, lie the bottom enters look home, with uncle Rong Jia) love each other, two lovers of different a group of people of same interest break through interference eventually, open the real features that allows the home, final the story that two people move toward bright road hand in hand. Eed/1ad5ad6eddc451da0363292f3575916fd21632ea.png? Token=f7674e381ff4a6dec807a84624dfa045 “>What eyeball sucks quite in the story clue of this drama is female advocate avenge a course, from come on the stage begin to be in calculate all the time in. Need of look home old lady sends the person’s means solid position through giving master, and female advocate need an opportunity to lie by chance the bottom enters look home, the tutor that allows the home was become below all sorts of designs.

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Can say a bureau to introduce female advocate identity not simple, have very apparent matting interest, at the same time such design can show the rationality of collect giving theatrical work more, the instant holds the line of sight of the audience.

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Back-to-back, female advocate after entering look home everything makes progress unusually quickly, it is with everybody young lady madam does well above all relation, it is with method and eldest son some have an affair with, last pace passes all sorts of design success behead to obtain information namely. Be worth what carry is, in drama female advocate it is courage not only quite big, dare to search clew to examine explore issue, all sorts of mediums that search wall, eavesdrop emerge in endlessly.

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Brains is clever at the same time, intelligence quotient hour is online, with the significant position that the excuse of pursuant doggie appears, come with promiscuous time filch information, do all sorts of businesses leakproofly with his actual strength, it is let a person suspect somewhat, but the evidence that cannot find authentic.

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The most important is, because carrying halo on the head to get,female principal and subordinate is done not have male advocate help, it is recumbent all the time oneself, although face the crisis,also be to rely on intelligence quotient to solve. Can arrange other do violence to arrive to attract only painstakingly even male advocate attention, all behavior succeed for oneself, female without the homebred drama of amative head advocate belong to solid be too god-given.

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Modelling of Jingtian the Republic of China grabs an eye, online Jing Tian can give acting hour act ” the city of time ” was to give vermicelli made from bean starch one big surprise actually, after all she is in ” Si Teng ” in wearing cheongsam head Dai Huali to send the sample that act the role of is really produced model of the Republic of China acme. And be in this medium shot of new theatrical work is sweet for can more the person of young lady of joint be in distress is set, do not have on modelling too luxuriant, but dress feels character also is quite online, deserved to go up again relatively neat curl, by inside and outside sending out the temperament of elegant nobility.

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And Jing Tian’s acting also is the level that reached passing line above, there is a paragraph of show in drama is female advocate go to other office seeking clue, but nearly is discovered, be in fortunately flint of light produced by electricity during find mechanism to had escaped to rob. Female advocate apparently indifferently sober, rise with other prattle even, but etc remain oneself a person when, also be control does not breathe the dwelling place is great, the body also trembles slightly rise, the disappointed that survives a kind was deduced.

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Sequel also has female advocate before go probing information, face the look lord of unconsciousness, female advocate still cannot help the scene that the ground showed trifling nervousness, there is apparent dug sex in the eyes, decide with this whether its are sober.

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Though expressional change is not big, but eyes play is quite online still, appear with very natural way gave character mood, still have those who take the place of to feel quite.

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Though Jing Tian’s acting is not high degree of professional proficiency, also be to be able to pass exquisite affection to reveal nevertheless, establish the character, its deduce means to be able to be encircled can nod. And He Jingtian of this partner male advocate Xu Weizhou also is Yan Zhi pass a barrier, two people wear dress of the department that be the same as color to be the same as casing also is Cp feeling explodes canopy, this affection line also is fetching all the more expect.

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Altogether, ” the city of time ” esteem origianl work was accomplished on gut, tall smooth clue also is nervous stimulation, development speed of whole is light and orderly, a bit does not have the feeling of messy, having good public praise also is fair and reasonable. Female advocate Jing Tian contributed freeboard Yan Zhi again in drama, modelling of the Republic of China and her comfortable deserving to spend is really absolutely, and male advocate the partner does not provide a hotspot, if say this drama can maintain an advantage to leave high to go high, the possibility that explodes greatly is extremely tall still.

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