Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Be like hopeful of dimension of favour · benefit hold guide ” dead serve 3 ” , cooperate again with Ruian Leinuoci New capital signs up for dispatch on March 12, the intermediary outside occupying reports, be like En Levy to be in with free power undertake exchanging views, hopeful hold electric shadow ” dead serve 3 ” . This will be he and Ruian Leinuoci afterwards ” player of out of control ” ” Adam plans ” later cooperate again.

20220312040011 622c1acbe3183

Be like En Levy. Graph / IC Photo 2021 year, when overflowing Fei Ji of · of Kevin of banquet of power movie owner to be interviewed in the intermediary outside accepting, affirm ” dead serve 3 ” will join free power film universe (MCU) , and become overflow power movies of grade of first R in film universe. It is reported, ” dead serve ” booking office of the first whole world amounts to series movies 783.1 million dollar, booking office of the 2nd whole world amounts to 785.8 million dollar, the 3rd of short duration is uncertain archives. New capital newspaper edits Xu Meilin to proofread Liu Jun

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