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Original title: Zhang Yi is sought with ex-wife 36 years old of daughters are infrequent appear, carry charm of husband of 2 marriage foreign nationality dye-in-the-wood On July 27, 2019, the closure of week of movies of the 5th international that become dragon is held in Shanxi Great Harmony. Closure also had a lot of people to be attended, and the daughter Zhang Mo that Zhang Yi seeks attended this closure as much. What media also patted Zhang Mo is close according to, the Zhang Mo in the photograph is wearing the long skirt that has temperament very much, have the feeling of wind of a kind of China, very good-looking. Making up to allow light, hang down loosely is worn hair, have temperament very much. And Zhang Mo’s husband is wearing simple business suit, exceedingly handsome. Two individual stations are together, very sweet cuddle was in one case, look very happy.

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Zhang Mo is the daughter that Zhang Yi seeks, but she did not put an actor, became however division of director, caption, film cutter, playwrite, also be female bear father line of business. Zhang Mo is very outstanding, do in working respect after this, she was held the position of again ” hawkthorn cultivates love ” , ” Jin Ling 13 hairpin ” the position of assistant director, film cutter and caption division. The person that has seen this movie should know, no matter be the editing and rearrangement of caption or picture, do first-rately. Not only such, 2017 when, zhang Mo is returned hold guided the film ” 28 years old minor ” , this film obtained first-rate result, no matter be box-office, still be an evaluation, gained uncommon success. And acquired new personality of year of a list of names posted up of wind and cloud of screen of the 10th China by right of this film direct award.

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A lot of netizens state Zhang Mo is genetic father’s first-rate gene, like also will resemble Zhang Yi seek certainly, become a very outstanding director. Zhang Yi is sought have how outstanding, believe a lot of people know. Zhang Yi seeks the director’s work to believe a lot of people had looked, for instance ” red broomcorn ” , ” bright red lantern is hanged high ” , ” living ” , ” my parents ” , ” ambuscade 10 times ” , ” Jin Ling 13 hairpin ” etc, notting have is not classical. Regard the delegate that the Five Dynasties directs as the character, the actual strength that Zhang Yi seeks nots allow small gaze, more unassailable. The daughter Zhang Mo that believes him also can likewise special and outstanding.

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Zhang Mo and the feeling that husband the first month paintings are first-rate all the time, two people are in love old, 2013 when, two people marry, and wedding was held in Beijing. Painting of the first month is Swiss book Chinese, appearance is abstruse and handsome, temperament is first-rate also, gentle adn cultivated, brilliant and cheesy, with Zhang Mo special match. Nevertheless two individual marriage do not have the child up to now, this also is a regret, hope two people can have his baby at an early date.

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