Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Liu Wei updates mother contracting cancer to treat a circumstance to bask in group photo to be cheered for its

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On March 12, liu Wei updates maternal cancer to treat a state to say in gregarious platform dispatch: “Through first time cure, cerebral move is apparently contractible, cerebral move cannot see in the film almost, bone move is contractible, lobar liver kidney roughly similar. The fact proves to want not to abandon only, hold to even if win! Continue to cheer! ! The blessing that thanks everybody and care ” . Bask in a group photo with the mother to be cheered for its at the same time.

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On Feburary 24, liu Wei states when some platform direct seeding he has disbanded working group, exit recreational group temporarily, take care of the mother that cancer has a relapse with all one’s strength. Liu Wei still basks in a mother in gregarious platform old according to, state oneself can take care of her, love her, for her pray blessing.

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It is reported, good year 30, liu Wei’s mother because cancer recrudesce is urgent be admitted to hospital.

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