Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Cao pattern company acts ludicrously when drunk with respect to its hair statement: Already obtained that day reconcile

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On March 11, company of Cao division manager releases statement to act ludicrously when drunk with respect to Cao Ge explode wide mouth makes a response with be related of person happening conflict, express to the accident had reached employee to come to an agreement to inn-keeper by company delegate that day and be obtained reconcile, inn-keeper also to police close a case. In stating at the same time, say ” footing of the sincerity that it is a watch and li clear fact, actor accomplished total liability assume, cooperate police to ask with all one’s strength bureau undertake noting movement. Very regretful is to explode the person that expect breaks the law steal copy film of arbitrary editing and rearrangement, upload a network promiscuous seeing and hearing, damage actor fame, explode to what break the law makings behavior, we are sure to take further legal action. We are sure to take further legal action..

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It is reported, on March 7 evening, cao Ge in the lake inside Taipei city some dining-room explodes an incident of drunken out of control, produce quarrel with adjoining balcony guest, link violent wind bad word, video is caused by exposure netizen heat is discussed. On March 10, cao case Ceng Fawen, think this thing is to explode the statement of only one of the parties of the person that expect, inadequacy is card. On March 11, cao Ge responds to drunken make trouble once more, because origin explodes unidentifiedly,express makings, without confirming, before the fact that knows casuse and effect, each are big media make an issue of covers. He says, I am very disappointed very sad also. At the same time propaganda to the enemy at the front line explodes the person that expect must appear, prove him identity, say: “Come out to note please, open and aboveboard, otherwise I can use up my ability to look for you, carry accuse. Carry accuse..

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