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Original title: The film ” embrace first ” cereal of Shi Zhui of reception of a radio of play staff cameraman dies male advocate phlogistic inferior rights and interests of staff member of defend of dispatch of black silk ribbon

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Recently, phlogistic inferior film of main actor of black silk ribbon ” embrace first ” play staff happening is accident, cameraman A hero and A Xiang of division of reception of a radio fall carelessly canyon dies.

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It is reported, drop the yellow surname cameraman that die is the famous cameraman Huang Baixiong inside the circle, this year 38 years old, ever filmed with collaboration of many big director ” fury ” ” Mekong acts ” ” the Red Sea acts ” wait for work.

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12 days of before dawn, phlogistic inferior black silk ribbon grows Wen Mianhuai’s staff member in hair of individual socialization platform, express at the same time ” did not give out in Duomanni reasonable explain with true attitude before, my general is the same as the collaboration that all main actors stop this drama to make an unit with this together, and hold to with correct safety precaution reasonable man-hour is paid with the cost in according with drama will continue for premise the next time collaboration.

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Phlogistic inferior black silk ribbon still divulges many ever had have collaboration with this cameraman before New Year, again meet again feels however by this misfortune cannot accept.

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Correct another dies staff member identity: Be not assistant however division of reception of a radio.

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This film female advocate Yao Ai Ning also phonates in gregarious platform, appeal everybody is faced up to take a safe issue. Phlogistic inferior full text of black silk ribbon is as follows: Once, annoy even for the every detail affliction of stage drama, concern, offended many firms that make consequently even TV station. When a matter of regret that is produced now by the announcement, on the road that returning, I ask myself ceaselessly, after all where is bottom line of my this importunate, I should feel for me ‘ the thing that should accomplish ‘ , and ‘ should the rights and interests of defend ‘ where does defend go to, it is troublesome that defend feels to look for me to take sport to everybody, should still satisfy safe requirement and Where is willing and floriferous cost? I am not to make square, but I am participated in in every time Thespian when it is just come from in order to make house, long to be able to illuminate expect to be fastened besides the group besides the actor (art of Wu of photography, lamplight, field, prop, reception of a radio) , because this world exists really portion of size eye, generation, time (male one, male 2, female one, female 2) , and form different the fact of the result, I say frankly, the staff member is encircled in Taiwan drama, it is quite often uncared-for a flock of, cause a talent to leave consequently, does a matter of regret happen ceaselessly (death of fatigue traffic accident, overfatigue, and drop now is Gu Zhi a matter of regret waited a moment? ? ) happen, so I once annoyed, not hesitate to defy alone environment, whether should I hold to? Yes, I am today in the heart really get the result, my holding to is not to be me one person, I am not selfish, I am to prevent to a matter of regret now happens and phonate, one have unreasonable phonate instantly, one have insecure stop instantly, this is me should not let off hold to. Did not give out in Duomanni reasonable explain with true attitude when, all main actors stop my general and this drama to make the collaboration of the unit with this together, and hold to with correct safety precaution reasonable man-hour and accord with cost of type of drama to pay will continue for premise the next time collaboration. Human life equality, euqally precious, do not divide gentle and simple, without on any account, we are responsible, do not want a heart to put fluky. I entreat actors, staff members, and relevant unit, face up to a problem to solve a problem, promote stage drama the environment together, if you also agree with me, also do not let body of importunate actor Gu struggles please.

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