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Original title: ” case of Chinese quarter explore 2 ” start formally, xu Zhengxi hand in hand He Ruixian, liu Hao Ran weighs a pound to join in This year, a lot of artists joined this group in succession, like Cheng Yi ” bottom line ” , Xu Kai is entered ” happy You Yuan ” , Dilireba ” public prosecution elite ” , Gao Weiguang ” dream of this all corners of the country ” etc.

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Now, xu Zhengxi is about to join this group, this invites a lot of audiences very expect. And, after had seen the play that Xu Zhengxi is about to show, a lot of audiences express, it is about to become to explode paragraph. ” case of Chinese quarter explore 2 ” go up formally line, xu Zhengxi hand in hand drama of net of Hao Ran of He Ruixian, Liu ” case of Chinese quarter explore ” be by Chen Saicheng, manufacture, zhang Jun Ning, qiu Ze, wang Zhen, the drama of the suspense that burn a brain of far main actor of Cheng Xiao, old sagacious, once leave,sow won public praise and audience.

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” case of Chinese quarter explore ” the story that basically related new detective Lin Mo and 5 prodigy with the form of 3 unit drama. ” case of Chinese quarter explore 2 ” the hero still is Lin Mo, still carry a few unit theatrical work, told about male advocate Lin Mo and female advocate for many times the story of crack a criminal case. In the first in, hero is Qiu Ze, heroine is Zhang Jun Ning, two people cooperate tacit understanding, many true love pink were harvested on the net. But as a result of reason of schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, two people will miss the 2nd. This message is a regret for the vermicelli made from bean starch to the first drama. The 2nd cast is very powerful also nevertheless.

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Above all, ” case of Chinese quarter explore 2 ” male advocate Lin Mo, will by Xu Zhengxi personate of actor Xu Zhengxi, it is a Yanzhi and acting on-line actual strength sends an actor. Be in ” Xia Jiasan a thousand pieces of gold ” , ” alone Gu the world ” , ” wind weichis ” , ” between a fabled abode of immortals ” , ” beautiful language is endowed with ” in performance is outstanding. Depend on this year ” case of Chinese quarter explore 2 ” wonderful performance, got the height of numerous audience is approbated. Hold the position of this by Xu Zhengxi ” case of Chinese quarter explore 2 ” male advocate, affirmative meeting offers a lot of hotspots for this drama. At the same time ” city of half bewitching bend ” female advocate acting is very masterly also, regular meeting lets a lot of audiences shine at the moment. The heroine of this net drama You Herui virtuous personate He Ruixian is a female artist that is praised by Li Zheng. She takes an examination of Beijing film institute with professional first name not only, still obtained youth of countrywide Thespian section to deduce Neozoic award. And He Ruixian is depending on outstanding acting, brought a lot of familiar to the ear to the audience can an excellent work of detailed, for instance ” edge of hair on the temples is not a Chinese flowering crabapple red ” , ” the name with family ” , ” still feed ” , ” case of Chinese quarter explore 2 ” etc. This, of He Ruixian and Xu Zhengxi strong strong together, regular meeting brings cheerful vision to enjoy to a lot of audiences. 003010 besides above two actual strength send an actor, return somebody to enrage Hao Ran of small unripe Liu

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Before this, liu Hao Ran is in the film ” case of Chinese quarter explore ” a lot of audiences won in edition reputably. This, surprise of Liu Hao Ran gues-stars ” case of Chinese quarter explore ” edition it is dreamy linkage simply. The Yan Zhi plus Liu Hao Ran is online, the actual strength that believes him can give us to bring a lot of surprises certainly. Let our wait and see what happens! ” case of Chinese quarter explore 2 ” leave formally already sow, this drama will be sowed at will leaving this year in June. Nevertheless ” case of Chinese quarter explore 2 ” creation group has not announced cast formally, material information basically is the government is announced.

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Since,do not pass ” case of Chinese quarter explore 2 ” cast had exploded on the net, that affirmation is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors. Let us await the government to announce together!

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