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Original title: Wait eventually come drama of a high-energy and homebred suspense, sowed 5 days to develop heat a list of names posted up the first A woman is taking one Zhang Xiaohai’s picture, not be to let nevertheless male advocate Shen Yi (Tan Jian second act the role of) according to the picture, however 3 years old of pictures are old, the shape that draws children 35 years old.

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So magical brushwork, shen Yi is drawn easy to doly however, and picture go-between is a police actually, namely Du Cheng (Jin Shijia is acted the role of) master. What cannot think of more is, this person just came out to be killed, and the woman that kills his person to look for Shen Yi picture namely.

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When Du Cheng asks Shen Yi draws that woman, how is Shen Yi drawn however do not come out, accordingly two people writtened guarantee Liang Zi. Above gut out ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” a bureau, head a few minutes volume is short, pointed out this punishment detects case general around move imitate picture division such perspective, and the identity with two different leading role.

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” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” be by Xing Jianjun hold guide, tan Jian second, the playlet of inference of a criminal case that Jin Shijia acts the leading role. When platform head is sowed, rank more after leaning, the 5th talent develops a list of names posted up of real time heat the first, it is to be like tide reputably more on fabaceous valve. The imitate picture Shi Shenyi that this drama basically told about because of a dusty a court case of long standing contract enmity and gumshoe header Du Cheng, be forced below good luck coincidence partner, two people detect bizarre doubtful case many cases together, trace the story of truth of answer to a riddle jointly.

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Essence of life of design of suspense gut style is wonderful, become explode the crucial place of money theatrical work ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” as punishment detect crack a criminal case piece, story sex is extremely strong, achieve of narrative measure political integrity is fast, hotspot of so narrative gimmick is dye-in-the-wood. In first cases, the dean of face-lifting hospital exploits functionary advantage, use the means of drug, minatory female client, achieve the dirty goal on physiology. Do not have in drama evasive these guilty content, but the dot is accomplished to arrive on picture processing till, do not regard these guilty content as stunt.

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If say, in detecting a case involving the killing of a person, shen Yi only the female body form by tight of the wrap up in monitoring, the picture that gives this woman with respect to the picture is astonishing. So, clue discovers in the light of monitoring video when Shen Yi, maintain department of this paragraph of video to forge such inverting thereby set, make a person strike the table and shout bravo more.

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Next case of skeleton of school sports ground, also be full suspense colour. Female legal medical expert wears away according to the analysis of pubic development and bone of joint of bones the appraisal of degree, those who discover this skeleton is skeleton of age level female actually is medley. And the skull in skeleton is the real skull stage property that copy uses students unexpectedly.

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This Shen Yi moves again, according to skull the head portrait of reductive victim, the girl that decided she is missing 10 years ago namely holds the post of Xiao Xuan. Shen Yi discovers from inside holding the post of dawn black diary she is mixed by bully approach act indecently towards, and still have a man student that love, pare through layer upon layer reel off raw silk from cocoons chrysalis, the time that is exchanged from affirmatory skull, cross-question act indecently towards teacher, find that man student, final final result is unexpected however.

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” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” explode the key of money theatrical work, design essence of life because of gut style not only clever, still depend on the story of case backside many cases, present what the company meeting that differs to the audience inscribes to think. No matter be leading role or costar,have extremely Gao Kuo deserves to spend, each contributed high-energy acting this drama continues nowadays of continue to use is the most popular double male advocate the story between cooperates. Because of a dusty a court case of long standing knot bridge, and below good luck coincidence two people were forced to become a partner. The gumshoe header of Jin Shijia personate, look do not go up Tan Jian the imitate picture division of second personate, lift sniff to what his picture conduces to crack a criminal case. Such narrative means, very can the rhythm of gut of guide and support, form the expectation of the audience.

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The Tan Jian that the identity of male group gives second, because be in ” chase after light! Elder brother ” in obtained total champion scrape up many people are angry, act art on the road all the time not lukewarm not fire. Because of ” love apartment ” by the Jin Shijia with audience hep place, its clear color changed an audience to leave deep impression. ” river god 2 ” , ” 20 not be puzzled ” let transition of Jin Shijia success, cast off the label that extends gain.

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This Tan Jian second with Jin Shijia the appearance pledges compatibly, very strong generation is entered feeling. Especially Tan Jian the Shen Yi of second personate, the belt on the body nods melancholy sense, that self-confidence that shows fully between utterance makes a person very bright, such contradictory synthesis, audience place expects.

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The performance of two people, in can saying to blend in a part, they become part itself. Good story sex, itself can make an actor. A few costar in drama also are actual strength takes on character. The Qin Hailu with uncommon acting goes out perform a police chief, meticulous hairstyle very accord with figure figure.

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Bin of house of old show bone, by ” between the world ” medium Gong Wei criterion, from initial healthy atmosphere Ling Ran, to the flay a flint later, let a person feel to sob. This he still personate a police, the old gumshoe figure with the pattern that the hand grasps a teacup and round experience does not want too be identical.

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As a whole, ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” the bizarre case with unit type, the figure with strong to stand erect feeling collocation concerns, among the plot of a play that the eyeball the audience draws suspense, satisfy the curiosity with a lot of to suspense drama audience. Civil: Farsighted

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