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Original title: Cannot perform great beauty? Make a face Year makes fun of greatly ” between the world ” , fall eventually next heavy curtain. Fabaceous valve is as high as 8.1 minutes, sow ending, the mark is like a pine firmly all the time.

20220312070612 622c466453e64

The Zheng that the Yan Tao in drama acts beautifuls, collect goodness is brave at a suit, beauty experts again. Because high joint part is added,explode the acting of canopy, audience fell in love with Yan Tao for a short while. Have netizen comment: In Yan Tao this, of I and my pa aesthetic reach consensus.

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But be puzzled of Qing Chunke evil spirit, yanzhi and business can be hit. Ask, of unified men and women ” homebred drama honey peach ” , she why so can attractive? 01 Zheng beautiful comes on the stage, see she is a director ” one’s own daughter ” . The plait of fried dough twist of two Song Song, wrapping around an unlined garment, show bright and clean neck, light is a back gives Zhou Bingkun look stayed.

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Camera lens turns again, from Yan Tao’s fine foot, arrive again gentle in the face that taking tender feelings.

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Turn round, languid is lazy enchanting eyes, the sunshine of day of prep against winter, picture extremely dream center heart reads aloud adolescent teenagers the girl that read aloud. The Yan Tao here, desire, pardonable also netizen says Yan Tao is ” pure desire wind ” originator. What stringing together on Zheng beautiful hand is not rock candy calabash, however the heart that phut of a phut makes sound.

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Why Zhou Bingkun beautifuls to Zheng all ages, see this, you were realized. The United States is stable output of Yan Tao, yan Tao’s acting is very firm also. ” between the world ” when broadcasting, “Yan Tao cries play too anxious ” if problem, ascend hot a list of names posted up for a time. When hearing Zhou Bingkun to say to be not her to be not married, happy pole and sob;

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Obtain Zhou Fu to approbate, it is hold back tear first but did not keep back, abrupt tear falls like rain;

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When mother of week father week dies, zheng Juan is adopting week parent, aching to the utmost, weep soundlessly;

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On trial law court, she is crying dumb voice speaks that ” hellion ” and ” I ” when, annoy to the utmost;

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Of these a few different level cry play, can see Yan Tao’s strength. Depending on acting and Yan Zhi, yan Tao performs work Zheng Juan. And who ever thought, 10 thousand people speak highly of fine-looking Yan Tao nowadays, was ever disrelished for a time is ancient costume ugly? Yan Tao goes out had performed theatrical work of two ancient costume, ” Yang Guifei secret history ” , another is ” Wu Zetian secret history ” . Play just was sowed, yan Tao by ridicule too small jasper, maintain do not rise big female advocate play, more load do not have flourishing age beauty colour this title.

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What ” annulus of rustic edition Yang Yu ” , “Wu Zetian of filar socks edition ” , only you want to be less than, scold without sprayer do not export. Top having place is returned to leave a message to now on the net, say Yan Tao does not deserve to perform great beauty.

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And Yan Tao is in by ridicule after ancient costume is ugly, also had not taken theatrical work of other ancient costume again.

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Can look again now, on the net one water to her ancient costume reputably. It is what kind of woman, can let Tang Xuan an administrative unit in Xizang speak: Woman of worldly ten million, love jade annulus alone one person. See Yan Tao you know.

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Those who have a girl is young and ignorant, have ripe female charm.

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Can Qing Chun is like water, also can be like fire enthusiasticly.

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The young Wu Zetian that Yan Tao acts, it is a colour more, amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds, charm much appearance. For what pet name of fierce criterion day calls fawn on the woman, see Yan Tao, you understood.

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Such ancient costume beauty, be said by ridicule ugly? ? ? Be afraid of is to had not seen modern ancient costume play. Of ancient costume drama enter swing, deduce a career to shine brilliantly without what let Yan Tao. After this, her fight in some places one by one each drama. is the Yan Tao in theatrical work of of all kinds years, those who let a person discover her is attractive. 02 2005 year Yan Tao goes out act ” resemble flower happily same ” in, military uniform but sweet but salt.

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The main actor of this drama is grandson couple, be in fine-looking and amiable qualitative this, abundant peach can be firm firm take held. Right now Yan Tao, wet behind the ears before long, but acting is solid and strong, fame exceeds Sun Lihe Deng to exceed for a time. Historical drama ” historical sky ” pick part, direct medium Yan Tao goes out perform Oriental Wen Yin. The fact proves director eye is sharp.

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The netizen that saw play expresses in succession: “East politics appoint it is the forever Bai Yueguang in my heart, 3 view are returned than facial features. ” Qi Er’s bingle, the military uniform with agile a suit, more line gets healthy atmosphere of her a suit.

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Yan Tao was being taken 2017 ” chicken feather flies on a day ” , again ” kill a tight encirclement ” . The Luo Yuzhu with twist of one’s life experience of abundant peach personate, bright gift. The false boy with obtrusive early days.

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The female strong person with mature and sedate later period.

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Abundant peach show of the part grow, be violated none and. And powerful combination of the Yan Tao in drama and Zhang Yijiang, acting for a time apotheosis. Two people make fun of that in train meet again, it is the homebred Top stage appearance in a lot of popular feeling as before.

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“Without Yan Tao’s Luo Yuzhu, do not have old Jiang He of Zhang Yi. ” the aspirations that is an audience.

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Yan Tao also depends on Luo Yuzhu, with one action is taken in those days Bai Yulan award. ” you are late a lot of year ” in, yan Tao shows her other one side again. Mollie of times pioneer female, coming on the stage is 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings, taking deadly temptation.

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The director is lending Huang Xiaoming’s mouth boast: You are toxic.

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Mollie’s amorous feelings and tough, yan Tao delivers a viewer with solid acting.

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the Yan Tao in drama, magnified her beauty. Actually, yan Tao also goes out had performed many city image theatrical work, but the effect is far be inferior to drama. To turn over is the most miserable, it is to break up take theatrical work ” pink young woman ” in, 10 thousand people confuse her personate.

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The United States is beautiful, nod the amorous feelings of city beauty less however. Always let a person feel this 10 thousand people are confused, below one second is about enterprise of the arm since Lu went. Yan Tao’s beauty, it is the bulrush in wild country, tough and moving, it is to want wind of all previous classics to blow what rain hits the sort of. The charming in conservatory of and rather than is beautiful. 03 abundant peach is inherent cheek of apricot eye peach, be not nodded and red cherry mouth, there still is a mole of be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy on the mouth, provide Oriental tradition extremely aesthetic. Laugh person if name, still have sweet dimple. So a piece of namby-pamby cheek, deserve to go up again namby-pamby part, became vase type part very easily.

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It is however instead in years theatrical work, can collide more a different glamour. Idol play can bring discharge, drama can bring real role however. These year in the Yan Tao that rolling about in drama, early had realized Jin Ying, flying Apsaras, bai Yulan the 3 vole after be being inspected greatly.

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She is inside amusement is rare, can play the part of black clothes to be able to give the kind that performs a female role again already. Pardonable someone says, yan Tao can control successfully each age layers, perform ” Chinese woman illustrated handbook ” .


As similar as her, have grandson couple, into can receive drama, retreat can perform talk feeling theatrical work.


Still have Gu Jingwen, it is young like when namby-pamby, middleaged ripe female hind hang. Inchoate ancient costume Jing is colourful, ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” in clever gas and fine-looking coexisted Zhao Min, ” knife of small Li Fei ” in melting Sun Xiaogong. ” to honour beauty ” in piece act history on most the Wu Zetian of tender feelings.


Mix in those days chilly beautiful love of Zhao Wenzhuo, also be cruel has cried many audiences.


Stride middleaged later, gu Jingwen is in drama, temperament is choppy.


Acted the leading role 2019 ” we and evil distance ” , fabaceous valve is as high as 9.4 minutes. See contemporary recreational group again, in young generation, can resemble Yan Tao can be being hit so, true still not much. National girl closes Xiao Tong, still taking beautiful route, acting is far insufficient case.


Zhang Zifeng has made fun of, but not in idol play this is hanged, it is clear black clothes successor.


Drama of suspense of the beginning of the year ” germinant ” the Zhao Jin wheat in, have the sign of bit of Yan Tao.


Can take beautiful route, can maintain drama. But this kind of actor, too little still. Floret people again exert tries hard. Want to ask, does amusement what time go a so attractive Yan Tao again inside? Look to everybody finally, new theatrical work of Yan Tao ” feminine banzai ” the road is appeared.


This condition, this figure, the second kills age of of the same age paragraph a lot of actor, this ability calls the actor’s self-discipline!

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