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Original title: The theatrical work of 4 Gao Tian that I seek at a heat, in which seal having you? These a few years, tall pleasant drama very get masses reception, be supported especially by the youth’s fanaticism. Normally, the female with such tender and the man with meeting lofty and handsome choice, melting work, the part of energy, the gut of energy. Small 3 did not go up hysterical, without interference sound of parents, whole journey sweet warm again, the mood that the person that sees play can’ts help following theatrical work is happy, indulge all the day among them, cannot extricate oneself. Next tetralogy is me the sweet work that this paragraph of time seeks at a heat, look which in stamp you?

20220312070655 622c468fb6af8

NO.1 ” the honor that you are me ” main actor: Dilireba Yang Yang overflows homonymic novel to adapt according to considering, the person enraged stylist of He Yuzhou of brilliant of actress tall brilliant to set foot on journey, part company the encounter that warmth greeted after 10 years, began the brigade of romantic love. When high school, tall brilliant brilliant ever professioned should learn, but was rejected, each other lose connection after graduation. Shake 10 years, tall brilliant brilliant serves as ” Wang Zherong boasts ” spokesman, game level by baleful exposure have cooking colorific news very much, be immersed in public relations crisis. As a result of accidental accord, tall brilliant brilliant encountered a road accidentally in game line. In tall brilliant brilliant ” subtotal plan ” below, two people meet again. Begin formally also to hold the position of Korea young lady at road teacher ” private coach ” , began what the sweetness of cosmic stylist and female star dotes on to love.

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The heat that each platform holds continuously when this drama is broadcasting sows a list of names posted up, no matter be female advocate the Pure Brightness brightness that always stands fast as recreational star, male still advocate those who regard spaceflight as the domain get military thing the take the bull by the horns, spirit that is brave in to explore, be helpful for whole teleplay. The old show bone such as Pan Yueming, Hu Ke is added hold, whole journey Gao Tian makes fun of, of conscience of it may be said make. NO.2 ” good time of beautiful scene in a good day ” main actor: One this drama adapts Xu Lu forest from the novel 10.3, told about songbird bridge celestial bodies and electric contest elite, person to enrage advocate the love story that sows Liu Jing. F2.jpeg? Token=49d83caaa48f1fd1bf82c555ecaafc38 “>Should say them between contact word, that is game namely ” good heart ” episode singer Liang Chen, an electric contest that is this game advocate sow Hermann. Two people also are known because of game of acting character of bridge celestial bodies. Originally two new people are stood by gradually, be attracted by place of the knowledge of the other side, bearing deeply, also harvested those who belong to each other meanwhile ” good time ” .

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After Xu Lu is attending put together art with Qiao Renliang, harvest many vermicelli made from bean starch. Because of Qiao Renliang the regret dies after, and mournful sweethearts of this pair of screens. The collaboration of this drama and Lin Yi, gao Tian’s gut, also gave vermicelli made from bean starch to was comforted. Personate learns the Xu Lu of elder sister to satisfy the everybody illusion to goddess, and the little brother in learning younger brother forest to also have sister younger brother to love is all and admirable character, it is one suits very much what loosen on the weekend is sweet bestow favor on drama. NO.3 ” rock candy stews Xue Li ” main actor: Zhangxin of Wu Qian & becomes this play by wine small 7 homonymic novels are adapted, told about two to having likewise ice dreamy teenager, in the process that dreams in angle, also harvested the story of love.

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Female advocate Tang snow, be fast slippery athlete. Male advocate Li Yubing, it is athlete of an ice hockey. Small when, li Yubing is recreant, always be bullied by snow of Tang of make trouble king. Two people again when meet again, li Yubing has been team of big ice hockey of continuous heavy rain ” ice is magical ” , and Tang snow or a student of firm introduction. For the newspaper in one’s childhood ” absolutely irreconcilable ” enemy, li Yubing by every means snow of Tang of create difficulties for sb. In the process that in two people photograph loving each other kills, also each other are affecting each other. Li Yubing acquired greater courage, tang snow also picked up confidence again. 2 people dream not only forward same a direction, the heart also was moved toward same a direction. The life of after this, have dance to the top of one’s bent on glacial face, wanton hover.

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Zhang Xincheng is in cooperate with Li Landi ” hello, old times is smooth ” hind, by myriad netizen propaganda to the enemy at the front line, week of week of Lin Yang beyond is together. The figure of its warmth sunshine also because of this development popular feeling. Cooperate this with Wu Qian, although value of Wu Qian colour lets vermicelli made from bean starch be oppugned somewhat, but acting is fortunately online, also calculate on the figure of adjacent home little sister. Masterstroke is Anacreontic, gut rhythm is taller also, be worth to be brushed. NO.4 ” abandon me its who ” main actor: Niu Junfeng of Li Landi & this drama enrages a novel by the person " abandon me " chess " who " adapt, told about Cheng of duty field young reporter the brigade that with go great mind Cheng Jingchu’s warmth cures. Go talent fills the invincible at the beginning of scene, altar of Chi surprise chess, but because of its young when suffer traffic accident, cause binocular lose color, have only in his life from now on black and white.

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Match, because young junior fellow apprentice is had an insatiable desire for,play, must change sit the bus goes out row. Cheng of duty field young reporter take up the post of Wu alone for the first time, chase a bus pertly. Turn round casually dekko, cheng Jingchu discovers surprisingly, this girl is color unexpectedly. Those who stem from pair of this one phenomenon is mysterious, cheng Jingchu is staring at Cheng all the time look, cheng think encountered hellion. Happen right now, because of the frame sb of the thief on the bus, in the mobile phone that discovered passengers lose on Cheng Jingchu’s body. Cheng make a prompt decision, sent police station Cheng Jingchu, she is not worth because of the homework however, did not realize, chief inspector lets the go great mind that she interviews, be this boy before.

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Because of its ” color ” , cheng Jingchu wants to contact Cheng again and again, and Cheng the formidable task that assigns because of chief inspector, also must interview Cheng Jingchu continuously. 2 people are in this process, be familiar with gradually, be misunderstood to be friend of male and female by media however, two people holiday makes fun of to be done really, become family dependant associate eventually. The place that this drama deserves to recommend most is emotional line flatter, love loved, do not love to let go bravely, did not grind those who grind chirp to pester, two pairs of sweethearts colour are worth deputy line absolutely also and online, whole department theatrical work very raise a key point.

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