Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: Teleplay ” cruel grow ” kill blueness, zhao Liying kills green placard atmosphere to feel dye-in-the-wood! Teleplay ” cruel grow ” kill blueness, release the placard that kill blueness at gregarious media! The Zhao Liying in placard a black clothes, maintaining an umbrella, in the setting of dusky, only she is coloured colour, atmosphere feels dye-in-the-wood!

20220312070734 622c46b6b237fZhao Liying 20220312070734 622c46b6cb01eOu Hao 20220312070734 622c46b6e2472Li Guangjie ” cruel grow ” it is of You Fudong Yo, wool hold guide, zhao Liying, Ou Hao, Li Guangjie presents as leading role to act the leading role, liu Wei, Ke La, heavy, Feng Jiayi, Wang Jinsong, Liu Weiwei, Sun Qian, glistening, be to install, the city that Song Xi, Wang Xi, Huang Yiwei acts the leading role. 20220312070735 622c46b703aa9Liu Wei 20220312070735 622c46b71ddd7Allow to weigh 20220312070735 622c46b735dcaFeng Jiayi 20220312070735 622c46b756947Wang Jinsong 20220312070735 622c46b76fdf8Liu Weiwei The novel that A of this drama basis is able to bear or endure ” must not go to unripe ” adapt, the heroine that Zhao Liying acts the leading role makes the tuber of pinellia depend on her original vision to enter the old practice that gives world one time in steely industry. Story brief introduction: When the mother one’s own that makes the tuber of pinellia makes the tuber of pinellia difficult labor and dead, father makes the tuber of pinellia be born oneself case be indifferent to sth, instead nurturance make the tuber of pinellia inherent lofty and unyielding character, dare enter the disposition that dare go all out. As Chinese economy fly, make the tuber of pinellia taking brotherly Xiaochen, Tong Xiao to ride made useless steel, carriage business, in the steely industry that holds absolutely dominant position in the male, make the tuber of pinellia just be depended on have the courage to think the place situation of the adventurous mind that dare enter and deal with concrete matters relating to work is spent, brave enters Russia, all previous classics innumerable trials and hardships even test of life and death, open up independent international iron and steel imports business, harvested the first pail of gold of the career. Competition of rolled steel market is right now intense, depending on outstanding eye and courageous and resolute individual character and the smell to the market, make the tuber of pinellia eliminate all difficulties, enlarge career domain gradually. After all previous that lays vivid, feeling, work in is experienced, made the tuber of pinellia know how decisive solve a problem, how to break through oneself, harvested career and love. 20220312070735 622c46b786dcf

” cruel grow ” assemble in Zhao Liying, Ou Hao, Li Guangjie, Liu Wei, Ke La, hold the post of heavy, Feng Jiayi, Wang Jinsong, Liu Weiwei, Sun Qian, , the female that deduces a 90 time grows story. 20220312070735 622c46b7a0a2bSun Qian 20220312070735 622c46b7ba249Glistening 20220312070735 622c46b7d0f7eBe to install 20220312070735 622c46b7e8402Song Xi 20220312070736 622c46b80a4daWang Xi 20220312070736 622c46b8263d0Huang Yiwei ” cruel grow ” already killed blueness already, that distance leaves sow not far also, let us expect together!

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