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Original title: Information of newest movie and TV: Plum new theatrical work of Yi Fei showing Liu leaves pat, peak of carry on of sea clear Feng ” the heart is resided ” calm archives On March 11, information of newest movie and TV, the new theatrical work that comes from Yi Fei of Li Xianhe Liu ” the place that goes having wind ” in Yunnan, pat, you Haiqing, tong Yao and the city affection drama that peak of Feng carry on acts the leading role ” the heart is resided ” calm archives on March 17.

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Recently, the netizen revealed a paragraph in video ” immortal elder sister ” Liu Yifei films in Yunnan the video of teleplay, she is wearing eider down of a black to take walk out of a field, skin Bai Xi is like snow, long hair is small roll, facial features is delicate and attractive, the picture that passerby takes does not have any decorating still is so good-looking, jing colourful everybody.

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The male star that cooperates this is very interesting also. It is to depend on Li Xiangao sweet love drama ” dear, have deep love for ” have one’s moment when red acting small unripe plum now, of the personate in drama ” Han Business Talk ” cruel dazzle is handsome, win myriad girl heart. After explosive happening, plum now dedicated still film at the film, his fame is very good all the time.

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Be worth what carry is, they two people once sat together to going up in mobile clique. After be being patted, they also caused a lot of popular topics. Two people feel very suit. Did not think of collaboration rises, canopy of acoustical sonic boom. This drama also is ” the name with family ” a when the group makes rural cure drama. The group that make is very powerful, by Yi Fei of Li Xianhe Liu, this film that these two super giant stars act the leading role is in fervent in undertaking. Be worth to expect!

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There still is theatrical work of battle of Huang Jingyu espionage in what rolled out in March likewise ” Gu battle ” , this drama told about Ou Xiaoan and Qin Moqing, the Communist Party of China, subterranean Party member from mutual interrogate, hit explore to arrive to smash together the story of evil-minded plan of the enemy. With Xin Zhilei, the star partner such as Ma Saichao and Ma Tengyuan

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Huang Jingyu has performed role of a lot of soldiers, for instance ” the action that break ice ” 1 ” the Red Sea acts ” , era is entered feeling, popular feeling of military figure development. If you receive this part, you will be very familiar drive. Nevertheless espionage war play is most of test acting. Unlike idol play, play the part of handsome it is OK to play the part of cruel, the challenge is so taller still. The hope has a breakthrough on acting. Do not take army brigade theatrical work into ” fall in love with special type arms ” in that way idol play, too awkward!

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Respect of ancient costume drama, ” annals of teenager of big the Song Dynasty ” also have good news, the 2nd has been being prepared in filming. Zhou Yutong, zhang Xincheng, the actor regression such as Wang Youshuo presents as leading role, expecting a cost also is to explode canopy. Head sow quality very tall, low leave to go high. Public praise is good, counterattack, have the support of vermicelli made from bean starch of numerous iron lever. In addition, zhang Xincheng and week rain red now is famed star, very competitive.

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Additional, there is a theatrical work again recently ” the heart is resided ” , caused not small fever. Be realistically drama, by Teng Huatao, director ” humble abode ” hold guide, haiqing and Tong Yao, two acting clique actors act the leading role, battle array of peak of Feng carry on is super and luxurious, on the line on March 17.

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Sea Qing Dynasty, one of actors that small mew likes most, had performed a lot of theatrical work, take the place of to feel too strong, resemble especially such realistically drama, balance sex is very good, let a person one second enters sport. Tong Yao’s acting is pretty good also. In recent years, he is depended on ” great river great river ” 1 ” 30 just ” won a lot of award, he made Bai Yulan and golden eagle award, queen, they watched this show together.

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The acting of male Feng Shaofeng also got admissive in recent years. Fight theatrical work curtilage by what he acts the leading role ” know to deny ” red all over entire network, appeal force is extremely powerful, so this drama hopeful is become March explode greatly money theatrical work. This tetralogy, which do you think to look?

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