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Original title: Atmosphere is depressive, female advocate too weak, jin Hena acts the leading role ” freeboard follows ” two market do not appear to give a hotspot Jin Hena once can have his moment in Korea, looking to now is a mystery. In Korea actress, her beautiful beyond question, but the handsome actor that follows and his like of Korea actor acting really is not can make one group very much. And plum act the leading role to ” return 18 years old ” because of gut reason, she does not see the performance of gentle breeze also returns justifiable all over the face, develop move plum to also can be chased after to . However, serve as when her big female advocate in ” freeboard follows ” medium performance is complete either so reply a thing.

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Can say, in ” freeboard follows ” medium performance is safe failure. Female advocate must glazed, even if faces enormous pressure, take otherwise do not change mood, gut is depressed again, double weigh ors, be just as see A Qing elder brother’s wife be inferior to the life of meaning in him long-winded. The performance that adds Jin Hena has expressionless only a kind, no matter be,bring about was hit by the mother-in-law, still found new job to be rejected, perhaps make an item by calculate, cannot let person generation sympathize with a heart, can see the reason that a woman fails even.

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Too angry female TV guides buy, not only proper pride is strong, still have persecute the appearance of covet disease, negative sentiment very closely associated with each other, facing one is a pair ” you owe me ” head of funeral head funeral. If the first concentration she such funeral make part, may let a person expect somewhat, expect she can be choppy those who draw wind is powerful rise. But the 2nd concentration she or as always funeral, see who rancors who, with anybody conversation is bringing the expression that should quarrel, reject others to return a bit not euphemistic.

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Besides cannot become a clever leading lady, the reaction when she encounters sudden incident is special also understand hard. The dress was changed secretly dimension, she is mixed hastily suddenly despondent, sit in try the Libuken between the garment to come on the stage. Good was persuaded not easily to go up, appear again psychedelic seemed to see ghost, do the man follows another times in the home is being returned after breaking direct seeding complaint. Press after all as the atmosphere of meaning everywhere, did not invert, without foreshadowing, neither one lets the reason that the person sees.

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Who is willing to see the face of others be unluckyfeel disheartened? Who is willing to see a weak chicken is general crestfallen the acedia heroine that still gets angry in disorder? Be willing without the person, what is more,the rather that the positional coast that Jin Hena encircles in recreation at present sees an end, how be willing to see her is that piece of face taking negative sentiment to be before camera lens all the time of shake from side to side? Anyhow, this drama is OK bypass and travel. Cannot see play of a Han from which should any appeal of the play, the bright theatrical work that fights a woman with the woman also is distinguishing.

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Besides Jin Hena’s performance, the structure of whole department theatrical work also has a problem, your cent is not clear what should do, contradictory concern was not formed completely between a flock of people, just between a flock of women in duty field strange each other show the whites of eyes, look at the other side each other accurate, without friendly one side, without genuine one side, also do not have lovely one side. What the actor searchs is too aged also, because remuneration is low,knowing is of ability choosing they or because they are in,Han amusement circle is old man just choose they.

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Anyhow, the drama name with wasted good the gut of become reconciled is likely. If can make whole department theatrical work a bit more Anacreontic, be clear about the argue between depict woman and woman, action of female definite idea is torn open action, can cleverer more active, although did not flirt,say the show share of love, although also have despondent atmosphere, also compare whole journey be unluckyfeel disheartened certainly the face is inactive the play that places dirty look wants good-looking. The Han drama that did not think of famous also has the work that lets a person cannot be accepted, real heart is tired, did not look need not curious, can avoid completely a hole.

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