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Original title: Meet season: Animosity is put down after Ning Xude tells the truth, what kill his lifetime truly is not Jian Minmin ” meet season ” it is by Lei Jia sound, Yuan Quan presents as leading role to act the leading role, zhang Yi is promoted, Gu Nailiang, Zhang Lideng’s person gives light city affection theatrical work, this drama with Jian Ning two kind and enmity is setting, main around Ning Shu (Zhang Yi promotes personate) to Jian Minmin (Luo Haiqiong personate) avenge develop the plot of a play.

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In Ning Shu’s consciousness, peaceful home is all Jian Minmin causes these distress, although she at that time is a child only. After be brought up, ning Shu is right of Jian Minmin avenge devised not little plan, but be become finally by Jianhong however (personate of thunder favorable reply) defeat solution one by one, and the elder sister excuses rather (Yuan Quan personate) still having the affection dispute that cuts ceaseless manage to return chaos with Jian Hongcheng.

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In newest gut, after Jian Hongcheng and Jian Minmin communicate misunderstanding, two people relation gets sister younger brother alleviation. After Jian Zhiguo has an accident in those days, jian Hongcheng and bagatelle of important matter of brief great plan are Jian Minmin is in charge of, saying them is Jian Minmin is raised big also divide nevertheless, and also be she is licking smiling face to accompany a person to drink at the outset just company bring back to life. Jianhong becomes new protocol contract, jian Minmin is occupied 60% , he is occupied with brief great plan 40% .

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For Jian Ning two friendly, jian Hongcheng moves Ning Shu with Ning Hui went Hainan. Ning You gives Ning Shu the explanation, also hope he can understand, jian Hongcheng lets him go Hainan is well-meant, want to let two family pass too smoothly, two family should are far from thoroughly. Ning Shu says in the phone he resigns is not to want to avenge, just did not want to work just. “If I am avenged, can crouch a jail, can be chased after to kill, be afraid of complicity you follow mom ” , for family he presses next fury to choose to stay in Hainan, the life that puts down animosity greets new beginning.

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See the plot of a play before passing, we know, ning Shu should retaliate brief home, it is in those days oneself father Cui grand because Jian Jiatiao building, the mother also is opened besides; It is oneself are in again when the hand push that be broken by Jian Minmin to fence post, fell epileptic defect.

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Nevertheless, killing peaceful garrulous lifetime truly is not Jian Minmin actually. In those days although Jian Minmin is a little overbearing unjustifiable, broke peaceful home, still hit Ning Hui, hurt Ning Shu. But of this thing before the father that because be Ning Shu,father Cui grand took knife disclose to hurt Jian Minmin first brief factory director. Brief factory director escapes from death, cui grand dread punishment for one’s crime commits suicide. In fact, the tragic source that creates two families is Ning Hui actually. Brief factory director takes over a factory at that time, factory benefit is poor, salary sends no less than coming. Rumor of peaceful benefit believe what one hears considers as black heart boss pay of worker of intended embezzle part of what should be issued, forcing Cui Hao goes begging salary.

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The Cui Hao at that time is faced with career trough period when, comfort and encourage what need most originally is a wife, what Dan Ninghui chooses is censure and insult. As a result ground of Cui Hao rage runnings in the factory to force brief factory director sends salary to him, bring about tragic happening. After its happening, brief home chose make concessions to avoid trouble, dan Ninghui selects the child however engraft in the heart animosity, return the name instead of a child to excuse rather, ning Shu. Retrospective in two years, ning Hui cultivates animosity to two children ceaselessly, tell children brief home is Cui Jia’s personal enemy, let them do not forget.

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Be Ning Hui one and again, again and the wrong way of 3, brought about Ning You, ning Shu is full of bias to brief home all the time. Place Xing Ningyou has his viewpoint of value, can distinguish wrong and right, accepted the kindness of brief family later, want to put down animosity to live well. And Ning Shu because age is lesser, plus the defect that stays in conflicting with Jian Minmin at that time, inspect to brief home with extreme misery, of one mind wants to avenge, brief home scalp.

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Can say to kill Ning Shu truly the maternal Ning Hui that of this lifetime is him, just about Ning Hui does not divide green red black and write to wanting to want to look for brief family to be troubled by, install before the son again next pitiful, just aroused of one mind of peaceful excuse me to want to revenge hold read aloud, within an inch of let animosity lose ego.

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