Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Tan Jian second draw king bomb play eventually, male group goes to still have acting, be turn for his fire this eventually Tan Jian second male group goes more than 10 years to be encircled in recreation not lukewarm from beginning to end not fire, after he goes out, did not resemble other small like be born wantonly him sale, the teleplay that films plus him also did not explode article, acting although be able to pass, but the part did not leave too much impression to the audience. Heat up these days sow ” guilty illustrated handbook ” just let more person know Tan Jian second, his acting in drama also encircles pink for him many.

20220312071008 622c47507fcbe

Before this, tan Jian second in ” edge of hair on the temples is not a Chinese flowering crabapple red ” the Chen Xiangren of personate received a lot of origianl work powder approbate, proved he is in act in a play of respect or some endowment. He is in ” today evening He Xi ” in of personate 3 Huang Zifeng head had been pressed temporarily male advocate, a lot of audience is the power that ability be attractioned by him produced to seek theatrical work.

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Regrettablly heat of these two drama is not very high, tan Jian second the existence that costar also is in drama, but it is OK that he proved himself to others with his acting, go out today for oneself act male advocate laid a foundation.

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” guilty illustrated handbook ” those who use is double male advocate play, this pair of Jin Shijia and his combination very be approbated by the audience. Jin Shijia was cast completely also ” love apartment ” in the slow-witted bud that extends gain, old man of reincarnate punishment detect, he also let everybody see his plasticity again.

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Tan Jian second in the personate in drama division of a picture, this character is a brand-new challenge to him, unlike him before the part of personate. He is painting a picture in the life actually, but he is to have really when the picture in drama model, what picture division shows when he makes fun of to be being patted is professional, he spent time technically to learn to make a picture, the verve that paints the picture the teacher and gimmick are taken hold very reach the designated position.

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” guilty illustrated handbook ” can achieve so high viewing rate, actor acting is basic very, gut has new idea very much, the collocation of picture division and punishment detect header, those who let everybody see crack a criminal case is new cover a region. Story scenario is very original, and rhythm is very fast, almost one collect with respect to a story.

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What this drama gave everybody to reveal picture division not only is magical, the picture draws bone to still draw a heart, also showed Tan Jian to everybody at the same time second really handsome the union with acting. In recreation the circle mixes mark more than 10 years, arrived eventually when he shows extraordinary, hope after him resource of can much dot, colored ribbon of many bits of essence gives authority.

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