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Original title: Case reviewing: “Conceal person ” ginseng act ” conceal ” have one’s moment, police seeks status of escaped criminal of drama get behind 2009, conceal heat is sowed, and Sun Gonglei also depends on this teleplay rapid leap up is red, become the big star of widely known. However you still are in probably for the conceal in teleplay person wonderful try to find a solution and pat a palm to cry absolutely, the person that do not know to there is real lie low however in this teleplay however, he escapes namely jail makes Ji Shiguang. His dormancy lives in seclusion for years old, still depend on oneself excellent in drama of movie and TV performance even, the award that has the honor to win optimal male costar. However, extensive of the arm of the law, scanty and do not leak, what await him finally still is the calamity of bagnio.

20220312071043 622c4773d2e20

Ji Shiguang is born in Qiqihaer, his parents did not provide too rich life for him, but still insisted to attend a college for him. However after his enter a school, all day lax in discipline, his figure sees rarely in university classroom, because his idea is not on school work, his dream is to become an actor. No matter be humanness father or humanness mother, the child that sees oneself is ignorant and incompetent, natural meeting is severe impose surelysubject sb to discipline, such doing of Ji Shiguang’s father and mother. The Ji Shiguang of one mind in those days wants to realize actor dream, to certainly sniff of parents, he produced brawl finally with parents, under stretch, he chooses to run away from home. After Ji Shiguang runs away from home, he got acquainted with two social eldest brother, it is Liu Mou and Li Mou respectively, these two society eldest brother look be like is plute, ji Shiguang follows in their back at first, food and clothing not anxious, he thinks these two eldest brother can take him stand out originally, did not think of oneself moved toward abyss however.

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These two eldest brother look seem view, actually the money in their hand is to rob those who come, they and auspicious world light get along soon, showed true face. They and auspicious world light disclosed the do what one can that grabs money, making what the person did not think of is, ji Shiguang the idea in those days is, no matter do what business,follow two eldest brother, can stand out, such, ji Shiguang follows two eldest brother walked up not to put in a road ‘s charge. The December some day 1998, their money in 3 hand spends Ji Shiguang, then they extend Babylon both hands to a pair of of street edge young husband and wife. Ji Shiguang is in charge of controlling a wife, additionally two people are in charge of whereaboutldirection husband ” want money ” , very fast they discovered the thing is wrong, this man that they rob is a gumshoe unexpectedly!

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The law set our country law clearly to raid alarm law is sequential, do not know them 3 people are desperado, or it is not to know law, liu Mou and Li Mou use dagger disclose actually to gumshoe, cause its vertebral nerve ruptures, they chose after the event to escape, pass police energetically raid, liu Mou and Li Mou 2 people are arrested, and Ji Shiguang however the die young of peach, have never been heard of since.

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Where to go after Ji Shiguang escapes? He escaped all the way Shenzhen, he handled a piece of false id card over, alias is Zhang Guofeng, looked for a factory to go to work, be in Shenzhen temporarily stable come down. Ji Shiguang is in Shenzhen before some year, what work all the time is heavy physical strength, wind blows insolation, add hidebound, ji Shiguang’s appearance had very big change, police of his flatter oneself has not admitted to give his appearance appearance, he went to Hengdian interview, want to fulfil the earnest wish that oneself become an actor. The part that Ji Shiguang acts in Hengdian at first is a body, he has certain acting endowment, in one numerous group act in the center appear very outstanding, very fast the appreciation that he got directing, a lot of directors invite him to be played the part of in his drama male perform minor role, ten heat sow the figure that Ji Shiguang can see in drama of movie and TV to appear in those days.

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Ji Shiguang is to depend on in ” conceal ” in one role fire gives Cheng Xiang of the circle, in those days ” conceal ” explode fire, what broadcast almost in the television of every family is this drama, the policeman of case of responsible Ji Shiguang also is seeking this theatrical work fitly, he looks at person of Cheng Xiang that act, look to think he is to be at large more more convict auspicious world is smooth, through the platoon is checked, police affirmed person of Cheng Xiang that act is Ji Shiguang, began to arrest the action that Ji Shiguang brings to justice. Police is passed visit common people, track monitoring, affirmed Ji Shiguang’s track. Police needs solely had ambuscaded on the road of classics in auspicious world, after appearing in Ji Shiguang, arrested Ji Shiguang successfully, the road of abscond of 13 years drew Ji Shiguang here full stop. After Ji Shiguang is being arrested, admit to oneself crime, the court sentences Ji Shiguang finally 10 years set term of imprisonment.

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Police also once had enquired Ji Shiguang, fear to cross oneself to be recognized on TV. Ji Shiguang’s answer is, oneself are existing fluky psychology, also fear to be recognized by police at first. But the part that he looks at him fictile to differ later, every time is different figure, actor’s lines is not much also, oneself worry no longer can be recognized. Justice can be late probably, but won’t absent, injustice will defeat justice eventually, hope everybody is OK abide by discipline is abide by the law, oneself life has lived inside the range that law permits.

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