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Original title: Meet season origianl work: Manager of a company is said murderer son, ning Shu makes reprisals wildly Ning Shu regards the society of a young promising as elite, be how to move toward abyss step by step, of final be utterly isolated, read origianl work, deepness is analytic, see an elder sister excuse to object at the beginning rather together, stand more completely finally in Jian Hongcheng at the same time

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Because of Jian Hongcheng’s reason, although Ning You abhors brief home, gave oneself spank at the outset especially, differ the Jian Minmin that him name a person for a particular job beats dead. The Ning You that had him family thinks make concessions to avoid trouble more, nevertheless the little brother did not comply with, so Ning You can be exited only look on. In was informed a little brother to hit Jian Minmin spank in company of A ability elder brother, when sending Ning You video, ning You breathes out continuously hit well.

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This will peaceful excusing disposition was reflected, if origianl work place says, ning You is not small white hare, she is treating the man off the rails, handle and small 3 when Dou Ling severe is faddish, callous fruit definitely. Did not go up in a line with the little brother, more is become because of Jianhong. When him little brother suffers retaliation, ning You is Jian Hongcheng to explain.

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The ham curtain that origianl work says firm tear down of Ning You general so is put shake before Ning Shu, “See, should heat the home smooth you is ability satisfactory? Although the home is burned,can be smooth, you do not know those who displease is which immortal, you nod ability with respect to this. Rapidly stop! ” Ning Shu is enraged complexion is whitenly, the elder sister is in after seeing oneself are harmed, the first reaction is not to care a little brother to get hurt, worry about him safety however, and scold a little brother. This and get into trouble every time in one’s childhood, some of peaceful excusing be used to changes the expression of grievance, win father and mother finally softhearted, and of penalty is him. And now, the feeling of sister younger brother appears crack. Helping the Ning You of alien, the mother did not look to go down Ning Hui loud path: “Excuse, enough, shut up. Force urgent who won’t jump wall, mom be ready to risk everything of this old order how, I also suffer enough brief home. The day is too easy and comfortable, I also want to find fault, who won’t ah. ” the mother gets angry, it is to see the daughter is helping personal enemy follow little brother oppose. Still force the building below close little brother is solved, although this may be angry, realize to let Ning Shu situation is serious, but oneself him son feels distressed. Each one is in charge of oneself son, your son looks at you in the doorway, make a good example to him. Ning You sees the mother is unidentified logic, went angrily. Of Ning Shu strike back, insult him to come to the company that Jian Hong pursues however again, want to seek breach, managing a place, ning Shu thought of installation photographs the practice that resembles a head, seek optimal seat cautiously then. However his behavior, be dogged by bribe priviate dective already his Jian Hongcheng knows, latter gives phone of brief great plan to remind.

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After brief great plan hears greatly rusty, original as 2 worlds ancestor he is inordinate, looked for a person to hit Ning Shu then, still call the police to catch Ning Shu when thief. The extremely deep disgrace that this gives birth to meet with of peaceful excuse me, gas gets foam with rage, but on the mouth by dirty dishcloth plug, although again the mouth of a piece of give an extravagantly colourful description also is developed,do not come out, be forced to shut eye catnap. He is hated, period of time hits him those who press badly recently brief home. Ning Shu surnames Cui originally to why hate brief him home so, father contracts invigorative disease, be in by brief home boss, namely Jianhong dismisses into father, when the wife complains he is trashy, evil be born from bravery edge, disclose died Jian Hongcheng’s father. Jian Minmin serves as eldest sister, open retaliation to Ning Jiazhan.

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Ning Shu is forced get have no way out by brief home, can move ceaselessly only, think conceal one’s identity, doing the hardest work at the same time. The elder sister excuses rather hidebound hypoglycemia, when wash dishcloth, grow directly into the river, within an inch of drowns. Do not know natant mother resolutely jumped, although turn the elder sister the bank, oneself are about to sacrifice soon, final Ning Shu arrives, hold a mother in arms to death to death, catch flag single-handed, two people are saved finally by passerby photograph, but fingernail of peaceful excuse me falls off accordingly, also did not grow again. Fall off fingernail, the injury on maternal body always warns work from dawn to night of mother of peaceful excuse me, rob in late night, the mother does not agree to succumb, because those are of two children,help money, in with the gangster scar leaves in beating, after Ning Shu grows up, to stay peaceful home, he feels he is responsible for justice of family get sth back, do not abandon stoutly so. After police station misunderstanding removes, be able to release Ning Shu to bear anger by force, put on gent about and constabulary handclasp to leave even, just vamoose. The helter-skelter appearance of rapid Jiang Ningshu communicates brief great plan after going out, so complacent that nowhere abreacts. The station with tough bright stand of classmate cropland scene is mixed at the same time in Jian Hongcheng the elder sister is same, tian Jingye also helps Jian Hongcheng talk. It is to divulge Jian Hongcheng is weathy between the travel in the word, form to oneself grind pressure, persuade oneself to let go, although he also is well-intentioned to oneself, however Ning Shu knows, what he worries more is inter of elder sister clip, bad to was an upright person, and his footing is Jian Hongcheng for certain.

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As expected such, reasonable won’t do, he spoke menace to want you to injure his family member only, so you what calls soul all one’s life not to come loose with respect to wait and see. What I must remind you today is, conversational result cannot be internecine, and can be you only on detain your all one’s life. However Ning Shu was to think of he is ceaseless however by brief home bully and oppress old, move every time, still cannot change halcyon, oneself strike back a little now, the person beside is helping Jian Hongcheng entirely. This makes he is gone against turn over psychology to erupt, adopting the attitude of destruction of good and bad alike, denied cropland scene is persuaded wildly. Tian Jingye looks at Ning Shu to be brought up, his elder sister is more right oneself are like brother, but he must indicate position, tunnel of deep feeling of grief: “In view of my footing, rise momently from this, we are passerby. Goodbye, ning Shu. ” of Ning Shu strike back, as agreed upon and to Ning Shu bribe the worker that Jian Hong pursues, need not oneself are installed personally photograph like the head, gathered the evidence of evade taxation of evade taxes of brief great plan at the same time. Feel OK in Ning Shu aboveboard, reasonable and lawful when striking back, jianhong opened all his cards in one’s hand into a phone.

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The evidence in the room disappears without trace Ning Shu opens a door angrily, open all drawers in the room one by one, but all drawer absolutely empty. Ning Shu stands frettedly in the house in the center of, the desktop of two perambulatory empty sky, the drawer of empty sky, cannot help one foot flies kick go up in an empty drawer. Oneself drop even the job, painstaking effort is put in collect evidence to go up, because this is scolded by boss,return even. However all achievement is become by Jianhong actually illegal spirit away, he steals behavior this kind, it is impenetrable simply.

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The elder sister that remembers oneself has connection with Jian Hongcheng all the time, he is more angry inapprehensible, from mobile phone of the pick up on the bed, to peaceful excusing growl: Jianhong works into that beast, ? My behead he! ” , firm firm threw the mobile phone, a person is in house all round revolve, desk of beat a drum howls, clapperclaw Jian Hongcheng. All sorts of clash that Ning You tells mom Ning You listens to be transmitted in the mobile phone the news, in the heart foregone and bad, be become by Jianhong as expected call the turn.

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Ning Hui sad wail, can’ted help remembering in those days massacre, it is oneself grouse bring about the grievance with marital old keep long in stock to erupt overnight. What be dismissed is those last straw, make the husband makes next dashing to the skies under one anger great pain. Does origianl work say homicide so? The everybody of peaceful home hears these two words to having natural reaction, these two words instigate the memory that they head for a thing to two years, after this that almost the affliction day of beyond redemption lets escape from death, wherefrom paragraph reflex of condition of two same time is like the mother and daughter that takes in the day the ground believes thoroughly: Ning Shu is sure the old road that is on his pa. really its father has his surely child? Because roam about for a long time,live, the family is very sensitive, do not be willing to think back to, but engrave in brain deeply however, if Ning Shu is crazy, the fact was become in heart of their mother and daughter, two people terrified is so disturbed. Apartment security personnel comes, put forward to call the police one respecting calls the police, touch Ning Shu, because not long ago just is other gives birth to the biggest abasement, be bound he of public security bureau suffers all kinds of sarcastic comments, that obscure eyes after the colleague knows, divulge the information that come out is too much, in his what serve as a leader heart very indignant, cannot break out however however. So he revolted to rise, this became him not to wish to cooperate in security personnel eye, and owner identity have not confirms, so both sides scuffle rises, much influence of person of final security personnel is numerous, jiang Ningshu is bound rise. And Ning Shu lies on the ground, besides one ask for a favor or freedom, can name-calling, other helpless, the ground is about to step on the shoe that looks at security personnel helplessly to his face, be pulled open again. He is so oppressed that he wind is about to crack, oneself suffer all kinds of brief home to bully all one’s life, be respected all the time after stand out, abide by discipline is abide by the law, be bound however public security bureau. Good gather evidence not easily, the data is walked along into pilfer by Jianhong again, be treated so by security personnel again now, beat up is binding bind. Oneself as owner, security personnel fails responsible, do not divide green red black and write to cope with his instead, flashy a variety of grievance erupt simultaneously, he is oppressed nowhere drain. The Ning Shu of neatly dressed rolls about ceaselessly on the ground, make security personnel fears to rise coming Ning Hui, see convulsive son, the heart is cool

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Ning Hui see son hands or feet is bound only, quiver all over, the look is messy, in the mouth ambiguous the ground still from the quarrelling sound incessant. Ning Hui two legs immediately one soft, also stand not to rise again, which mother can can bear him child to suffer so impersonal pay. Look at the son that a suit hurts, ning Hui in the heart aching, although did not have effort, climb to also climb the past, security personnel sees shape comes over without reaction, it is get out of the way only road. Ning Hui suddenly be bitterly disappointed, there also is similar one act in her memory. That is the final figure before his husband commits a crime, firmly is engraved in Ning Hui in brain. Ning Hui issue evening shift to come back to had not had a meal, hunger is gotten lightheaded, with the husband then two people had said head word not sensibly. Cui Hao is enraged again acedia, quiver all over suddenly take fist to beating him ham, scold a word vaguely only again and again, “You want me is to death ” . The Cui Hao in those days, resemble the Ning Shu before. Mother love is great, ning Hui because sad and the leg is soft, but now is a son when needing her most, had ineffable effort again so, maintaining by force stood. See she takes out ice cube neatly only, apply was in on Ning Shu’s head, it is head cuddle of the son in the bosom, comfort ceaselessly calling Ning Shu. It is ground of get effect instantly almost, ning Shu became quiet, eye also no longer lax, saw mom’s existence. The mother is the child’s most reliable harbour forever, who is there to be able to resemble the child that there is whose altruisticly like the mother again on the world, so Ning Shu restored to come over. Mom is only good on the world, not be a libretto only, however honest happening, right now mother child rely on to the other side each other, and this pair depends on each other for years, more people understands hard. After Ning Shu restores, exploit a victory of brief great plan has pursued and attack the Ning Shu that restores not easily to come over, great plan of 2 worlds Zu Jian sufferred when go to work, low the blow of the method, latter is actually below building of company of peaceful excuse me paste dazibao, disclose one’s life experience of peaceful excuse me. Is their manager the murderer’s son? Temporarily between, the popular feeling in the office is like the boiling bleb in kettle, wallop. Elite of a leader is the murderer’s son, this kind of the Eight Diagrams pass bubbling with noisely, the blow of arise suddenly does Ning Shu heart is greatly random. Jian Hong pursues this kind of inferior behavior, it is however very get effective, straight thrust popular feeling.

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Ning Shu has some of inadvertently job, how cannot absorption the material that desk reads, he looks be like certainly direct what does do, who and whose contact, but the imbroglio in his heart. Him feeling of peaceful excuse me resembled be being gathered up the dress, as to a public occasion under, numerous figure sees a monkey same, have suspicion, have distain, have astonish, have sympathize with, the look of these colleagues is on his old old bruise, the divulsion of firm firm. After, he walks out of this office, his client, friend, work in the same place, how can those people send one’s respects to him? How can you look him up and down? After him mother is informed a message, nautical fathom of the upgrade before the same night looks for a daughter to discuss the mother of heart care son, not demit is careladen, the same night drives Shanghai, just discussed a few with the daughter, person faint in the past, more than Ning Shu. Maternal Ning Hui also be near future incident the biggest victim, blow makes she still fails to withstand eventually, insensible past house leakage slants meet rain of the same night, ning Shu is dismissed colleague Xiaotong is become by Jianhong already bribe, two people reach collaboration, hit Ning Shu together, ning Shu is nonofficeholding, xiaotong can replace his position. Before because retaliate brief home, before Ning Shu works to be inferior to greatly, because the problem of plan has sufferred the warning of boss, and make a report ceaselessly in Xiaotong, ning Shu drew tremendous crisis. The job that right now Jian Hongcheng wants Ning Shu to inform against evade taxation of evade taxes of him little brother told Xiaotong, xiaotong hits Ning Shu according to this. Because do not have the boss of a company to be willing,is an at hand that thinks of so purposely beside oneself, and informing against this kind of travel is industry fear, who dare still be at ease after with him. Xiaotong where does not go, station back a hand is outside Ning Shu’s office, ground of secure in the knowledge that one has strong backing is looked at inside Ning Shu’s act. In the office, ning Shu must an accusation that the ground admits Xiaotong. Final oneself choose abdication. Although Ning Shu is gotten urgently,Ning Shu strikes back limb quivers finally, a series of although blow is terribly defeated, but more increased his animosity to brief home. Love is driving power, hate also is the power that support actually sometimes. Although material is stolen, but brief great plan is to attribute evade taxes action really, he calls to the friend that provides duty Wu guidance for him all the time. The friend affirmed his idea, ning Shu because the force of animosity again display vigour. The decision heads for tax bureau real name to inform against.

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Jian Hongcheng’s warning the first, the frantic activity of a bedlamite, let brief, Cui bears twice tremendous scar, two everybody use time of more than 20 years patchy cut, never cast off a shadow up to now. The 2nd, I will get on last night you cannot be abstained, completely convulsive kinescope phone mail gives you elder sister. You are sick, I suggest your elder sister must not conceal one’s fault for fear of criticism. Good, you go in inform against. Bedlamite? Compose oneself of peaceful excuse me, suddenly head a blank. Bedlamite! Original great master gives him a such ticket all the time, remember a moment ago oneself become a dialog with Jianhong aloud, on the side a woman is panic-stricken keep away from oneself picture, that does not handle the action of a bedlamite just about. Ning Shu is written down, after he was being bound last night, have so of a period of time excited, but forgot really after oneself are crazy from the back what to produce, know mom always is evasive and orthoptic eyes later only, always be the eyes that looks up and down rear, it is to fear oneself and father are same so. Now early, mom spells car of old order drive to go to Shanghai looking for an elder sister actually, at present is insensible be in a hospital, how to have important thing to make her such do not drive sb. to his death? Because… bedlamite? Ning Shu stays temporarily, the station is in place cannot move. Bedlamite? Like his pa? So far, ning Shu’s pitiful him reviewing, it is genetic really so the disposition with father irratable insanity.

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Before brief great plan told an elder sister Jian Minmin track of peaceful excuse me, Ning Shu returned spank, hit Jian Minmin confused and disoriented, jian Minmin is aflame with passion to his it may be said. After be informed track, jian Minmin is about to stride tax bureau in Ning Shu when, let beside two Zhuang Hanzhi receive hold sb under duress Ning Shu. On board, ning Shu fears Jian Minmin makes reprisals. Enquire Jian Minmin wants his belt where to go a few times, jian Minmin one not throat, sit in front seat to borrow rearview mirror to admiring Ning Shu’s panic. She has resentment to Ning Jiaben, after be being hit by Ning Shu, she of bear grudges is considering retaliation all the time. The car goes further more, look at outside road both sides inky, ning Shu one be angry, catching steering wheel directly, tell to go up immediately the crisis 4 bend over, although another big fellow comes round to check, could there be however blood of excuse me gas breaks up emerge, in the heart that holding perish together in the arms, although finger curves fracture to also do not agree to let go,final driver scuffle does not pass, bumped to protect column, fortunately speed is contended for back and forth through a few, had had amortize time, rate became slow many. After Ning Shu gets off, signed up for alarm, jian Minmin is detained on the spot. With be being imprisoned illegally, the blame such as intended harm, jian Minmin was sentenced a year half. Summary: Ning Shu is good boil not easily odd, the fury that is avenged however developed brains, it is however before huge wide gap, keep on retreating however, and oneself elder sister Ning You helps from begun neither, to complete choice the station is become in Jianhong at the same time. Final result nature is by younger brother of Jian Jiasan sister by turns beguiling, although also undertook striking back, but vengeance igneous combustion jumps over flourishing, just also hurt a person finally oneself. Your nod assist attention every time, it is small the motive force that organizes advancement

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