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Original title: Thunder favorable reply again personate old good person, with Zhou Bingkun completely different, very as alike in spirit as Cai Xiaoguang Thunder favorable reply is a first-rate actor. This is copartner abundant peach, say in be interviewed. He can resemble spring of talent actor Yuan, and ” meet season ” this issue has been handled like medium thunder favorable reply. Arrive from Ma Yi Yan Tao, mix to Yuan Quan again thunder favorable reply, the actor that performs adversary play is the actress with best acting. ” between the world ” favorable reply letting thunder broke away from circle thoroughly, and the thunder favorable reply that performs this great hot theatrical work, the first hero and, have this capacity, more capable even.

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” between the world ” adapt the Liang Xiaosheng from award of Mao Dun literature homonymic novel, this teleplay undertook modification on a lot of detail. Compare origianl work, some places more accord with now of the audience aesthetic. It is a warmth and the teleplay that is full of a hope, just do not show distress, more let everybody be experienced what hope and did not come to happiness is yearning. Him Liang Xiaosheng says, if he rescripts this novel, he can adopt the wisdom of teleplay Great Master.

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Of coincidence is, the teleplay around that thunder favorable reply acts the leading role broadcasts, be him PK of thunder favorable reply completely, before rank of energy of life of two work person leans. Of course ” meet season ” and ” between the world ” the person is enraged or nobody can reach. After all ” between the world ” the viewing rate record that broke CCTV nearly 8 years, and defeat for many times 3% , a lot of people praise.

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Although thunder favorable reply is in ” between the world ” in experienced a lot of cross, but what he never abandons living to happiness is yearning, hardheaded all the time life, never abandonment because of the setback, and ” meet season ” in the Jian Hongcheng of personate, also be a good person, it is a systimatic person, with Zhou Bingyi, some are similar but than Zhou Bingyi more wisdom, more agile, more kind-hearted

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As a result of father’s animosity, jian Hening lives very unpleasantly, could there be especially, they worry for a time brief find fault of a meeting makes trouble. Because of Jian Hongcheng, appear, also the force because of love, jian Hongcheng found him to be not coulded there be, the reason that be kind to, so he wants to change Jian Hening, the relation between, let all returning to normal, dissolve animosity. Although his a person’s mind is kind-hearted, be not understood, but he did not abandon, hold to all the time.

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Zhou Bingkun and Jian Hongcheng are two kinds of people, one kind is the one who tries never to offend anybody that has taken all sorts of pain, one kind is a benign and uncontentious person who is indifferent to matters of principle that sacred group will come resolve contradiction. Their one’s previous experience, position, disposition is different. When thunder favorable reply acts two parts, he did a lot of homeworks certainly, because they are different on outer at the beginning watch, next they also are different on behavior. Zhou Bingkun has the color of northeast person, and the exquisite idea that Jian Hongcheng has southern. Can perform the different person with two completely adverse styles, can explain acting of thunder favorable reply is excellent only, the audience also can see among them difference.

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Some audiences may feel Jianhong is become too apotheosis, because he is a local tyrant not only, rich, very clever still, know a lot of people. What basically doing not have is impracticable. He has become Jian Hening apparently, living a term applied to a kindhearted person, because he settled old grudge, let them walk out of animosity, receive better life. Compare Zhou Bingkun, the model of this part is brought up not so ground connection was enraged, but Jian Hongcheng very resemble ” between the world ” Cai Xiaoguang. This person is everybody’s hope, he won’t be vexed to dissolve contradiction. So, jian Hongcheng also is the glazed person on a body, the entrepreneur of the warmth of bright of a heart, kind-hearted, wisdom, final authority is affected by his attractive character place and touch.

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” meet season ” it is a cured story, also be a brilliant old practice of course. Because of Jian Hongcheng, everybody’s contradiction was solved. Jian Hongcheng is drama in most attractive person. Although he is very rich, but he is not miserly. He makes full use of monetary advantage, make the harmony that everybody gets along happy. He has wisdom very much, basically do not have the problem that cannot solve, because of his goodness. He won’t be together finally perhaps with peace, but this just shows him is a good person not just, however the person with an exalted behavior, one is worth the person that a lot of people respect, an uppercase good person. He is the soul of complete theatrical work, because he is significant. # of essay of # encountering season

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