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Original title: On March 12, dilirebarenjialun ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” Yao with placard of edition of understand without being told fresh give heat On March 12, ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” Yao raises his head and look with placard of edition of understand without being told far look, newest placard gives heat, expect please, is this to should broadcast? Feel this is the prelude that should decide archives! Await long idea of person of shark of simple kindness slow-witted bud, expect the Wang Changyi of condition of bully gas north, expect Ren Jialun! Expect double arteries and veins is compatible, warm the Ji Yunhe of the common people Dilireba! People can wait the home of drama barren!

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It is Ren Jialun’s placard next, laugh very softly. Raise one’s head and look is far look, see worldly myriad, wait for one person white head. Simple shark person long idea, the person that think only and likes stays together long. Where can know popular feeling to be measured hard, have so much calculate plot unexpectedly. See this eyes of Ren Jialun, what this pats is when early days is pure.

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With Jun Chu acquaintance is about to decide archives to broadcast, hot cling to vermicelli made from bean starch people, still made straightaway gut introduction. Cruel loves captivity, renascence sex turns, this is listening to special stimulation. Like to see cruel love the friend of dog blood, do not miss this theatrical work. Compare theatrical work of common celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, this still joined renascence sex to turn in department theatrical work, see so exciting set last, still be inside coloured glaze.

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After original Ji Yunhe died, long meaning 2 black change should destroy a day to destroy the ground. Discovered the fair fox seed that dropped several tails only, grow very to resemble his gone girlfriend, explore by every means next discovery still are really. Does that look hot cling to return those who there is men’s clothing to dress up? This very interesting.

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Last make concerted effort defeated two people princess of great villain in drama, grew a tail afresh, ending should be sweet. Guan Bo began to do business, it is good that that waits for the calm archives March 14.

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