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Original title: Check finds both funny and annoying in drama of those movie and TV ” the camera lens that wear a band ” , numerous netizen big Hu Taifu spread out Even if is to be in a lot of making in drama of excellent movie and TV, hard to avoid can have a few places to did not consider, cause a few accidents explode laugh at camera lens to appear. However, also having theatrical work of a few movie and TV is muddle through one’s work really, 100 camera lens allows loophole person can see. This brings about an audience to spit groove: This is to be in insult our intelligence quotient, too without language. Today, we will talk about the ” that the person lets find both funny and annoying in teleplay to wear renown occasion of ” of side camera lens. 1 Piao ” celestial being sword 1 ” in a few years of hot whole nations ” celestial being sword 1 ” in, tang Yu small treasure and A exert are assaulted by countless crows, the face of Tang Yu small treasure gets hurt accordingly. At first, cut is in different face, but changed camera lens hind when him, cut runs to right face. Because the internal force of Tang Yu small treasure is very powerful,perhaps be, so scar runs to across with respect to oneself.

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2 Piao new edition ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” new edition ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” in, taking obviously in Yue Buqun hand ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” , say to Ling Huchong this is however ” chart of sword of exorcise evil spirits ” , after looking, I can’t help spitting groove: This also too insulted the intelligence quotient of the audience? Bully Ling Huchong illiterate also calculated, our audience is literate person.

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3 Piao ” if exemplary pass ” and in ” if exemplary pass ” in publicizing placard, palace doorway has an automat unexpectedly. Fortunately, the staff member discovered this error later, undertook quickly modification.

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Be in likewise ” if exemplary,pass ” in, “Emperor of Qianlong of ” of big pig hoof is having breakfast. , accident however on the table on the side ground discovered towel of a packet of paper. This inserts advertisement too lead, paper towel is entered so outstandingly accidentally, estimation is to those who buy is in on that automat! 4 Piao ” discriminate is passed ” wash greens jade support sb with hand when discriminate goes, when her hand is helping a wall up, the wiring duct on the wall is the instant only appear, the audience that still is sharp-eyed saw. Original palace night also is to want ” open the lamp ” , I still think is to use the candle

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Contend for with singing in An Lingrong when bestowing favor on, camera lens cuts An Lingrong, a lot of audiences discovered a line model neon lamp. Although not be particularly apparent, but many people still saw.

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5 Piao ” know to deny ” have one market, cheng Minglan is chased by officers and soldiers. She is driving carriage to escape desperately, the person from the back is chased after closely do not abandon. In the process of desert, roadside appeared two guidepost, there still is English actually on guidepost. I think this is very ordinary, so that director group did not notice it!

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6 Piao ” you and my bend city days ” in ” you and my bend city days ” in Li Zhicheng speaks in elevator Lin Jian, normally the circumstance falls, the lamp of common elevator always is shining, but the floor indicator light of this elevator is shut entirely however. Even if place pat, also ask staff member attestation a bit, , later period PS date of a floor.

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7 Piao ” Chen Qing makes ” Wei Moxian is in ” in all affection ” when, are the young fan on this desk and mobile phone serious? The family is blue forget machine still worrying anxiously aside, but when seeing this different thing, cannot help exploding simply really laugh!

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8 Piao ” the land of country makes ” when Zhang Chengling entreats Zhou Zishu to receive him to be apprentice, a young electric fan appeared unexpectedly in Zhou Zishu’s arm. Can that time have young fan? Or, can director group arrive thoroughly the result that yields an actor to take a tool to create the opportunity that blow air oneself?

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9 Piao ” surgical wind and cloud ” heat sowed drama 2017 ” surgical wind and cloud ” in the setting that a such your people are between tears and smiles, his spank was hit in Yang Yu, after forcing he marries, song of Chen Shaocong second, promise to go civil administration bureau gets card, wait for him to get card, have two pairs of sweethearts after one’s death. When when two people get card to come out, the man of the woman of the orange dress behind and blue dress had changed a spouse, went one case.

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10 Piao ” travel length a song ” act the leading role in Dilireba ” long song ” in also have many flaw, show of a tussle appeared actually when face about a double. This is a very apparent leak, and this apparent leak is the play staff is made in later period apparently in carelessly result.

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11 Piao ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” in ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” in plan person bayonet charge when Yan Rehai when Chen Ping duckweed, the atmosphere of ghastly darkness a when be gotten on by camera little red place drew attention, this also too not careful.

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12 Piao ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” in Huang Xiaoming edition ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” in, have a such setting: Small Long Nv and Yang Guo sit on swing to swinging swing happily, see suddenly there is a staff member on the meadow below swing.

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13 Piao ” Living Buddha aid is official ” in new ” Living Buddha aid is official ” in have high-heeled shoes of apparel of a belle dancing, be to lead tide really!

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14 Piao ” go up Yang Fu ” and in ” on Yang Fu ” in, zhang Ziyi in flourishing age the ancient costume of beauty colour issues collocation the sneaker of color of one double blank, the person instant that lets watch jumped out, this is tenderer than her outfit more let a person cannot be accepted, because of this kind of error, want to be able to avoid certainly attentively only actually.

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15 Piao ” sweep black storm ” in before heat sows ” sweep black storm ” in, originally handcuffs escapes the hand of Li Chen this world and Ma Shuai together, but in desert process, the darby of two people loosened actively unexpectedly. Two their people are a good friend really.

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In fact, as long as director, play staff and actor are again a bit more attentive, again serious examine and verify a bit, can prevent the very much scene that wear a band, make work more perfect. Finally, I hope they can abandon this planting intense utilitarian, go patting attentively, go acting attentively, send a true high-quality goods! Send a true high-quality goods!!

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