Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Airport of Shenyang dream celestial bodies reissues to vermicelli made from bean starch happy candy is all smiles affinity is dye-in-the-wood

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On March 12, the netizen basks in a Shen Mengchen to show the picture of body airport, add civil: “Shen Mengchen says to take happy candy to us next time last, took Ye really today, she is too good also ” .

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Before this, the Shen Mengchen after with Du Haitao Guan Xuan gets card appears on the airport to be wanted to be fond of candy by vermicelli made from bean starch, she says at that time: “I buy there’s still time temporarily ” . This thinking is word of a fun, did not think of Shen Mengchen goes out today well-prepared candy of replete in the bag happy event, the herself of airport showing a body sends the spot vermicelli made from bean starch people.

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It is reported, on Feburary 17, shen Mengchen and Du Haitao are basked in in gregarious platform piece marry according to Guan Xuan good news.

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