Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: The film ” embrace first ” the play staff breaks out an accident 2 staff members drop cereal dies On March 11 afternoon, taiwan film ” embrace first ” the accident produces when the play staff films, cameraman of a yellow surname and division of reception of a radio of surname of a king drop not carefully cereal, die through after helicopter sends cure rescue, be not being treated.

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It is reported, drop the cameraman that die is the famous cameraman Huang Baixiong inside the circle, this year 38 years old, ever filmed with collaboration of many big director ” fury ” ” Mekong acts ” ” the Red Sea acts ” wait for work. In taking play course that day, division of king surname reception of a radio is blundered drop by photography horse cereal, aside cameraman is saving also be pulled in water, spot height drop is big, rescue after police and ambulance are present, two people had done not have life evidence.

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From the point of the picture of ground of find a view of spot exposure, there is rapid river not only in the valley, also be strewn at random rock completely, the picture looks special beauty, before this because ” Saideke Balai ” also be in this find a view, and make more person witting. (editor: Zhan Yujing)

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