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Original title: Lie knight-errant novel of Long Sheng, head of sweet colourful loafer, although the title is colourful the book is not colourful, misunderstood! Before long, knight-errant novel is faddish the world. Want the common people that is leisure having a place only, basically did not read knight-errant novel. Besides Jin Yong, Liang Yu the classical knight-errant novel of the person such as unripe, Gu Long, in those days on market most of limelight, should calculate lie dragon gives birth to this knight-errant author. Interesting is, lie Long Shengzhi so famous, because lie,often not be dragon gives birth to the novel that he writes, however because all sorts of sham lie pinchbeck book of Long Sheng. Had experienced the knight-errant at that time to confuse, one choose a site for the capital knows, if cover is being written,lie only knight-errant novel of Long Sheng, bring a bit facial expression more or less. At this late hour, a lot of knight-errants confuse the first impression that to lying dragon gives birth to, namely ” Great Master of knight-errant novel color ” . Say none exaggeratively, those years, lie the popular degree of Long Sheng novel, compare Gu Long not at all the novel is inferior, even go even farther than. Because lie,the likelihood also is of Long Sheng renown head is too resonant, all sorts of bookseller that do not have fine try every means will pretend to be lie Long Sheng’s novel.

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It is very healthy novel obviously even, it is very real knight-errant fiction obviously, also be packed lie Long Sheng’s novel, was changed the cover of a multicoloured, bedding bag comparative puzzle sexual brief introduction. And actually, this kind of book does not have what color completely, compare clear water instead, let those is attracted, look technically lie the reader of novel of Long Shengwu a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is surprised, good energy of life comical. I am the cat that swims really, an old knight-errant that sees a knight-errant 23 years is confused, everybody must pay close attention to me. I chat with everybody today sham lie novel of a knight-errant, ” head of sweet colourful loafer ” , although the title is colourful the book is not colourful, misunderstood! Like the friend of old knight-errant novel, can look for this novel, review knight-errant dream!

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Tell the truth, want in those days, see the title is being written ” sweet colourful ” two words, my attention was attracted. Next, I read the title page of a thread-bound book of the novel again, see the daughter of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that has a beauty put down a sword, dress up in dress and make up, revealed two arms and tickle nest. Next a little a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is taking a sword to come from backside, bearing is very vivid. See such the title page of a thread-bound book, plainspoken, a pair of little a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct had been thought up to punish in my brain the gut that unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease sends female demon head.

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Of course, light is to be returned so insufficient, I see brief introduction again even, affirm. As a result I see novel brief introduction, leave piece namely ” very beautiful haw ” 3 words, it is half naked woman is before Yu Zhongqiu next twist, it is next again ” God arranges lot, yu Zhongqiu is pursued all the way, all the way tasteful. ” such title, such cover, such brief introduction, cooperate to lie Long Sheng’s famous name, together of my true thoughts or recollections flashing across one’s mind! Wait for me to buy this novel come home, I just discover surprisingly, misunderstood, misunderstanding is big. What is this novel far from ” head of sweet colourful loafer ” , even, this novel is to lie far from Long Sheng writes, however knight-errant author ” Yun Zhongyue ” ” the sword is in skyline ” .

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Without doubt, what doesn’t this novel have at all ” head of sweet colourful loafer ” story, this sham title is misdirect person completely. The word says again, anyway the book had been bought, that continues to look. Look, discover this novel still is held out actually interesting, gut is more wonderful still. What the novel writes is Zhu Tianchang and Jiang Renjie the person of these two on the make, one south one north, act in collusion with each other, cruelly kill innocent, try in vain to seek hegemony all corners of the country. The hero Yu Qiutian of this book (Yu Zhongqiu) learn to get result of a suit god, save Wu Lin downhill, be apt to of punish evil raise, got acquainted with ” unreal sword flying rainbow ” Li Chunxuan, ” 1000 unreal hideous ” Xia Bing of Huo Gong aunt and small belle.

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Final, yu Qiutian became the Xiang Yu the Conqueror of too clear palace, pound den continuously, defeated Zhu Tianchang and Jiang Renjie head of these two demon, those who restored all corners of the country is quiet. Nevertheless, there still are a lot of degenerates to be in on all corners of the country loaf about, for instance 8 watches give birth to the villain in drama in the book madly, it is an existence that lets a person detest. “Unreal sword flying rainbow ” Li Chunxuan is born madly to cheat go to bed by 8 watches. Finally, li Chunxuan killed 8 watches to be born madly, feel dejected. And suddenly red aunt, summer puts Tian Zehe of autumn of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty on the ice two belles lover becomes spouses eventually.

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This novel also reflected many creation characteristics of Yun Zhongyue, for instance novel setting is put in bright generation, a lot of detail in the book compare press close to bright generation history. Cite a case simply, 8 watches give birth to the villain in drama in the book madly to the family to give a post, also be to keep a name, is not to write byname. The author returns harangue, those who launched renown card write a law, quite interesting. From gut for, this novel also is free and easy rises and fall, leading role divides demon defend conventional moral principles all the way, quite frank, read rise or very of satisfy a craving. Of course, this book did not imagine in sweet in that way colourful, this has to say is a kind of regret. Can blame only in those days those bookseller that do not have fine people, pass away the sham as the genuine, become Yun Zhongyue’s novel lie Long Sheng’s novel, too hole! Friends, had you read this knight-errant novel? What sham Jin Yong, Liang Yu do you still know unripe, Gu Long, lie the knight-errant novel of the knight-errant a person of academic or artistic distinction such as Long Sheng, Chen Qingyun, Xiao Yi? Welcome to leave a message. Like the friend of my article, must pay close attention to me, great place assist and transmit my article! This is very important to me. I am the cat that swims really, thank everybody again!

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