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Original title: Check 10 ” be proud charming attribute ” Han drama hero, coquetry about makes a person good want to have him really

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Chinese hackberrya of goddess of drama of near future Han believes the good news of benefit and Cui Taijun marriage, angled many ever the hero of a partner people dispatch is blessed, in the center ” successor people ” the Li Min pick of personate Jin Tan and ” it is beautiful so male ” the Zhang Genshuo of Beijing of personate Huang Tai, in succession with be proud in drama the tone outgoing message of charming hero, those who let everybody also be immersed in time is whirly in ~ is small make up this to take everybody to come along check 10 Han drama is proud charming male advocate, the about of their contrast attracted many female vermicelli made from bean starch indeed love! 1. ” successor people ” Jin Tan

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Go up above all is of a list of names posted up Piao Xinhui in drama before male friend people (? ) one of, by the Jin Tan of personate of place of Li Min pick! The poor successor Che Enshang that gut tells about ordinary reality (Piao Xinhui is acted the role of) with brownstone the successor Jin Tan of 1% (Li Min pick is acted the role of) with Cui Yongdao (Jin Yubin is acted the role of) the romance that spreads out after encounter, it is high school of rich home children is born people between the green idol play of love and friendship. This kind of gut also is the most welcome before 10 years type, the hero gold pit in the center, liking heroine to treat her with the means that bully from beginning to end however obviously, nevertheless one wishs to hit, one wishs to endure, although the love rugged of two people, but still accomplished ~ 2 of a paragraph of a much-told story finally. ” it is beautiful so male ” Huang Tai Beijing

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In another simple theatrical work that believe favour before male friend is Zhang Genshuo, he is in ” it is beautiful so male ” in the Huang Tai Beijing of personate, it is ANJELL header holds concurrently advocate sing, individual character addiction of captious, clean, the opening is strong emulative and softhearted, obstinate, pursuit is perfect, very narcissism, often janus-faced, always also let heroine phase facing one ache. Gut content tells about exercitation nun tall belle (Piao Xinhui is acted the role of) persuade because of be being grown by agent horse room, the Gao Meinan of twin elder brother in replacing an operation enters party of Korean gas God ” ANJELL ” become among them, she what disguise as a man is in to fall not carefully, be celebrated by captain yellow peaceful (Zhang Genshuo is acted the role of) with team member Jiang Xinyu (Zheng is allowed and act the role of) discover its are true the identity. Two people do all one can is safeguarded, and two people also are in imperceptible in produce a sincere feeling to tall belle. 3. ” golden secretary why in that way ” Li Yingjun

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Piao Xujun also once personate Guo Aojiao male, namely once capture obtains large quantities of female pink ” golden secretary why in that way ” Li Yingjun vice-chairman ~ is adapted enrage network caricature from homonymic 2013 person, tell about plutocrat 2 worlds, ” abundant bright group ” force holds vice-chairman, Yan Zhishi concurrently those who provide is male advocate Li Yingjun (Piao Xujun is acted the role of) , and beside him very closely associated with each other, become 9 years of of full marks of driver, ability female secretaries again when the secretary already Jin Wei laugh (Piao Minying is acted the role of) story. Hero Li Yingjun is one is had in the center handsome the fine man of brains of face and advantageous figure, talent, having however however ” ethereal underground only I alone honour ” , Quan Yuzhou’s most slashing narcissism individual character, but also meet when someone else goes after a smile mad jealous, contrast is quite lovely ~ 4. ” secret garden ” Jin Zuyuan

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Of You Xuanbin personate ” secret garden ” hero Jin Zuyuan also is exceed be proud charming part, the grandchildren of chairman of LOEL department store, have perfect figure, appearance and extraction at the same time, it is a week however on the other hand be out on duty 3 days (135) president, get the knot crystal with detestable, bloated staff. When broadcasting 2010, get broad echo, with the hero in drama the love of Jin Zuyuan and beautiful jade of auspicious trailing plants develops the masterstroke that is perforative drama anthology, but the strange unreal phenomenon that relation of love of effective system switch, development alternates in gut. Not merely the peninsula of kit fashionable complete Korea of black at that time Bin, in the center leading role of male and female the situp of two people is ~ 5 of red heartbeat of face letting a person more. ” advocate gentleman’s sun ” Zhu Zhongyuan

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Picture origin: SBS 2013 year leave sow ” advocate gentleman’s sun ” , in the center the hero Zhu Zhongyuan of personate of place of You Suzhi Xie, also be one is proud charming male! As large and integrated shopping centers ” Kingdom ” president, only I alone honour, believe to everything oneself hear only with what see; Come and go through monetary concern and person only, every mentions fund must essence of life at calculate, as if on the mouth holding a computer. After encountering heroine sun oneself, him what do not clear away deal with problems arising from an accident for anybody, begin to cope with a those ghost very loathly. The woman that story description sees so that see clever group good brother, individual character is hopeful be like the sun too respectful fact (Kong Xiaozhen acts the role of) , because often be called in by these clever bound friends, do so that she lives to put upside down day and night mental not good, often change the job. Some day, she is ticked off by these clever bound friends again tangle and perplex, abrupt encounter an individual character arrogant, only my consummate bazaar boss Zhu Zhongyuan (Su Zhixie acts the role of) , touch when her when touching Zhu Zhongyuan body, these coming the ghosts and gods of faze vanishs completely immediately, the indissoluble predestined relationship between 2 people, a variety of droll reach the love story between 2 people to spread out at this point, this drama is shirt-sleeve Jing Song and romantic and comedic element. 6. ” quick-witted doctor lives ” Jin Juan

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Come to of a list of names posted up is personate of place of You Zhengjing go up again ” quick-witted doctor life ” leading role group one of he is in ~ of Jin Juan the section chief with the surgical breadth of mind with an excellent actual strength teachs the personate in drama, however his individual character is super however wool of captious, chelonian, mouth special also glib, have appearance to look nevertheless be like him quite firm, fear commonly with the child however actually alone. His He Yi is pure the emotional line of two people is to invite an audience more people quite anxious, although regrettablly is do not have in the 2nd season too much write Chinese ink, but be Ied hope two people are in final final result is not SAD ENDING! Inside the circle element has have act like a spoiled child the Zheng Jing that Wang Zhi weighs, all the time since also be to had performed many is proud the part of charming attribute, the friend that likes him must turn over his to look dramatically ah ~ 7. ” Oh gentleman of my ghosts and gods ” Jiang Xuanyu

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Broadcasted 2015 ” Oh gentleman of my ghosts and gods ” , it is one told about what do not believe ghosts and gods ” in relief gas male ” Jiang Xuanyu (Cao Zheng is acted the role of) with by ” maiden ghost ” Shen Shunai (Jin Se fine jade is acted the role of) of appendages can see ghosts and gods inherently. And the eaves of hero ginger announce in the center, it is Sun Restaurant president holds star concurrently advocate hutch, completist, also comparative to oneself appearance, hutch art narcissism, although appearance is behaved frozenly, the heart is warm to Fengxian however. Also add the individual character difference of body around as Feng Xian, the heart also ripples subsequently, final ability discovers he has fallen in love with her. The bright and clear acting of Cao Zheng also lets many female stars attract ~ 8 in this play. ” optimal love ” alone Gu brace up

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Left 2011 sow ” optimal love ” , it is one tells about super giant star alone Gu brace up (Che Shengyuan personate) had mixed enrage female star to provide love chastity (Kong Xiaozhen personate) the romantic love between is comedic, also be comparatived to welcome greatly at that time. Of personate of Che Shengyuan place alone Gu brace up it is a shirt-sleeve sex appeal become red international giant star faultlessly again, but it is each however under the counter the gender is arrogant the man of chelonian wool, although external he and Li of world of female actor ginger are star sweethearts, but actual two people are not sweethearts relation. Because of the show date program ” make sweethearts ” and the reason that with the chastity that have love the knot left to indissoluble, two people also fall in love gradually. Like romantic and light comedy, do not like the friends of dog blood again however, ” optimal love ” it is the classical comedy that suits to take the aftertaste very much absolutely ~ 9. ” reply please 1988 ” Jin Zhenghuan

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Will go up again of a list of names posted up is us most most one of parts that feel distressed, be personate of place of You Liujun intense then ” reply please 1988 ” Jin Zhenghuan! Monicker ” dog 8 ” , look be like cool, but actually stubborn and softhearted, idea is exquisite, it is a boy that conceals mind in the depth. Like to play football, although be in the home tacit, but when with 5 people the side is in together, with respect to mode of meeting open bicker, he Deshan often cat-and-dog, also go out silently for De Shanfu constantly however however a lot of. Regrettablly the joke that is time, let two people miss, also let many drama confuse people feel sad. Delectable nevertheless but of congratulate is, in the Liu Junlie outside drama and Hui Li two people but harbor sweethearts, had interacted near 5 years nowadays ! 10. ” energetically female Dou Fengshun ” Anminhe

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Of a list of names posted up on finally is our lovely doggie dog ” energetically female Dou Fengshun ” conspicuous of hero An Min, by personate of handsome plain bright establish! It is one is adapted from homonymic caricature, with the schoolgirl with great strength Dou Fengshun is a center, combine the element such as illusion, comedic, movement, the interesting old practice that develop. Hero installs the chief that quick conspicuous is Ainsoft, the young entrepreneur that build up from nothing. Before the bus is being built 8 years ago, go up toward the region that visits a mother, bus out of control causes accident of happening of within an inch of, see a girl hauls a bus, feeling is the angel that maternal group comes, final discovery is Dou Fengshun. At the beginning two people always are bicker, but the good impression that discovers after get along oneself are suitable to acting according to slowly, fall in love with Feng Shun then. Can seeing in drama Anminhe resembles constantly is dog dog is general act like a spoiled child about, also let many audiences had expressed to want to raise ~ above is 10 famous Han drama are proud charming male, is everybody super to them is there impressional? Each it is classical medium classical, of course ” pattern man, meteoric garden ” a handsome watch of personate of place of Li Min pick is absolutely also be one of delegates! Acting closes put freely they, true be proud the feeling of charming acts quite absorbingly!

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