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Original title: Era enters the campus male mind that feels the strongest, a list of names posted up on Hu Yitian, Lin Yi, champion passes 10 years again still classical Does everybody have chase after green campus sweet bestow favor on drama ” flickering bright tiny spot ” ? Of this anonymous main actor small sweet drama accident is connected in the Spring Festival heat is caused to discuss between holiday, the hero Zhang Mosen in the center still is acted according to to be ” dark love the ceiling ” , it is everybody the male god of new advance campus in memory! Campus is sweet drama all the time very popular, resembling is ” send our pure small happiness ” , ” best we ” the drama of land of campus subject matter that is win universal praise. With next netizens heat discusses era to enter the campus male mind that feels the strongest, a list of names posted up on Hao Ran of Hu Yitian, Liu, champion passes 10 years again still classical! Campus male advocate TOP 8: Zhangxin becomes personate ” hello, old times is smooth ” Lin Yang ” hello old times light ” told about be troubled Ban Yuzhou week, Lin Yang is mixed next door Yu Huai the young associate beside them people in Zhen Huazhong. Zhang Xincheng also is called by the netizen ” small sun ” , it is everybody simply the officer in the heart is female, a lot of audiences feel his youth differs a Lin Yang. ” hello old times is smooth ” the Lin Yang in, sunshine is optimistic have take on, “Small sun ” kind the ground is optimistic, the attribute like big boy, teenager feels full, glamour development popular feeling.

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Campus male advocate TOP 7: Hu Yitian personate ” send our pure small happiness ” Jiang Chen Hu Yitian although he is not one’s previous experience of regular professional training, but he shows the acting with acerbity blueness slightly, explained the old practice of this campus times admirably however. Outside Jiang Chen cold inside hot, apparently very cold-shoulder Chen Xiaoxi, pay silently for her, help her buy breakfast, help homework of her take lessons after school. Like Chen Xiaoxi obviously at the beginning, do not agree to admit again however. After putting on white unlined long gown when Jiang Chen, the sense that he gives a person is lofty, handsome do not break again relaxed, ased if to bring back our everybody girlhood.

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Campus male advocate TOP 6: Personate of Liu Hao Ran ” best we ” Hao Ran of Liu of more than the Huaihe River is this Yu Huai the Huaihe River simply, gutty but feeling of lay a finger on, the Yu Huai in the book, high thin poor relaxed big boy, small eye, laugh very lovely, it is small tiger tooth even, only distinct possibility is a book medium Yu Huai is wheaten color of skin. Yu Huai is too good really, true, but lay a finger on, rational thinks, every look to cry for him! Be him only how is be willing to part with or use so right Yu Huai? When the Yu Huai of personate of Liu Hao Ran is saying his physical dream, let a person see Yu Huai is full of good look really, when treating be troubled selection to select the issue of manage, he can speak his think of a way, but respect the girl absolutely again idea, still can analyse advantages and disadvantages, such boy is god-given really!

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Campus male advocate TOP 5: Personate of the desolate that bend Hunan ” flickering bright tiny spot ” Zhang Mosen ” flickering bright tiny spot ” in, bend Chu Xiao’s true Zhang Mosen to perform work, be worthy of is medium the fine actor that play graduates, the assurance to detail and to character nature take hold. Favorite girl talks actively with oneself, the raise on not can self-conscious corners of the mouth, insecurity pays garment part in one’s hand. Small grandma dog and switch of small wolfhound freedom, tender before favorite schoolgirl lovely, in small mix mix before imposing manner is not defeated, a bit not be afraid of getting into trouble. Zhang Mosen, he is not craven, he just wants to support Lin Beixing silently, do her to consider the business that do, hope she is happy! Zhang Mosen is not craven, his sweetheart is not more. Stand before her body when Lin Beixing encounters risk, everything all is Zhang Mosen like!

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Campus male advocate TOP 4: Lin Yi personate ” send us to warm warm Xiaoshi is smooth ” Gu Wei Yi Lin is in ” send us to warm warm Xiaoshi is smooth ” by right of masterly acting and superhigh Yan Zhi and circle pink countless, although be in,father should have gone up in ending greatly, but he in those days actually ability is 18 years old. The Gu Wei easy intelligence quotient in drama 187, it is the talent that has fun at to physics only, allergic to the cat, hate the smell of spiral shell pink extremely, but the person that bestows favor on cummer sets stand erect not to fall. Look be like Gao Leng inaccessible, soft bud is actually lovely, tan Lian loves to rely on Baidu completely, female at that time advocate more bold confess male advocate, terrestrial ideal is ” Xiaoshi is smooth ” the Gu Wei in is easy ah, who does not want such boy friend.

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Campus male advocate TOP 3: Old sagacious far personate ” the secret in dark style ” Zhou Si jumps over week of Si Yue to solve a lock to belong two people alone personally ” small robot ” , opened dark case personally, the story is pulled open so prelusive, the secret in dark style is the secret that man admires, also be the secret of week of Si Yue. The acerb sweetness that waited for week of Si Yue and Ding Xiangong to had experienced youth together and after growing choice, just discover original flower blossoms slowly thank so much year, you still are beside my, it is the secret with best days! Chen Zhe is far lay high school the sort of green acerbity muddled, having an accident in the home is the sort of breaking down firm, face emotive kink complex deduce incisively and vividly. Haughty girl bears alone the test of the life, he does not wish man is admired those who see him is faulty, his sheet relied on the eyes to open the gas field of campus drama male god!

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Campus male advocate personate of TOP 2 Wang Anyu ” 100 years old good, that’s settled then ” Jiang Zhenghan ” officer of very little head is female ” Wang Anyu the sort of bad the bad smile that brings bit of healthy atmosphere again is very absorbing, when Jiang Zhenghan is asked about to like the girl of what type, he says to do not have liked kind, be fond of joyous person only. Oneself have a girlfriend, all females beside are far from automatically, the safe feeling of the girl he gives fully. Jiang Zhenghan got computer contest the first, fix eyes upon in millions of people fall to hang medal on Lin Xi neck, holding her in the arms to say, my honor is you after. Jiang Zhenghan company entitle: Heng Xia, the love of means eternity, love Xialinxi forever, arrive 80 years old from 18 years old, never depart!

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Campus male advocate TOP 1: Yang Yang personate ” laugh slightly very bend city ” Xiao Nai’s simple white shirt, yang Yang deduces the great mind below Gu Man big your writing so lifelike, kind of instinctive quality gives the sense that act. Facial features is delicate and perfect, raise one’s hand casts sufficient Dou Shuai energy of life is very. Xiao Nai is the computer science department learns simply bully + serve past master of the first game originally + poineering elite + officer is female, safeguard a girlfriend to come overbearing handsome, ” my girl why distrust ” who to let can support so that live 10 class, cruel commander in chief meets this lovers’ prattle the Xiao Nai great mind of hold up ah!

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