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Original title: Go up in succession 6 drama of the line: ” the heart is resided ” already decided archives, yang Yang ” special Zhan Rongyao ” want to come eventually Before paragraph time, circle of movie and TV was greeted ” between the world ” this explodes money theatrical work, after this drama receives an official, still sending out ” more than heat ” , still have very big temperature up to now. But, will not go up in succession the new theatrical work of the six ministries in feudal China of the line also very let a person expect.

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On March 11, domestic feeling big play ” the heart is resided ” Guan Xuan decides archives to broadcasted on March 17, this drama will relate the story that a woman and her brother’s wife that having different life concept lives together, 2 people from ill feeling to understand each other each other, experience harvests the domestic story of rainbow eventually after life harships.

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Such gut set, add super and luxurious cast, do not let a person very hard expect. This is the new theatrical work that by actor sea Qing Dynasty, Tong Yao, Zhang Song article, Feng Shaofeng presents as leading role to act the leading role, each actors are inside the circle scrape up a lot of experience, it is actor of actual strength clique.

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In this drama, the sea is returned infrequent play the part of had long hair model, give a person the visual effect that shines at the moment. When she and Tong Yao stand together, also give a person a kind of particularly natural sense, sisters-in-law set or credulity of look letting a person take, take the place of to feel dye-in-the-wood.

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It is reported, ” the heart is resided ” it is all the time by the drama anthology that values inside course of study, still come out before this should be in center 8 sow alone, but changed Zhejiang to defend now inspect, east is defended inspect broadcast over a radio network, see this play ” popular degree ” . Do you expect new theatrical work leaves sow?

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Besides, two David inspects still have 5 theatrical work next in succession broadcast over a radio network: Yang Yang, Li Yitong ” special Zhan Rongyao ” ; Qin Hao, 10 thousand alizarin red of the main actor ” big gain weichis ” ; Huang Xuan, Bai Baihe acts the leading role ” welcome aboard ” ; Jin Dong, Wang Likun acts the leading role ” very close to each other ” and Jin Dong and Li Xiaoran act the leading role ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” .

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” special Zhan Rongyao ” those who tell about is the swallow that comes from front courtyard of Yu Jun’s other people broken Yue Wei him proof, in the university entrance exam when took an examination of armed police detachment, because the success when recruit assemble for training is spectacular,joined special battle group, caused a series of touching stories from this.

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From the point of premonitory picture, the Yang Yang that drapes a military uniform again takes the place of to feel very pretty good, figure still is not a tough guy to often suck eyeball. Filming in this drama process, yang Yang experienced a lot of blowing up play, make show, roll, the hot-blooded extract such as belly, the picture is particularly rich, look person passion is insurgently.

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No matter be Yang Yang,carrying a gun the sort of sturdy, the sort of emulative still firm is powerful, the heroism that let a person experience a soldier is dauntless, let a person not self-consciously expect to rise. ” special Zhan Rongyao ” killed blueness early in December 2019, although pledge in the picture the be not a patch on on feeling is fresh the drama market that gives heat, but no matter subject matter still films going up is to have level, expect new theatrical work leaves sow!

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Additional, ” big gain play chess ” also be exceed strong battle array ” explode the money goes qualitative ” big play. Besides main actor battle array very pretty good besides, the director of this drama is by Han Xiao Jun is held the position of, playwrite is held the position of by week Mei Sen, the netizen says for fun ” this teleplay is bad to look to I am sorry this battle array ” .

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Want to know, han Dao can be to had been directed before this ” darts door ” ” Qiao Jiada courtyard ” wait for classical beautiful drama; And Zhou Mei dark has yielded ” I this hero ” ” people’s name ” the outstanding writer that waits for good theatrical work. At present this drama had been obtained issue license, tentative volume number is 40 collect. Light watchs present premonitory short film, see this drama dispute often be lighted high with respect to enough, because this gained a lot of attention. As a whole, a few drama can acquire broadcast over a radio network, its quality assures somewhat. In drama of above the six ministries in feudal China, have what you expect?

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