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Original title: Dishini is bought ” between the world ” copyright brings heat to discuss, netizen: Did not install good intention A message is transmitted. Scamper boiler. Dishini bought # the person sows publication authority # worldlily.

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Country drama explodes paragraph by abroad buying copyright is not first time. ” discriminate is passed ” had sold Korea, Japan, United States. Netizen for a time excited at was being found ” discriminate learns ” English edition teaching material, than if one a unit of length is red,crying so ” The Scarlet Red ” ah.

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” white night is chased after fierce ” become a ministry to be bought by Netflix the homebred drama of next copyright, the netizen is very proud still, eventually culture was outputted.

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But this. The business is having change. In the comment a lot of leave a message to not was in congratulation, however — anger. Homebred good theatrical work + Dishini, undesirable reaction produced in today’s public opinion. Why to sell abroad? Why is Dishini bought again? Motive is suspectable. ” between the world ” be ” those who disclose China is deformed ” ” total love is defeated again old ” .

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Dishini is ” snappish ” ” want to take a fancy to a country to be defeated again old ” .

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This is a dated problem really, but have global environment again disturb. What bear consequence finally is — drama of homebred movie and TV, want ” do not err ” how so difficult? What heart of Dishinian? Make clear above all a bit — is Dishini bought ” between the world ” what should do? There is prophet to say in the comment, press Dishini ” uric sex ” , want ill will to adapt, of outstanding China lag behind and shabby.

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This is confuse one thing with another completely. What Dishini buys is not to reorganize advantageous position, did not want to reverse the plan that takes edition of the beauty that make. Just buy next broadcasting to counterpoise, in oneself broadcast above Disney+ , loving actor to be vacated with you look abroad theatrical work of introduced movie and TV is a meaning. Weird place came — why the drama of movie and TV of others can be exported, our be about to be oppugned? Be in at the same time of dread others ” culture inbreaks ” , at the same time him dread culture output, inside and outside is victim state of mind. In saying why Dishini is carried again ” between the world ” . because of it ” tattered ” ? Actually Dishini buys Chinese theatrical work is not sudden action. In October 2021, dishini is on Asia-Pacific content news briefing Guan Xuan, will introduce anthology of drama of movie and TV of this locality of area of many 20 Asia-Pacific, 5 when include Chinese area among them: ” small quick home ” ” celebrate one’s remaining years 2 ” ” dainty is written down ” , and Chen Bailin new theatrical work ” just algorithm ” He Guiguan is magnesian ” Taipei woman illustrated handbook ” (Dishini and B station combination manufacture) .

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All sorts of types and style have. Choose piece eye is very multivariate. But in a lot of person eyes, or answer read the speculation like machine — ” careful is ugly ” . When seeming to never pass, when can take give an example, “Zhang Yi seeks bear the palm is to defame China ” ” Mo Yan’s nobel prize is to cater to the west ” . They know an accurate law is: The west has felt, it is our bad place certainly. But may having a kind be… because is work original good? Take ” between the world ” for. Dishini just was leaving actually take a month, search come televise of purchase in advance counterpoises.

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Strange? Look in light of that why — origianl work novel of Liang Xiaosheng, prize of next cogongrass aegis literature were taken 2019; A work is once exploded greatly ” people’s name ” ; Zuo of playwrite king sea, had drawn up domesticity drama ” Chinese type divorces ” ” new marriage times ” ; The main actor has beautiful of favorable reply of fourth Yong Dai, Sarina, thunder, Yan Tao, Xiaosong, Xin Baiqing… a such groups, do you have the reason that does not choose it? No matter achieve author pour into how many, no matter make character measure how, the result that overseas of drama of homebred movie and TV obtains in the end, not by defend oneself is — you were catered to. ” between the world ” was defamed? A word generalizes gut — Chinese family over or across civilian of 50 years is epic. Story a piece of a photograph of whole family from 1969 only then, to Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan were in 2016 oneself takes a walk downstairs end. Should say ” broken ” . That really. Home Zhou is located in the area of a flake of Ji Chun city.

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Have a small courtyard, place crock of sundry, sauce, bicycle.

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Took front door, the sitting room is placing hearth and dining table. Two bedchamber, outbuilding is a son, back room is dad Mom and daughter sleep. Heatable adobe sleeping platform, shade of house of firewood hearth, brick, coarse cloth. Was cast to take the history. But who can because of them far go, and deny their bona fide to had existed. Who can be denied again, just about these are shabby, formed a times to consult transitionally content. The about that the part in drama lives, each market is changing macroscopically. Drama anthology passes half, grasp female bought with the saving in the home have the toilet bowl, three-room flat that tap water is used. Capacious, light.

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Even if moved smooth word again later piece, inside house also the change as the times, decorate is decorated become contemporary. ” between the world ” more than it is Zhou Bingkun one person story. His eldest brother, his elder sister, 5 his brother, the song old lady that he meets in the factory… different family, different favourable or unfavourable turns in life.

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” between the world ” it is kinescope of a family. Those who look is the time that many people had not experienced today. But no matter times, language, color of skin these explicit estrangement how, affection is applicable to both or all. Leaving early at the beginning of patting, dishini wants to buy with respect to the plan. So director Li Lu also says, the hold back in his heart is worn an interest. Each each each camera lens, actor’s lines, play should contain international eye shot, pondered over a foreigner to look how to can think. I think Dishini also is to hope the foreigner passes this drama to see Chinese society nearly 50 years produced what kind of change, how do these change produce. Face the past straight-outly, relate oneself real story. Look in me, this ability is a kind of self-confidence. This is to be after our life improvement, can go facing it is difficult that suffering is mixed, how does creation come out review today’s life. But many people the first reaction, remain cover up a scandal. Asing if is half century before, face Italy to direct the camera lens of meter of optimistic Jiluo Andongniaoni, whitewashed hastily wall, change new clothes, avoid shily, the Chinese villager that for fear that is seen.

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If say the past, because,be barren and self-abased. So overcame barren later today, are we to be in after all why and self-abased? Be because of what to fear the look of the outside? What kind of homebred drama just deserves to be seen? On one hand, a lot of people complain homebred drama lacks practical subject matter. Either built on stilts is suspension. On the other hand, practical subject matter suffer many a setback during one’s life. And a variety of restriction that do not say creation to go up, the eye that the netizen tries, the likelihood comes more strictly. Cannot face reality. It is to cannot be faced below a lot of circumstances ” the eye that people looks us ” . Be used to correct and bright conduct propaganda. Forgot every time muddy struggle mediumly respectable. “Family scandal cannot outside raise. ” uglier is in this word, decide ” ugly ” standard. Take by deify of a lot of people of drama ” reply please 1988 ” for, number of fabaceous valve grading most (60w) , the Han with highest grading drama (9.7) . If say ” between the world ” be ” ugly ” . So this drama also ” ugly ” . Can Korean how to say outside? Home of heart be apt to, without alone toilet, have 2 houses only, without the bed, a 5 buccal people live in half bright basement.

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But is what when you see play, care about these? Not be. It lets audience for a long time recall, it is each life. Those and our reality tick off connected instant. It is those dining table, those about ” ” and ” the life ” fireworks is angry.

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The country that also visits us the light of drama. ” hill sea affection ” . Northwest a remote, the setting that 3 brother wear a pants but too ” bring shame on ” . Seem to should not give international friend to see.

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But not cloggy. Since was in last year on Youtube after the line, made the work below publication Fang Qi in, abroad user comments on a most drama, yuan Chao anticipates.

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” parental love ” . This drama uses blessing of officer river heart and wife An Jie to immerse the love with foam, with static write move show old age. With the hero people happy life, serve as a foil to the family member beside them, hardship is sufferred in that time. The likelihood is compared ” between the world ” more barefaced. But it is a such work. Obtained international of award of white yulan magnolia of Shanghai TV division to transmit award. Be popularized energetically not only abroad, broadcast in take turns of more than 60 countries even, fire arrives to surprised even him play staff.

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These work. Do not evade the past, can face true. Do you say ugly? But of a lot of work great, did not strike because of it namely most crucial point, most the place of deep feeling of grief?

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