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Original title: Meet season: Leading role round acting is ranked! Zhang Yi promotes reciprocal, the first has ” drama casts a face “ ” meet season ” it is an idol play that tells about enemy of affection of middleaged love hate. Film content looks appear hyperbole dog blood, but lay aside their life actor body. Appear however particularly normal.

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Because the acting of every actor is very high grade. Figure of the watch that be the same as a stage is absolutely ” the immortal fights ” . Even if play is accordingly exaggerative, also give a person extremely strong visual experience sense. Cannot help expecting next development.

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Also have one part actor of course, no matter be limbs movement, the eyes makes fun of, or actor’s lines strength is general. The instant after letting a person just enter sport gives play.

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This, small make up put 5 parts. Check their acting how, have a rank! TOP5: The Ning Shu in origianl work of peaceful excuse me is an extreme avenge an abdomen black male, use Cai Lingxiao and Cheng Kexin intentionally still to complete a plan two rosebud.

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The thing is exposed later, lose job. Good get appreciation of a female manager not easily, still cannot forget to avenge a major programme of lasting importance however. Be abandoned to be chained and thrown into prison by elder sister Ning You finally. In drama edition, figure front of Ning Shu a lot of, will avenge confine Home Yu Jian only. Without the person with embroil innocent more, final result is natural won’t so extreme.

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The acting that Zhang Yi promotes dispute is very big nowadays. In small make up look, in his temperament and origianl work cloudy and special accord with. But eyes play is apparently insufficient, enunciation also does not calculate bright, actor’s lines strength has needed good training. TOP4: The Tian Jingye in cropland scene tough origianl work is a color of skin black thin, its appearance not the shrewd man of raise. He is engaged in a bank working two years, person arteries and veins is wide, relations with people is good. Treat a friend especially slotting tool of two costal region.

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Gu Nailiang although figure is not accorded with, portray the character that come out very pretty good however. Even if is wearing household to take, also give a person elite of field of a kind of duty inspect already feeling. Treat Ning You and Jian Hongcheng to also regard be better than as the family member’s good friend.

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The acting that is him only also is not spotless. When performing drunk wine to make fun of, his eyes does not act to give malty hazy and confused sense. For instance some makes fun of, the Tian Jingye after drunk wine becomes heart-to-heart talk with peaceful excusing Jianhong. He was taking the advantage of drunk wine to speak the to each other be sentimentally attached to after two people part company in those days.

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Even if be carried,go up to the bed, still wear in shout make two people compound. It is share of superexcellent show of divine secondary attack obviously. But small make up when seeing camera lens has swept his eye. Of eyeful sober, let a person cannot enter sport. TOP3: Chen Xin insane, mental disease, tangle to death rot hitting all is an audience to Chen Xin acknowledge.

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She begins to be annoyed wildly to Jian Hongcheng from the first collect. Jiang Ningyou regards as fictitious enemy. Midway she has stood up, choose him change going to work. Very regretful, her low affection business displeased female boss, for many times by make things hard for sb hind helter-skelter and repulsive.

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Actor practice drills as its he acts the leading role a few times name is big. Very much even audience is first time experience her acting. But actually she went out early 2005. Go out 17 years up to now performed work 30 work. Include among them ” we selects an issue then ” , ” Yan Xi strategy ” , ” you just have the home ” etc.

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Because have acting of training of a few work. Before her actual strength enough achieves those who do department theatrical work 3. Acting is without performance trace, eyes from time to time is sober, from time to time is cloudy like bedlamite. After insanity hysterical attack popular feeling continuously, admire admire. TOP2: In Yuan spring origianl work, ning You’s adjective is very good, win weak, tender, peaceful.

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In Jian Hongcheng eye, she still is like Lin Meimei general, all the time need person protection. Oneself figure of Yuan Quan accords with a person to set. The eyes when the performance can make fun of according to be opposite the character is ceaseless at any time switch. Limbs movement is natural and smooth writing more, to the person extremely comfortable vision is enjoyed.

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Be worthy of is 5 carry off golden pheasant after the shadow of 100 beautiful award. She is in, whole department theatrical work got raising of things to a higher level. TOP1: Thunder favorable reply because ” between the world ” Zhou Bingkun one horn. Small make up had been definition of thunder favorable reply frank and simple and honest old a knot in one’s heart.

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Did not think of to be in ” meet season ” in, his suddenly change one’s identity. Appear gave to look be like simple minded, the strong president role with actually crafty heart.

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When facing first love to excuse rather especially, all along face expressionless he. Countenance is like palette actually same, as if had color. To let a person more include, he returned himself to establish a person taking money to set. A day 3, do not fall suddenly suddenly, with Ning You Jing Ye persuading cropland does not sue ex-wife, still do not forget ash letting ash gives take a flesh to place steamed bun.

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As the actor, be about to drama casts facial consciousness. Such ability can be modelled give to accord with masses taste, make a person photographic. Even if big ending recalls endless conscience work as before!

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