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Original title: Anling of discriminate Vs allows: How does overmatch maintain mood stability after all? I like all the time ” discriminate is passed ” regard as duty field theatrical work looks, especially after new personality of before half part enters palace, they are in as duty field new personality the reaction after encountering duty field pressure and tired out has sth. worth seeing or reading particularly, all sorts of expression of recombine old stuff, with respect to meeting discovery: Between person and person the difference of mood government ability, be too big really! Make a bit can discover a very delicate detail alertly, when encountering duty field predicament, yu Ying He Anling is allowed is only the person of the 2 method that like to plunge into Lilliputian to be cursed all right. Because be opposite discriminate aggressive is overbearing be sent to lag behind by the emperor, yu Ying to discriminate hate sb’s guts. It is good that her genuflect plunges into Lilliputian to curse discriminate to be not gotten before deities dead this one act, make a person feel acid indeed.

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Yu Ying of the sort of thinking lazy with human nature cruel evil be without reservation to reveal so come out, a person that does not have ego takes fault and loss the most easily on the road in good and evil. Not come singly but in pairs, how before hill is allowed, call together of China the wife of a prince calls music entertainment, be allowed by the Anling of bully detest is rough, plunge into Lilliputian to curse China the wife of a prince then.

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Actor expression terrestrial pole is good, the expression on face of the look that install hill is very rich, there is some of ferocious in inhospitality, shallow laugh kind heading some of firm absolutely, see this detail every time, feel An Lingrong resembles an evil flower that opens slowly. So, she the two meetings that be what such? Empress rebuke An Lingrong has the result in this paragraph of word: “The art of this kind of curse depends on ghosts and gods nevertheless, but life of your misfortune good fortune is only in yourself hand, if imprecatory art is really useful, the person of the world need not grow brain intention to think of. The person of the world need not grow brain intention to think of..

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Empress this word straight from the shoulder, she serves as and the passivity like An Lingrong character is allowed for provocative Anling speak the advanced chicken broth such as this to what he uses, also not allow indeed easy. But empress this word allows Anling and Yu Ying the truth of the art that curses all right gives announce to reach the designated position very, do not wish to move brain to think namely, perhaps won’t be disinclined oneself go be being thought of attentively. Review Yu Ying, she wants answer bestow favor on, china the wife of a prince teachs emperor of her compose a quarrel to meet 3 minutes affection, she returns the appearance in the mist in a pair of cloud to say: But, official concubine does not know how to should be done. China the wife of a prince is forced handgrip hand teachs her ” what are you good at be done simply ” . And this kind of laziness is in Yu Ying the direct expression on He Anling shelter oneself is: Cannot find mood outlet, the ability that maintains mood stability is very poor. And the circumstance that the show that does not have mood government ability basically is this two people: Psychological flexibility of An Lingrong is defective (review here) , yu Ying cannot maintain a mood to stabilize (review here) . Take Anling to contain for example: Anling is allowed and discriminate performs an end to answer palace hind over China the wife of a prince, anling allowed gas to cry, she says: “Elder sister, we are not the make a living as a performer that sing song, she by what so humiliate us ah, still hit admire what jade ear pendant, what nuisance, is becoming me song ability? ! ” the thing that saying to want to admire China the wife of a prince falls understanding to enrage.

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Treasure beautifuls try every possible way to persuade sb persuaded to come down, just did not fall such. But is An Lingrong interrogatory ” she by what so humiliate we ah? ! ” , what reflect her with respect to enough is muddleheaded and carry not clear. Discriminate calmly all the more aside channel her: “The emperor takes Monarch Yao of year of a thick soup seriously nowadays, hair of Yi Yue of China the wife of a prince is complacent, the emperor to take the interests of the whole into account, bad also for us too rip turn against with her. Bad also for us too rip turn against with her..

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Spoken parts in an opera, field of fame and gain is the law of jungle, china the wife of a prince by what can so humiliate you? Because her force is powerful you are weak, jungly law. Listen to a solution of discriminate , an Lingrong is so those who say: “Longing for Monarch Yao of year of a thick soup to be able to leave capital at an early date only, china the wife of a prince is some more complacent also. China the wife of a prince is some more complacent also..

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See not, this is An Lingrong’s logic, you are stronger than me, then I am longing for you to hurry slacken. Watch the eyebrow bank with dead be murdered of the within an inch of in be being murdered to turn water by China the wife of a prince instead, after awaking, her reaction is situation of China the wife of a prince strong, shake to be not gotten for a short while, oneself are puny can for the moment is borne, dan Meizhuang’s logic is such: “I nowadays how not she, may not my this life how not she, anyhow is leaving me this life, we calculate this Zhang slowly. We calculate this Zhang slowly..

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Eyebrow village and Anling allow the contrast that this kind of contrast is overmatch and weak not only, it is the difference of mood government ability more. An Lingrong places everything on others body, so her mood discretion rises and fall is person of be enslaved to be enslaved to. Actually, one part person follows instantly An Lingrong very picture, they give constellation disposition, give chicken broth effort, give bright and beautiful carp luck, say to had heard a lot of arguments to oneself next, but still pass bad this lifetime. Also be, such can live well ability is strange. And eyebrow village is more deflection accuses at ego palm, the mood is met some stabler, because this can be borne,fall, live firmly. Actually, I always feel a person maintains a mood to stabilize the issue that is not how complex hardship. If you take care the person beside observation and your experience to experience, with respect to meeting discovery, there are two kinds of such people in the life, their state of mind is very good, the mood is very stable also. One kind is, look thoroughly outwards, differentiate is gotten bright. Finish sth when one individual recognize the essence of affection, perhaps see the harm of the mood clear, won’t wallow in naturally again in the mood. Discriminate He Duanfei is this kind of person. Same by bully of China the wife of a prince, an Lingrong broke down, discriminate however can calm quiet, why? Because discriminate treats the condition that get Qing Dynasty and condition, china the wife of a prince is in hind the foundation of palace is solid, the old affection with the emperor, for years a back up, fierce relation is being placed over. Saw well, it is good to do not have what break down, because she knows to calculate,break down also do not have what to use, it is to added oneself trouble to stop in vain nevertheless.

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Carry the wife of a prince, belong to differentiate to get bright. Attend ceremony of one full year of life, she sits slightly sit to go. Lady-in-waiting reminds her such leave early are afraid of is the interest that can sweep an emperor.

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Upright the wife of a prince says: “If I am in there ah, be afraid of only was to sweep those to call the interest of big play person. ” the socialization to field of fame and gain and human relation, she had arrived the administrative levels that see through does not say to defeat.

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So she says: “I cannot bear the sight of those feigned appearance really, the eye disappears for clean. The eye disappears for clean..

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Compared with be lived by what the person controls a mood, she prefers the time of unmanned make inquires, of course because carried the wife of a prince to had found his to be in,this basically is of field of brutal fame and gain live mode. Even if is the greeting old scene that discriminate scene answers palace later, she did not appear, she had arrived to the processing of socialization and human relation a kind of state: Agree without me, everybody does not affect me presumably. Another kind is, look so that leave, put. Say straight Bai Yi some, this kind of person is a heart big, have certain blunt feeling power, and very be good at ego adjusting. Respecting the wife of a prince and eyebrow place of business is this kind of person. Like ” discriminate is passed ” the person likes to make respect the wife of a prince to be ” bricky the wife of a prince ” , after all she has touched the each brick stone of her Gong Li. Not small look respects the wife of a prince to rely on to count a brick to dismiss the day of doleful loneliness, this is a kind of active ego substantially adjust, I do not change explicit thing, that inward keep an eye on is good oneself immanent. Additional, respect the wife of a prince to still like to raise a tortoise, seek the interest with him disposition close, also be the means of a kind of stable mood. And eyebrow village, say to want He Huafei to calculate this Zhang slowly from her this paragraph of word can see, eyebrow village is the hopeful spirit like Q having A, say to appear a bit, seek a chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position to oneself namely, seek an exit to the grievance that cannot settle at present and resentment, oneself fool oneself, anyway there will be ample time, china the wife of a prince, our wait and see.

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So, respect the wife of a prince and eyebrow place of business this kind is can halcyon send far person. The person with the first kind of stable mood, do not easily probably, but the person with the 2nd kind of stable mood, it is to adjust what can accomplish. Take myself for, pass 30, made after adjusting, my mood stabilizes ability to rise sharply: The first, was far from the ring that those make my heart is tired, maintain a distance actively with the person that does not like; The 2nd, disaccord anybody is done quite! Disaccord anybody is done quite! Disaccord anybody is done quite! Important thing says 3 times; The 3rd, do the business that oneself like more, develop oneself hobby and interest, the picture can be painted when I am not happy, blow play harmonica, go drilling experienced Puladi is waited a moment, anyway always a means lets him walk out of mood eddy; The 4th, do an ego satisfaction to spend 70% right-and-left job, a your person the job of hundred satisfaction is to press a root nonexistent, but I can be measured, the satisfaction that wants me only is spent in 70% control me to be done can contentedly well. If satisfaction is spent low, I can think method promotion satisfaction is spent, if cannot promote, that looks for a satisfaction to spend tall new job. The specific means that maintains mood stability because of the person different, you can find the secret of success that achieves mood stability certainly, but premise is, you must search. Whats are done, wear in the beetle in the eddy of the mood ask everywhere ” how should I maintain a mood to stabilize ah ” , can find ability to blame so.

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