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Original title: True at that time good love puts ovine star, that necklace is me really the necklace in dreaming in one’s childhood (I will introduce Zhong Tianqi! A bit long! If idle must do not have a thing to be able to look! The idol play in my heart male advocate the ceiling! When asking everybody to see this bring profit broadcast automatically ” our souvenir ” ! Battle song rises! Zhong Tianqi is Taiwan idol play ” the star that puts a sheep ” hero. Zhong Tianqi is the 2 childes of E.shine gem group, the elder brother is the Zhong Tianjun that eldest son holds E.shine group general manager concurrently, young when father does an affair to bring about a mother to jump before him building commit suicide, because this and father estrangement are very deep. In E.shine design ministry conceals 2 childes identity to feel the Ou Yare that cruel father sends a bloodcurdling home the jail was known when the fish goes to work, love each other with her, final Ou Yare puts forward to part company to Tian Qi, knew accidentally during Tian Qi is extremely sad by order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large Xia Zhixing of long already gem copy affront, xia Zhixing also is arrested accordingly put in prison. The Tian Qi that detests E.shine goes abroad take advanced courses, become hand of a racing bicycle finally to go back to the motherland, was informed Ou Yare and oneself to kiss the marriage dispatch of elder brother Zhong Tianjun however. Be blacked horse to harm oneself intermediate family ceaselessly for retaliation by percussive day, the control that spirit away mom designs before one’s death the crucial gem Queen Mary of E.shine destiny, be chased all the way by E.shine, meet by chance again on escape route just the Xia Zhixing that parole is released from prison, be being misunderstood by her is the manacle of wanted criminal handcuffs that is chased likewise. The Zhong Tianqi that does not have a place to go and the star that do not have the summer that the place goes to were in by darby handcuffs be forced together a very short time gets along, happened during this a series of story, tian Qi discovers Xia Zhixing is kind-hearted and pure, be not is a guilty of unpardonable evil is barratrous make, this curiosity to her lets him recall the bus of the countryside of home town tomorrow that went up to lead to her as her. Tomorrow countryside is controlled by elder brother of local tyrant hair already, countryside civilian suffering can’ts bear character, tian Qi bets life racing bicycle to win the free body that answered countryside civilian with hair elder brother, a common long lathe work is being done in the factory that build a car, lodge in the inn of the uncle in Xia Zhixing, know without the person he is the 2 childes of E.shine. Xia Zhixing young when parents buys birthday cake to give her and traffic accident double die, the uncle that the A Xing that also is betrayed to abandon by male friend gambles only, be short of the A Xing that loses love as a child, be moved by Zhong Tianqi’s justice and tenderness gradually, in same an a very short time below eave get along let her fall in love with Tian Qi gradually, a Xing knows very well Tian Qi heart is belonged to somewhat, concealed oneself mind silently, deeply rearward is loving Tian Qi, him little imagine surmounted Ou Yare already in Tian Qi’s heart. The affection of Tian Qi remaining is destroyed thoroughly by the deceit of Ou Yare in quick succession later, tian Qi chooses finally to put down the past thoroughly, recognize is worth the person that he loves truly at the moment, loved each other with A Xing, a paragraph of unusually good love began in tomorrow countryside and A star, the side that Tian Qi leaves him the mother got the design according to A Xing to be made ” the star of midsummer night ” , meaning for ” Zhong Tianqi and Xia Zhixing, the star of midsummer night, also do not part again ” . Tian Qi’s father hears of son and barratrous make love each other feel to have disgrace E.shine reputation again, break with all sorts of methods then Tian Qi and A Xing, tian Qi to guard this paragraph of feeling make money desperately want complete independence, hiding the truth from A Xing to open result of the racing bicycle that bet a life by stump a hand, the cycle racing career that because this forfeited,oneself have deep love for, a Xing just is informed Tian Qi at the moment the identity of 2 childes, feel self-abased and compunctious, to let Tian Qi no longer because of oneself hardship rushs about, press under be obliged to be opposite Tian Qi is painful below against one’s will the lie weeps silently leave. Elder brother Tian Jun sees no less than going to little brother every day sadness, go to redeem the little brother’s love searching A Xing alone, result brake breaks hearse disaster and die, the Tian Qi that regards the elder brother as oneself only family because of the elder brother die and big stricken, this also accentuated again the misunderstanding to A Xing, tian Qi gives birth to hate because of love accordingly and thoroughly black change, he blocked former tenderness and puerile, grow overnight for affection of a chill few the adult of cruel. 5 years of flash and over- , zhong Tianqi became the general manager of E.shine, xia Zhixing also lives ordinary life calmingly. Because of offspringing incident of star Han annals, zhong Tianqi and Xia Zhixing again meet again, still be not known by be kept inside a drum-be kept in the dark the Tian Qi of the truth in those days hate is not decreased, tian Qi does not want to let off the opportunity that retaliates Xia Zhixing, but always be softhearted however, the backside of rancor, it is his deep to her love completely, such mood is tormenting Tian Qi for a long time, also tormenting the Xia Zhixing that never also had forgotten him 5 years actually. A crisis of a the courtship of a contract of a holiday marriage, join in the fun on occasion, E.shine, conflagration, although the destiny of Zhong Tianqi and Xia Zhixing arrived 5 years hind still be contacted together closely, in ablaze flaming conflagration, tian Qi to rescue Xia Zhixing, the decision abandons his life, xia Zhixing chooses however resolutely defend resolutelyingly beside in him, a sea of fire of at one’s convenience is gobbled up also do not agree to abandon Tian Qi again one person, the reason that parts company 5 years ago also comes to light accordingly eventually. The Zhong Tianqi that is rescued to come out by the success and Xia Zhixing understood each other sentiment eventually, after experiencing a variety of setbacks and twist, before coming true 5 years eventually after 5 years ” the star of midsummer night ” agreement: “Zhong Tianqi and Xia Zhixing, the star of midsummer night, also do not part again. Also do not part again..

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