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Original title: Fabaceous valve divides Han theatrical work high ” juvenile court ” : The teenager is a teenager, cannot be brought up alone Han drama ” juvenile court ” , be one of teleplay that the near future is worth to watch most undoubtedly. Net flying skill, as expected outstanding, focusing adolescent commits a crime, of measure big, let a person shudder. The happening of guilty fact, those who reflected human nature is complex, do not understand even party why to want such doing even. Alleged the onlookers see most clearly, this drama showed the casuse and effect of juvenile delinquency through the perspective of judge a third party.

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Criminal of local court teenager closes discuss a ministry, basically have judge Shen Enxi (Jin Huixiu is acted the role of) , Che Taizhu (Jin Wulie is acted the role of) , in ministerial Jiang Yuan (Li Xing civilian is acted the role of) . They are in charge of the cognizance of juvenile case, of the case, of investigation difficult, of data file heavy, can work overtime only reductive fact, give a teenager an appropriate punishment. The teenager is a teenager, no matter appearance has how mature, they are not adult from beginning to end, rely on punishment merely, be cannot implement the spirit save atone for. So, when hearing a case, guardian of Shen Enci subpoena is present, after read out punishs a result, still want to complement: “The teenager cannot be brought up alone, condemnatory is a teenager, but the heavy burden of punish guards people to also must be assumed jointly. But the heavy burden of punish guards people to also must be assumed jointly..

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The teenager in drama makes, some die because of parents the life is embarrassed be forced be on guilty road, some are abandoned to choose blame of self-abuse come to attack us by parents, a little kind-hearted even child is mistreated to stem from by parents be protected oneself and sin. . . . . . Notting have is not, because, they lack domestic warmth and love. So, the somebody on fabaceous valve gives out doubt, “Had you made the preparation that makes others parents really? “Had you made the preparation that makes others parents really??

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Had thought? The ability of parenting, not be the instinct in mother’s womb, need study, need is careful, need is awe-stricken. 01 bureaus are event of the bloodiest Sha person broken dead body, the method is extremely cruel. Sha of a Bai Chengyou of 13 years old of teenagers killed 8 years old the child, the first time meet, the child wants to borrow a mobile phone to phone mom, be come home by coax, be cruellied kill next. A teenager approachs life so chilly, can’t help letting a person think of ” human nature this evil ” judgment.

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Judge Shen Enci investigates a case all night, found out advocate fierce Han Rui favour of 14 years old, case bottom is in personally. She is ” clever ” , use ” teenager law ” dot of dividing line of criminal responsibility age, the Bai Chengyou that entice carries a blame on the head for oneself. Look from this, han Rui favour of 14 years old ases if the medium that having adult, bag of top of choose and employ persons will puzzle judge, conceal oneself guilty fact, try to escape legal responsibility. The court is the Jiaohua line of last teenager, tell juvenile delinquency to want to pay price with the means that punish severely, caution teenager should do correct business. What Han Rui favour was sentenced 20 years is penal, sit prison van, it is chill as before in the eye, without the expression that any regretting. Under photograph comparing, white Cheng Youze remembered a mother, can’t help weeping bitterly, have the idea of be repentant. The child committed so great offense, the parents of Han Rui favour is in abroad with the body too busy for nonattendance court, visible, she never has been loved by parents, had not experienced love, how can you just experience kindness and love? Become friendly mother in vain, to live cannot give attention to two or morethings arrives the child, but, say with the son finally, mom can wait for you to come out. The person experiences love only, ability turns the other party from this, in all affection must be not abandoned to the precious, love of life. Another 02 those who touch me is, the case that girl collective runs away. Be sentenced to want the guilty girls that stay for some time in aid center by the judge, help a center advocate there are them like the child that the thing resembles loving his. Ten years by icebound which have the heart that live to melt so quickly, they still are inside wanton chaos comes, broke the leg of a girl even.

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Bad and easy catch up with advocate the thing falls ill, their collective runs away, drive an Er to the urban district by train from devious hamlet. Without the girl of viability, how can you just feed oneself? Judge Shen Enci says, can betray the body only, this is to come the way with the quickest buck. One language comes true. As expected, somebody was arranged to go up, be forced but, she revolts with the way that cuts an artifice. Police of if it were not for shows up in time, consequence is unimaginable. To look for these girls people, advocate thing and judges exert all over skill. A lot of people will be curious, why of the center advocate the thing is willing to abandon marriage and the choice should protect them.

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“There often can is self-abuse tendency in the home by the children of harm, they can make abnormal criminality, or it is to follow bad friends lump, themselves is very clear also, cannot do those bad thing, but they however with one’s eyes open, what they hope self-abuse place is brought is painful, also can cause harm to the family. ” be harmed by the closest person in the home, children think through self-abuse crime retaliates a family, apparently look, it is firm, it is hate, inside in it is however, in call love. Run away the fiercest in the girl ” eldest sister is big ” , hear the news that the mother falls ill, still can risk the wind strategically located and difficult of access that is stressed to glance.

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Cannot think of, digamous mom says before her face, acknowledged a mistake person. Be denied, be abandoned again, she breaks the door wildly, to affirm the daughter that is mom. Cannot think of, the man in the room comes out even if go to dead in beat her, the mom in the room is looked at like seeing a stranger, show the eyes that cold-shoulder from time to time.

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All over the body is her hematic, sit in corridor, the estimation in brain asks in ground why, him err what, why should mom abandon oneself. Alone, work is alive, without kindness, without warmth, be abandoned, as if by worldly forget, abandon oneself easily also. 03 ” juvenile court ” the case that those who tell is juvenile delinquency, badly mutilated, the truth lets person Jing Song, also make a person awe-stricken of human nature dim. Actually, look in me, of this drama or mercy, emphasizing the importance of domestic Jiaohua from beginning to end, the responsibility of parenting and take on.

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See this play, do not become aware remember Wu Zhigong is in ” why the home can injure a person ” in mention one of 6 crammer about love — the child that does not love oneself without parents. Although major parents can pay everything for the child, undeniable is, still some of person does not love his child. Because do not love, they can hit the child; Because do not love, their meeting spirit abuses the child. In ” why the home can injure a person ” in this book, remind us everybody wants to be sure to keep in mind: Father love and mother love are great, this is the the basiccest, most important channel that whole mankind multiplies ceaselessly and delivers love. But, this is far not be to say, a person had the child to become good father and mother automatically. True love is not a simple thing. Parenting, want to realize this, ceaseless self-criticism and him introspection serve particular kind of the child. Pay close attention to snail, brush drama to see a movie together, date of small letter public is homonymic, newer on the weekend, wait for you oh.

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