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Original title: Xu Kai is not had seam join to enter group! The hand embraces a few to be made greatly, will receive big play of class of a S again? The actor that plays at forehand is not little, but if wanting respecting to favore, the resource that with respect to number Xu Kai gets is more. Xu Kai compares try to make a good showing, heat of these a few years is quite pretty good. At the outset Xu Kai is to depending on Fu Heng this part by audience place hep, though not be male advocate, dan Fuheng follows the feeling of Wei Ying Luo, it is the dot of a regret all the time. Making triumphant it may be said is model worker, basically be to not have seam join to enter of the group, link put together art and other activity bright little appear, wait for sport is taken in the play staff.

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Xu Kai and white deer calculate going up is old partner, of Xu Kai and white deer main actor ” ostentatious ” , affectionate severe dirt billows also is special group pink. Cooperated with Bai Lu again later ” blaze military school ” , this often is denounced to true dispute happy event.

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Xu Kai is back-to-back main actor many teleplay, should say special explode the drama of the paragraph, how much don’t have. Take the theatrical work that broadcasted 2020 for, of Xu Kai and main actor of week winter rain ” dirt of of through the ages ” calculate going up is bigger make, have Zhou Dongyu what is more,the rather that after this shadow add hold, the public praise that is this drama only is more general.

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Again for by what the audience makes one star madly ” when you smile very beautiful ” , the likelihood is gut respect, it is really caused a lot of people do not agree with. Dan Xukai’s resource has no how old influence, acted the leading role to be made not less greatly as before. Xu Kai and Yang Mi act the leading role ” the 28 law of love ” , look from the road fully, had made a person special expect. The collocation of Xu Kai and Yang Mi is quite fresh, do not know to the surprise with different what you can have?

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Xu Kai still has what with Wu Jin character cooperates once more ” still feed ” , wu Jin character development of these a few years also is more general, though drama is in,sow, but heat still is inferior to Xu Kai. So cooperate this once more, can you make up for Fu Heng and the regret of Luo of Ying of the Kingdom of Wei?

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And still have those who adapt a novel ” empty of get lost Kunlun ” , hunan of bell of Xu Kai partner sunlights, from the battle array, had let a person expect quite. Zhong Chuxi acts the leading role ” ace army ” heat but not small. And two people act the leading role ” empty of get lost Kunlun ” from the point of prevue, with respect to enough curiosity letting a person, can be a what kind of story after all.

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Again for say in October 2021 the portion switchs on the mobile phone ” Xue Ying’s feudal lord ” , xu Kai is afraid of is not to want the goddess that encircles with recreation to cooperate all over, this of the partner is graceful plunge into. Graceful the Yan Zhi nature that plunge into is need not say more, what worry exclusively is the problem on acting, look graceful plunge into the work that broadcasts recently, acting is to have progress, but ascensive space is quite large still.

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These 4 work, can be to be made greatly. See Xu Kai hand have work of so much department only, can see, xu Kai basically is in the be stationed on the play staff. Once work leaves,sow, can imagine Xu Kai’s grand occasion. Recently, the net passes Xu Kai to will go out act ” happy You Yuan ” , but this teleplay is adapted from bandit I consider the novel that put. Mention bandit the theatrical work that I consider the novel that put to adapt, must put forward ” east palace ” , up-to-date still many people do not go to go out east the cruel of palace. So ” happy You Yuan ” can you be to explode the provision of the paragraph?

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” happy You Yuan ” female advocate it is reported will go out by Jing Tian act, jing Tian is being depended on ” Si Teng ” after brushing an existence to feel, follow-up development is held out all the time pretty good. If true You Jingtian gives the word that act, can plaint only, xu Kai this was to harvest a goddess again.

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And it is reported ” happy You Yuan ” the ordinary members of theatrical troupe that make is very pretty good, and bandit I am thought of keep the write a play that will hold the position of this drama personally, so gut was ensured somewhat.

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