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Original title: The person that 8 give up act the pig, ma Dehua and Cui scene are rich, after all who is acted more outstandingly? Breath out, everybody is good I am Gong Lian 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” be a times is classical, 4 people still have division person the classic form of white Long Ma is deep already deep in audience heart, how does even if successor film, also cannot efface 86 edition the position in audience heart.

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On the west travel notes still breaks up in 98 years of Yang Jie’s director later patted ” on the west travel notes ” continuation, besides Sun Wu sky and the Tang Dynasty the person of the monk that act is changeless, 8 give up still have the pig the act person of sanded monk changed Cui Jingfu and Liu Dagang.

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” on the west travel notes continuation ” on the west picture of travel notes continuation is clear, capital is powerful, specially good effect also follows more advanced, made up for the inadequacy of 86 edition, especially the pig of Cui Jingfu personate 8 give up are one large window.

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Heart China is in Ma Dehua and Cui Jing Fuma of 86 edition act, special foolish condition but Ju, with 6 small age child Sun Wu has tacit agreement very much for nothing, no matter be,camera lens hind still is before camera lens, with younger brother of senior fellow apprentice proportional. Perform means and union of traditional and dramatic phase, be a time is classical.

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Pig of Ma Dehua edition 8 give up and Cui Jingfu has been acted ” Sui Tangying hero is passed ” medium Wang Shichong. Also had acted a pig in continuation 8 give up, 8 give up have his pig very much oneself individual characteristic, did not imitate Ma Dehua, however recumbent oneself are right pig the realization of 8 give up, show the pig that belongs to individual style 8 give up.

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Pig of Cui scene rich edition 8 give up as a whole, the person that 8 give up act the pig of this two edition, have individual distinguishing feature, act well as to who, the know exactly about sth in audience nature heart, the pig that which version you like to this 8 give up? ! The welcome leaves a message to me in comment area

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