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Original title: The hair that disappear is only ” she what disappear ” , the hair that Zhu Yilong disappears gradually Zhu Yilong haircut. Good the hair that waiting for him not easily grows a few longer vermicelli made from bean starch this child disappointed, because be in heart of a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch, still feel he what wear long hair is a few more good-looking.

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Last his haircut still is in last. Last although the hair is short, but unapt still shorter than eyelash, this flat the space that needs wool 1/3 times only with bareheaded. Film ” infinite deepness ” when, zhu Yilong cut hair inch, harbour mustache, hind ” infinite deepness ” more the name is ” the peak explodes ” , the accumulative total after showing is box-office 428 million, though did not achieve the anticipation of vermicelli made from bean starch, but as disaster piece, show in National Day archives also be a right result. This bingle modelling is Zhu Yilong to film the film ” life important matter ” and those who cut, come out to can perform the coarse feeling of the part, zhu Yilong does not have package of a bit God completely, this film will be in Pure Brightness archives will be shown on April 2.

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When the long hair that proper vermicelli made from bean starch disappears for him is regretful, zhu Yilong is cut again sent! This, flat replaced a shaven head… , this, vermicelli made from bean starch is regretful is the long hair that he disappears no longer, however the hair that he disappears, and he disappeared the hair is for achievement only however ” she what disappear ” . Though circle a mouth a bit, but the thing still is this appearance drop really. Good to act each part, he is to go all out really.

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From 2016 ” loafer of new limit town ” the tall horsetail of the Fu Gongxue in, went looking again black of the Lian Chengbi that changed long wrap around hair, arrive again ” make your float if,be born dream ” the curl when, oh, forgot an important thing, ” town fetch ” in his hair is accident moderate, also be vermicelli made from bean starch people the hairstyle that thinks to suit him most.

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I am likely extraordinary, I am the most favorite Zhu Yilong is in ” my true friend ” a mistake or shortcoming that may be exploited by others in, match the temperament with his melancholy, those who contain condition is binocular, gentle breath, weak feeling, grayish small business suit adds a body, the small glasses of fine edge is worn, full gent tastes, there is very thick Ying Lunshen on Zhu Yilong body person feeling, gentle and civilized, warmth exercises restraint, his temperament inside amusement includes Hong Kong and Taiwan to encircle is alone.

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Modelling of this piece of a mistake or shortcoming that may be exploited by others looks dry defecate bright, match the coat with blue grey alternate with, more show the particular gentle gent temperament on his body. Gentry morale of Zhu Yilong ceases and water just relies on outside temperament to reflect, his gent is by inside and outside send out come out. His softhearted, not good at one’s words, but special love laughs, also laugh because of love, add a person to be compared again thin, the furrow that meeting somebody atttacks his face to go up is a little much, but that has what concern again, we are understandable be that is the dimple on Lake Baikal, that is to wave the staff in days.

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” my true friend ” the hairstyle of neat and tidy is course elaborate design, in England when feel to stress the quality of stylist of high end of neat and tidy, the head give back at that time grows Zhu Yilong not quite, a mistake or shortcoming that may be exploited by others from the back is received a hair just still plunge into rise, etc after going back to the motherland, to facilitate the audience accepts this person, tore open braid. The carve that actor and play staff did not pay close attention to to go up in detail probably when a lot of people see play, actually they very attentively, the success or failure of drama is mixed besides the director of actor and play staff take change, the play just is the most crucial essential, ” my true friend ” be defeated in female advocate on set, but orderly of this part model, do not have what problem.

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Actually neat and tidy is not Zhu Yi the modelling with the longest hair in play of classics fashionable dress. ” secret war ” Zhu Yilong and Zhao Liying and Guo Fucheng cooperate, in film his personate division of a piano, he also is an underground party at the same time, cen Zimo’s modelling is the hair in fashionable dress play of Zhu Yilong is the at present longest (of course, wool monkey not count, do not make fashionable dress then after all, what to call me also do not know, you can drink genuine knowledge see hit in comment area) . I had not seen this movie, saw part only, zhu Yilong has the show that a paragraph of He Zhanghan takes together to smoke, have qualitative feeling very much, I believe, pass 10 years again, zhu Yilong’s temperament will become dark become silent by elegant and flimsy decay, he will have ply more. Cen Zimo’s hairstyle also suits him very much, perhaps can say, zhu Yilong suits long hair very much. This piece of photograph, reflect to hairstyle from dress gave full-bodied artistic flavor.

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A lot of people like Zhu Yilong ” affection is decided 3 unripe ” the modelling of childe of the Republic of China in, but this is not me love most, because makeup look is not very good,my individual feels the Zhu Yilong in this drama is likely, show black, and part person is set also do not please, the sense that gives a person is not very good (I am part pink, cannot accomplish every part to him to be profuse in praise) , but the modelling of childe of the Republic of China that this does not hamper others likes him:

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Field of right now Zhu Yilong gas still is not very sufficient, look some puerile, compared with ” town fetch ” still differ for the Shen Wei in so lose. ” drive elder sister returns ” in why happy hairstyle is darling young modelling, look person cultivate harmless, sunshine is Anacreontic, this hairstyle very show small, zhu Yilong controls easily.

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To Zhu Yilong’s ancient costume, most feel to want to figure childe view, george has Shi Yun: Wave wave jade of coronal of black hair stroke, be filled with the Milky Way of Can of the eye that be filled with eyebrow. Chief body side establishs drunk rosy clouds, jade belt of bright and beautiful gown absolutely elegance and talent.

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This piece of model has celestial being energy of life most, the United States is gotten free from vulgarity. Wave wave why be like, heaven and earth one sanded gull.

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The hairstyle of scene of son of a feudal prince or high official of figure of this piece of close shot is general the person cannot control, except Zhu Yilong is warm and gentle Confucianism elegant temperament, left and diffuse long hair can have the feeling of flirtatious hooliganism, and be proper however here, a few less overcautious, much a few minutes cheesy, eyebrow eye is affectionate, thin lip is opened gently, between the smile, have the taste of tasteful childe again, unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease and not excessive.

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If say what kind of man matchs,go up modest self-disciplined gentleman, lukewarm embellish is like the complimentary demit of jade, I want to decide is Qi Heng so. The modelling with military forces average tomb figure, arrived here, it is delicate and orderly about another however. Ancient costume most poke facial features, face model with temperament, zhu Yilong’s face and figure suit ancient costume more, his itself has the temperament of childe of old and well-known family, the figure is thin, look familiar, eyes warmth is affectionate, the Zhu Yilong of ancient costume likes beauty suitable for a painting in, classic lasting appeal is comfortable among them, need not wordy.

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Zhu Yilong’s most mature hairstyle is Shen Wei and Chen Yiming, it is a hairstyle almost, but look Chen Yiming not as good as Shen Wei comes more raise a key point, is this why?

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I should say a word that displeases vermicelli made from bean starch, slimy bud has a knife to unplug knife, the gun draws out a gun, wait for me to wear soft hedgehog nail first… . I am risking life danger to say, if say Zhu Yilong’s appearance has what drawback, the atrium that is him then has so one small lose lose long. The Shen Wei that wears glasses looks than Chen Yiming more because glasses is on the vision,raising a key point is shortened his atrium. If not be to lying between mobile phone screen, I think at the moment I already was in pool of blood, of course, that is the edge of love and bullet, my general is extremely glorious.

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But I prefer ” traitor ” medium Zhu Yilong. This drama I do not stand the official matchs, my station Lin La, although I know to be great and immortal between them pure friendship, but I think sturdily, such friendship is OK the second kills all love, include the love between Lin Nan sheng and Zhu Yizhen. Because the Tong Yao in this drama is right Zhu Yizhen’s explanation is too perfunctory, did not take a heart at all, she deduces the Zhu Yizhen below, do not deserve to go up at all the deep feeling of Lin Nan sheng. Cast begin ability not to say, the manner of children’s folk is not serious. But watch Zhu Zhu instead, no matter a string of 1 from each respects,hit Tong Yao, her expressional strength just has with Lin Nan sheng of Zhu Yilong agree degree, CP feels heavier, want to write colleague article to them to me again.

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Like him to wear brunet coat to wear the modelling of hat and glasses most, dark massiness is much mediumer a few minutes of secret touch, than before the demeanor that any modelling have mature man more. ” traitor ” medium Lin Nan sheng is the part that type of an advance gradually grows, arrive from high-spirited and vigorous be utterly disheartened to arrive again sturdy belief, zhu Yilong’s hairstyle arrived to hit wax later from the student head of early days slant separately, it is serving for the part. He is OK selected skyline the Yan Zhi of 4 beauty, commendable is he does not have any God packages. Once the friend asks me: If Zhu Yilong collapses room you can sad? I reply: He won’t collapse room, because the first he is set without the person, the 2nd, there are any sets to him in my heart, he is occupational Everyman with the actor namely, he is very outstanding, but he is faulty also, short of homicide is incendiary violate the law and commit crimes, waste man power and money is grabbed by force civilian female, other issue is indifferent to.

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Grab by force civilian female this thing possibility is 0, you understand. Zhu Yilong has changed career centre of gravity to big screen apparently, I think, by his manner and actual strength, his hopeful takes next shadow emperor, because, he has a piece of drama to cast a face, still a drama is cast hair. I am George, like me to nod an assist to add an attention please, do not like to take out your 10 meters long bolo please, I prepare blood to splash 3 feet at any time, horizontal cadaver street. Inform against / feedback

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