Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Corrupt drama the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, drama of a few when not allow to miss 2022 high grade corrupt, did you look? Breath out, everybody is good! Went to be less than 3 months 2022, to now already a lot of good high grade theatrical work broadcast, the truelove drama quality this year is very good, public praise of a few work and quality can say is excellent, as the audience for, at a draught so much drama broadcasts at the same time, looked to come nevertheless a bit really, regard drama of a corrupt as lover nevertheless for, still must give everybody check seriously of these drama, so between your memory this year what is the pop chart of corrupt drama? Everybody gives check below!

20220312120652 622c8cdc06b49

The first: ” semantic mistake ” ” semantic mistake ” it is this year absolutely an a dark horse of corrupt drama, fabaceous valve 8.8 minutes, grading is taller, agree in the public praise of fabaceous valve and small gain reputably, this drama basically nods what depend on two leading role absorbingly to cooperate to follow tacit rate, the person is set accord with with temperamental height, yan Zhi is not low still, this also is afterwards ” the point that your look place reachs ” and ” the star that sends me ” later, han corrupt explodes drama of red the 3rd network, also be corrupt of throughout history Han the strongest Wang Zhe.

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The 2nd: ” the partner of contracted ยท danger ” the corrupt of a day under drama of suspense of day theatrical work, insecurity of details of a case is exciting, wood of leading role bell extends raise of the sum dog between expensive measure cooperate to also have tacit agreement very much, the window with this the biggest play is drama of a corrupt not just namely, and still hold the color that provided suspicion theatrical work concurrently, because direct what itself takes suspicion drama one’s previous experience namely, no matter be returned from placard,be so to gut weave full suspense wind. Wave is much wilder expensive article also is worthy of is to had been patted ” ironclad proof unsettled case ” director, have qualitative feeling very much to editing and rearrangement, tonal, dub in background music from camera lens language. Of course, the performance of two leading role is very excellent also!

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The 3rd: ” sweet the heart is sent ” set loves after marriage first, without misremembered word, this should be the first peaceful corrupt that set loves after marriage first, appear actually the set that also is green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, leading role two people actually from very small when beginning had been a good friend, but just had contract bind calm, guess the idea of the other side again not, just had each other so between not tacit, but after their disclose destroys that window paper, all things are solved, drama name is called ” sweet the heart is sent ” , true right!

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The 4th: ” 5 men dormitory ” this is a half sanded carve half base the network drama of corrupt, whole comes up say Yan Zhi of this drama whole is very tall, leading role set is very good also, but with ” semantic mistake ” than rising, gut was differred so little, still can be very pretty good.

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The 5th: ” Cupid’s last wish ” this is the drama that intelligent ball cooperates the 2nd times, since on one year ” 1000 stars are fabulous ” after conflagration, liked to go up this pair of CP, actually this drama is moderate level! Should return in light of comedy pretty good, but gut has bit of moisture content, origianl work novel has the blood that nod a dog, so drama edition also contains dog blood composition to be inside more or less actually.

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Above is this year a few drama that I feel more pretty good, of course some of drama still is not involved, because too much, look completely to come nevertheless, if have,omit, everybody can help in comment area complement!

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