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Original title: Write place name, make false plate, why they are OK ” aleatoric and for ” and be acquiesced in by everybody # is what homebred drama always likes to write a place name # often is pleasant to the eye in a film or teleplay the place name of never heard of before, but be not it seems that again out of thin air, for instance teleplay of practical subject matter ” break out of an encirclement ” the capital city in, for distinct, fictitious still even what its belong to province — Chinese east, include the initial of plate place apanage, cannot call not rack one’s brains. Somebody wondered, the foreign country is big do not mind even with name of calling card of coronal of bona fide name, for example ” London is fallen ” , ” Roman holiday ” , ” of Hiroshima love ” , ” after Egypt is colourful ” , ” Parisian goddess courtyard ” etc, theatrical work of our home movie and TV is virtual place name, what is evaded?

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Yes, evade somewhat really, the reason has 3. It is well-known sensitive element, this element the heart tells everybody abdomen bright, for instance ” bomb Tokyo ” , domestic which director dare apply mechanically? Although say story of drama of movie and TV is the part that contains fiction more, “Play says ” cannot take seriously, the problem is, who knows you ” does play say ” whether have ulterior motives? In case be said to stand have a problem, still pat later do not pat piece? Say so, the thing that carries thunder on the head is not able.

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Thing of sex of gather of 2 hereat thing is too much, not the standard is specific reflect any place. Of before heating up the rank that sow drama for instance 10 ” windstorm eye ” , the country installs soldier where to have, detected emissary case without number, what install battle line to reflect a state is secret with details of a case of free and easy, playwrite gives a few typical case then ” gather ” , so cannot coronal with even if be north,going up wide deep the name of an any cities, eclectic method, namely with ” double quiet town ” acting.

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3 be, story content may have different meanings to a certain place, make up a place name to cross careful easily namely and tacit, still won’t apply because of place name undeserved by the person ” complain ” and arouse controversy, crucial OK still and clever escape by the prosecution of suggestive place, not suffer unexpected personal financial losses also avoids disaster. The wisdom of playwrite and director, alas, must say, one part was given to take up by place name of fiction of rack one’s brains, quite not homebred big big play is little. Or with ” break out of an encirclement ” for exemple. Is what the capital city in drama points to after all? The colliery is resourceful, setting enterprise is some embellish of famous, have the background since the reporter first, there is judicatory to intervene after, seat calculates through eliminating a doctrine, be be vividly portrayed? But, cannot direct and bright able to read aloud fluently, have to rises ” pronominal ” attack by innuendo. This is a kind of wisdom, business the word cries reasonable avoid danger, common saying is, the fart in elevator — who to fume who knows.

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Drama of movie and TV includes the dimension with the front and different opposite to spend certainly, openly figure is accepted easily, who is sung the praises of sb gladly. But negative image must careful, in case because the controversy of place name is made stop,perhaps be fallen to wear, the thousands of investment of ten thousand whose burden? This is not to direct playwrite to have ” be murdered is mad ” disease, like make a fuss about an imaginary illness, however they have acumen before look up sex, before of happening of a period of time ” introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad hot boiling water ” and ” the flesh places steamed bun ” place name is used sue incident, can be solid of dozen of fact famous the real case that has a surname has those who compensate for mark. Place name, in drama of homebred movie and TV not dare easily real name.

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Like, pay close attention to please ” government office right street 2 child ” , do not like, delimit past is, not troublesome.

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