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Original title: Seminar Piao ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” pat life acutance with artistic perspective On March 11, the net theatrical work that by Chinese TV art committee sponsors ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” the seminar is held in Beijing. The conference is mixed by Yi Kai of secretary-general of committee of Chinese TV art Li Yuan chairs deputy secretary-general field, seeing and hearing of network of total bureau of national broadcasting television manages vice director Li Zhongzhi is attended. Scholar of all circles expert and advocate achieve a delegate to wait with respect to the thematic conception of this drama, artistic trait, undertook be discussinged deep. ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” it is the drama of suspense of a female that mango monsoon theater rolls out, exceed industry of movie of times of amusement of intermediary, Xinjiang China to manufacture jointly by mango TV, mango, ma Saichun, Bai Ke, Liu Kai presents as leading role to act the leading role.

20220312120809 622c8d29ac721

This drama told about an effort to live to seek smooth and steady ordinary woman only, face marital treason and the heavy burden of baleful, life and hardship, the story that ego saves. The husband attempts ” uxoricide is cheated protect ” , it is the idiomatic broken bits in drama of doubt of eye front overhang male narrative. Wife consolidate step by step, finish ” kill instead ” , it is the female bright drama of audience love to see and hear. Everybody has commit the crime the narrative sequence of thought of motive, make its some more again the play fights the riddle pleasure like, these are ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” be able to the main factor of break out of an encirclement. Female arousal, there is dawn after the night ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” successful, what depend on pair of woman figure above all is solid model and to female rights and interests think. Stage of Hunan broadcasting television edits Peng Guoyuan of committee deputy chief editor to point out, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” base oneself upon is in at Chinese average woman the real recent situation in matrimony, showed an ordinary female to break through predicament to obtain newborn tenacity and wisdom, those who revealed close affection is great with love precious, delivered up the viewpoint of value to be apt to.

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Mango exceeded easy Ke Ming of intermediary deputy editor in chief to elaborate ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” creation thinking and artistic concept, he is this drama definition female clothbound drama, be about to the social life of drama anthology clue, character and instantly is united in wedlock cheek by jowl rise. People not only can mix in the setting that can see oneself are familiar in drama, clue contradictory conflict, still can be familiar with in find a kind of road to give birth to the experience watching opera that turn, get a life inspiration from which. ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” in the life phenomenon that a large number of clues agreed with a lot of females to be able to be encountered and psychology are contradictory, plus find a view true, the emulation of the simple sense of camera lens and detail changes processing, make the clothbound rate of this drama higher.

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He is mentioned, mango monsoon theater is in drama of development female clothbound the first phase, “This phase has 9 years, we want cultivated good this is periodic, the rule that observes its to span smoothly on node again ahead already, devoted to artistic. ” the heart road course when playwrite Huang Fen introduced to write this play, she expresses, the predicament of role of the woman in drama and experience, not scarce in the life. ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” the place that hopes to be able to let more person see them, hear their voice, more important is, encourage these females to step the first pace bravely, phonate save oneself. “Start a writer as, I am the male and marriage without the place attribute a fault to these females, just exceeding and close husband and wife concerns, can let contradiction erupt so that center a few. Can let contradiction erupt so that center a few..

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The broken bits male Su Rui in drama, be called by the netizen ” the hexagon soldier in person broken bits ” , liu Kai of the person that act expresses, to show the disposition feature that gives a role adequately, he is leaving oneself let rapid and angular before patting, the thin type of build or figure that lets Su Rui and irratable disposition form tremendous contrast, form Thespian pulling force thereby. “The demand that I give myself is, the human nature on Su Rui body is evil must authentic, terrible, more lamentable. But I hope sincerely each female can the Li Xiaonan to the middle of drama is euqally brave, dare to defy unjust, rise make a stand against. Rise make a stand against..

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Take commercial theatrical work take experience case theatrical work deeply a ray besides female perspective, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” the person that formal exploration and subject matter innovation also give creative work brought a few enlightenment. Chinese medium university teachs Lu Rong to think, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” make case with suspense drama, affection reality is a kernel, pay close attention to the life circumstances that situation female loses in deep-set marriage hopeless situation, it may be said relates the story that is full of actual care with the type of commercial theatrical work, pulled open a distance with female topic drama not only, return have the aid of to burned cerebral gut to drive the market at the same time.

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Zhao Tong of vice director of center of art of TV of Chinese article couplet expresses, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” the most absorbing place depends on, solved a problem, left one caboodle question. The affection suspense that involves Nan of dawn of leading role plum gets understanding commentate, but the audience thes upper part of the body to body of a few costar showing suspense still stays have doubt: Why is male figure short of Li Xiaonan break? Public security policemen the marital status of old act how? These are ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” stay in the suspense besides drama anthology.

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Stage of Beijing broadcasting television is literary great of Shenyang of assistant of stage former director thinks, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” it is to using realistic manner to behave the life, report lives. Instantly, the audience is commonly used oneself experience of life sees play, only drama anthology satisfied this, people just can pay close attention to the destiny of the hero more, ability can follow to remove complete Cheng firstly. This is the successful place of this drama.

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” bright daily ” literary department Niu Mengdi of literary comment editor-in-charge thinks, the occurrence of female suspense drama, balanced the sexual question that fervent setting leaves homebred suspense theatrical work well, increased to be able to view a sex for suspense drama, also let female group do it in all affection. ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” grow to save oneself with the female with the female respond to real difficult position, beat people heart continuously, deliver to woman audience gave a kind to value sense.

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Dagger of senior editor Xing analysed committee of Chinese TV art ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” the technology is applied. She thinks, this drama is on expression of seeing and hearing, show ” it is somewhat, do not be somewhat ” height exercises restraint. What behaving human nature is dark with happiness intense confront each other, when behaving a cruel harm seriousness, appear directly through movement and mood. Actor’s lines is in narrative medium action, be confined to the sentiment that expresses a character, and the explanation that need not make pair of the plot of a play explains, this showed the color of language of seeing and hearing of very concise concise, promoted whole department the artistic appeal of drama.

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Li Jingcheng of wide federation vice-chairman expresses in, realistic creation should have ray and acute to spend two kinds of force. What the ray represents is to eulogize people, eulogize times, expressive the true; Under the idea that development of the person that acutance asks to create lives, observe the shadow below sunshine, discover torrent and undercurrent. ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” in have two extremely abominable criminal cases, one is uxoricide is cheated protect, one is to kill the witness, if will write along them, with respect to the orbit of play of the can slippery record that enter experience, but this drama found perspective of a female, changed the character of whole department theatrical work, let it turn affection into drama, woman play, family drama, marriage theatrical work, topic drama, dissolved the harm that experience record play may cause to the society. From this one angle character, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” the person that the courage of innovation is worth each creation is drawn lessons from.

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Yi Kai of secretary-general of committee of Chinese TV art also alluded when be summed up finally this, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” those who tell about is human nature is filthy, but also lashed filthy, promoted light, the hope still is full of to the life after letting a person look, this is its successful place.

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