Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Original title: Duan Zhengchun is how exist Paragraph king father is tasteful and randy gave a name, all sorts of coquettish are operated, gave birth to one caboodle daughter, give room Dao Baifeng became green. But what final ability knows he also is borne fruit became green, oneself baby son Duanyu is not him one’s own so, however the Duan Yanqing that Dao Baifeng weighs in experience of the cast oneself on outside Tian Longsi door is given birth to, the gut of blood of exceeding really dog. It is cheap paragraph praise, duan Zhengchun pains all one’s life, giving birth to so much daughter is the son reserve wife that helps others actually. Actually Duan Yanqing also is blind work all one’s life, want to recapture kingship, do not think however, final it is with oneself one’s own son grabs seat. Also be very dog blood. Duan Zhengchun is a handsome young man, where can have so much woman to like otherwise. But however courage and uprightness of it doesn’t matter. Zhu Moli because by Azi humiliate, final choice dies with battle of Duan Yanqing force, also calculate a worthy death. But Duan Zhengchun of after the event did not have what discipline sb as a warning to A Zi, it serves to show is in his heart still advocate fall forward has not, not be so called the bury after dying has brotherly ties of friendship that kind together. The help grace that Qiao Feng has a few times to him, but dare not move to help Qiao Feng however on congress of Shaolin Temple hero. Still say big country of distant of the Song Dynasty of what Dali place is bad to have a hand in, be forced neither helps. It serves to show is timid. Have courage and uprightness mixes not as insufficient as experience of war of all corners of the country still Duan Yulai have ties of friendship. The adversary that Duan Yuming knows is not a surname answer also dare hard firm, even if be hit so that the mouth vomits blood, complete also loyally. A Zi by fourth year hold sb under duress, duan Zhengchun also dare be looked at aside only, dare not move to be saved, it serves to show he also is not a good father. Peak of tall of if it were not for comes to be saved, a Zi still can continue to be held to be in constellation often blames a hand in. When to look so Duan Zhengchun is Duan Yanqing be said greatly the face that lost paragraph of home descendants, want others to move to be saved every time. Anyway I do not like.

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