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Original title: Expose to the sun phlogistic inferior play staff of black silk ribbon 2 staff members drop die, the main actor phonates, object die reason not simple Recently, a message exposes to the sun on the net, weigh teleplay ” embrace first ” play staff, grave accident produces when film. Two staff members drop into cereal bottom, when waiting for the personnel that rescue to arrive, two people are insensate already condition. Can see in video, two staff members drop after Gu Zhi, the person of the spot calls the police immediately, police organizes gorge of the team that rescue to rescue.

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The place that teleplay films cries ” immortal cereal ” , video can see, landform is exceedingly arduous. If did not do good safety precaution, once be reduced to poverty goes down, be afraid the immortal is saved hard also.

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It is reported, two staff members are division of reception of a radio, be called A Xiang, additionally one is course of study inside famous cameraman, be called Huang Baixiong. After its happening, the main actor is phlogistic inferior black silk ribbon and Yao Ai Ning replace two staff members to phonate in gregarious platform. Yao Ai Ning expresses: “After receiving an information, the heart is exceedingly distress, produce such accident to be able to be accepted without the person. Produce such accident to be able to be accepted without the person..

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Hope this incident can let everybody face up to take a safe issue, improve the working environment of all defecate personnel. Besides, yao Ai Ning still expresses: “If when taking sport oneself compromised, also let each staff members expose Yu Feng in danger. ” from this we can are informed, of two staff members die and not simple, not be pure fall. Did not do good safety precaution when film however, bring about 2 people finally to drop cliff dies.

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Besides Yao Ai Ning, phlogistic inferior black silk ribbon also phonates for two staff members, one’s words should love Ning Gengji to enter than Yao a few. Phlogistic inferior black silk ribbon expresses: “Oneself feel indignant for this thing, I ask myself ceaselessly, we where is this importunate bottom line, insisting to let everybody feel to look for me to take sport is troublesome, should still satisfy safe requirement floriferous cost? Should still satisfy safe requirement floriferous cost??

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From this we can are informed, appear such accident, because,be play staff to reduce cost, did not provide adequate protection for two staff members so the safety precaution of their life.

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Bring about two people finally to appear when film accident, drop into cereal bottom, do not treat die. It is reported, two people are very young, sound engineer this year ability is 34 years old, cameraman also does not pass 38 years old. Be worth period of prime of life, gave oneself young life so. Resemble actually such piece field is accident, happened two this years many. Filming before the film ” sweep poison 3 ” when, piece once had produced an accident twice. It is flying car acrobatics it is to be pressed below the car, weigh, the evacuation that is carried to come out undertakes cure to the hospital.

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Still be once sport is taken in Thailand, when plane of a prop falls deviate original contrail, press in the thatched shack that the play staff builds directly, bring about 3 military division to be pressed below.

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Resemble such piece field accident, can happen every year, say us normally present science is already enough develop, he why similar is such thing added only be decreased? When we are filming, whether controlling cost while, should also assure the safety of these staff members? Besides, some too dangerous show shares, whether we can replace true person to film with computer specially good effect? Piece the staff member of field also is a person, they are not running stores, parents also has family.

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If the play staff connects their person safety to cannot assure, is drama of movie and TV patted what sense to still have? Because public opinion brings about drama of movie and TV to be shown repeatedly finally,cannot show, desertion for a sesame seed whole watermelon, such behavior, should not make trade really inside common phenomenon. What do you have to want to say to this, the welcome leaves a message in comment area discuss.

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