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Original title: Zhang Kaili: For love far go to Shenzhen, live 23 years together with the mother-in-law, the support of family is her motivation Now more and more girls feel scared to marriage nowadays, besides oneself enough and outstanding besides, it is stay at a respectful distance from sb of pair of relation of wife and mother more very, begin from ancient time, relation of wife and mother is the difficult problem in marital relation all the time, can have a such female star, marriage hind and mother-in-law get along very harmonious, still live 23 years together with the mother-in-law below an eave, become the mother-in-law get married Mom look upon, the mother-in-law is right she also as kissing a daughter. Look wife and mother concerns getting along also is methodical, this female star that lives more than 20 years together with the mother-in-law is Zhang Kaili, now nowadays as before active go up in screen.

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There are many stars to also be in before entering recreation to encircle in recreational group belong to respective domain glow to shine, zhang Kaili is not exceptional also, in those days she is to think athlete, short still way fast slippery athlete. She what be born in Changchun filled artistic cell as a child, after be brought up, in Jilin art academic system studied a performance, just began to act gradually later art career. To the audience people for, she is teleplay is medium ” mom specialist ” , giving the role that perform also is a few mom, mother-in-law mostly or the figure of mother-in-law.

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The Zhang Kaili of young moment is entered in the film and teleplay domain gave world one time, especially in those days the ministry is then red all over great river north and south ” yearn for ” , it is to let big a confusion of voices of Zhang Kaili fame more. ” yearn for ” this teleplay is the first full length and indoor drama of Chinese, the heroine Liu Hui Fang of Zhang Kaili personate, left deep impression to the audience, she also wins many mainstream award because of this part, return Jiang Jinying award is optimal in bursa of heroine award income.

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Also begin from this teleplay just about, of Zhang Kaili act art the route goes smoother more, acted the leading role in succession later the film ” army elder brother’s wife ” , ” Yan Xuemei ” , modern drama ” monumental ” etc, put focus in teleplay domain later, ” naked marriage age ” , ” we marry ” etc, these families often can see Zhang Kaili’s figure in drama.

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Many audiences like Zhang Kaili’s acting very much, feel true not feigned, very ground connection is angry, the acting that also a few audiences often spit groovy Zhang Kaili is to show off how all the time breathe out, without very big breakthrough, it may be said has 1000 Hamlet in 1000 people eye, want to let all person like her, it is impossible. Those award were won since nevertheless light sees Zhang Kaili go out to act in a play, achievement and honor, enough proves what her actual strength is in recreational group or precede, also carry rise ” old show bone ” .

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The mainstream award besides all sorts of films, teleplay and modern drama respect Zhang Kaili or courtyard of national modern drama one stage actor, committee member of countrywide the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a bone of Zheng Miaogong old show of appropriate appropriate! Can say, this walks along Zhang Kaili all the way very lucky, walked out of the life that belongs to oneself and road easily, treat feeling, she also treats a career to use a heart euqally together.

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Depending on teleplay ” longing ” bright red big violet later, successive a few years, zhang Kaili does not have work, a lot of people do not know where she went to, just be informed later so she is the love that goes after her to Shenzhen! The acquaintance of Zhang Kaili and marital Zhang Jianquan is had very much dramatic, 2 people at Shenzhen a dining-room is acquainted, that moment returns Zhang Jianquan not to know Zhang Kaili, bold still however should come to her telephone number. 2 people begin to contact later, long understand one another also makes the man that Zhang Kaili likes to read a book to this complete open heart door leaf, want to stay in Shenzhen knot legitimate child with agent him speak bluntly even later, career summit summit period she makes such decision, agent was frightened jump.

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Marry say very simple, but the problem that the wife and mother after marriage concerns to worry most for Zhang Kaili’s parents, after all Zhang Kaili disposition is candid, parental dispute often understands him nature that the word says continuously, also fear she did not get along with the mother-in-law very much not harmonious, did not think of a few years after marriage, the concern that Zhang Kaili proved parents with his real operation is redundant.

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Because be opposite,be of Zhang Jianquan probably love too too grumous, zhang Kaili is willing to live together more than 20 years jointly for Zhang Jianquan and mother-in-law even, and to the get along path with the mother-in-law Zhang Kaili also has speech to counterpoise very much, pardonable also she can get along so that resemble one’s own mother and daughter with the mother-in-law same. To her, with the mother-in-law get along in the process, as long as be not him lay a finger on the problem of principle bottom line, she can be made self-effacing, want carelessness only a bit, the relation between two people can a bit closer.

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In marriage, zhang Kaili and marital Zhang Jianquan also pass very happily, they were delivered of daughter Zhang Keying after marriage, mother-in-law of Zhang Kaili IDE and though age became old, never pass however ” heavy male light female ” thought, bestowed favor on Zhang Keying small princess, although Zhang Keying was brought up, come home to also want to be held in the arms with the mother-in-law every time, love is very deep.

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Show the Zhang Kaili nowadays to rush about as before go up in the road that act in a play, she is having clear program to her life, the job and life perfect area comes apart, coordinate very faultlessly, she often also is released a few with the daughter close according to, look mother and daughter two relationships are very close. Zhang Keying’s appearance is very beautiful also, also had begun to act in a play from graduate of the Thespian college central, still attended the large evening party of many CCTV, believe to have a mother this powerful backup force, zhang Keying’s future also can bring many work to us.

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